Crazy: Lexar card in Panasonic Lumix TZ7 survives shipwreck and two years under the sea!


Vancouver artist Paul Burgoyne lost the camera in 2012 when his boat was shipwrecked off the west coast of Vancouver Island. The camera went down with the ship. Two years after Marine Sciences Centre university students found the camera 12 meter down and discovered that the Lexar Platinum II 8 GB memory card used within the Panasonic TZ7 preserved all pictures taken with the camera. They shared one group picture on Twitter to find the owner fo the camera. And they did found the owner!

The camera also served well as home for marine species! reports:

According to Isabelle M. Côté, Professor of Marine Ecology at Simon Fraser University, there were multiple marine species, from two kingdoms and at least seven phyla, living on the camera when it was found.

That is the best advertising Panasonic can get ! Hope it gets viral :)

P.S.: There is also a video shot on the camera before the Shipwrecked (


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Lumix GH4 in action during Ken Duncan and Ray Martin’s photo expedition of a lifetime

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“Emergency” E-P5 firmware released.


Nine days only after the E-P5 firmware 1.4 version release we already got a new 1.5 update which fixes an unexpected issue of the previous firmware (Source: It fixes the issue in firmware version 1.4 where displayed information of shooting mode (shutter speed, aperture and ISO sensitivity) did not change has been resolved.


DxO adds RAW support for the GH4 w/ lens corrections. New GH4 test roundup.


Current (and future) GH4 owners will be happy to know that DXO updated to Optics Pro 9.5 and now has RAW support for the GH4 w/ lens corrections.

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