December 1, 2011
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Woodford seeks for shareholder backup


Now here we are with our next (almost) daily Olympus crisis news roundup:

The big news is that Woodford quits form the Olympus board and is seeking for Olympus Shareholder Backing (Bloomberg). If he will archive the gold than he could soon come back as new Olympus CEO. We will know within the next few weeks for sure! Meanwhile more weird stories are coming out. A Key figure in Olympus scandal has been found in Hong Kong (Reuters).

But I will stop here, I wish all that mess will be over soon. It’s time to talk about the future 12-60mm Olympus lens announcement!


November 30, 2011
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(UPDATE_2) Hot: GH2 with lens for $699 at Adorama!! And cashback in Germany (reminder: firmware coming soon!)

UPDATE_2: Hold on guys! Adorama is offering an even more crazy deal on the GH2 with a coupon code. The offer starts in a couple of hours so please hold on! And the codes were “reversed”. Now it should be fine. Here are the deals:
GH2 with 14-42mm lens for $699.95 at Adorama (Click here). Please insert the Coupon Code “S1442144″.
GH2 with 14-140mm lens for $999.95 at Adorama (Click here). Please insert the Coupon Code “S2141401″.
Limited Quantity at this price.

And here are the Amazon GH2 deals:
GH2 with 14-42mm lens at Amazon (Click here) for $795 only! No joke, That’s $105 less than the GH2 body only sold by third party resellers at Amazon (Click here)…LOL! And at the moment of writing you can find eighteen GH2+14-140mm kits for $1199 at Amazon US (Click here). For Europeans: There is a cashback action on the GH2 and G3 in Germany (Click here). The only other Cyber deal that is still ongoing on m43 cameras is the GF3 + free accessory action at Amazon (Click here). Full deals homepage at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Cameta (Click here) and J&R (Click here).

Reminder: Within the next two weeks Panasonic will announce the new GH2 firmware with “Progressive Segments Frame” recording -> 1080/25p signal recorded as 1080/50i with 24Mbit/s. And that is the official features/improvement list from Panasonic:

  • – New video mode which is suitable for editing video recorded at high bit rate (24Mbps)
  • – New functional option with Power Zoom Lens ([DISP FOCAL LENGTH (Display of Focal Length)], [STEP ZOOM], [ZOOM RESUME], [ZOOM SPEED] and [ZOOM RING*])
  • – Full area enlargement of AF area setting
  • – Improvement in the speed of consecutive shooting when shot with auto bracket
  • – Increased number of recordable images in consecutive shooting
  • – [EX.TELE CONV. (Extra Tele Conversion)] can be set ON/OFF separately in photo or video recording
  • – More accurate light adjustment of built-in flash
  • – Improvement in the AF performance in video recording
  • – Synchronization of alarm volume for low battery with [BEEP VOLUME]
  • – New [HALF-PRESS RELEASE] function
  • – Improved NR (Noise Reduction) in high sensitivity shooting
  • – ON/OFF control of the touch-screen
November 30, 2011
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Christmas sales winner at Amazon: DSLR still beats Mirrorless.

Christmas time is also the “business time” for all camera manufacturers. There are plenty of deals, rebates, bundles on offer in worldwide stores. There is no exact way to see yet which camera and lens is selling better than others. We can only get a vague idea by looking at the worldwide Amazon rankings. So let’s check how Panasonic and Olympus are doing:

The United States are probably the most conservative market on the world. Mirrorless had not the same success as in Asia or Europe. When you loo at the full DSLR+Mirrorless+compact camera ranking (Click here) you will see only Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras on top. You have to switch over at the Mirrorless camera/lens ranking (Click here) to see what is popular. The most sold lens is the Panasonic 20mm pancake (no surprise). But when it comes to the cameras Sony and Nikon are outselling the m43 alternatives. No good news here for Panasonic and Olympus. But I guess the reason for that is the poor marketing. An example? The GX1 will be in Stock only AFTER the Christmas sales time. Not really a smart move from Pana.

Same story as in the US. People buys DSLR cameras or compact cameras and not very often Mirrorless Click here to see the rankings. When watching the pure mirrorless rankings (Click here) you see that Panasonic is the real king of that market. Close behind you find Sony and then Nikon.

What’s going on in Germany? No surprise, DSLR and compact cameras are ruling the world (Click here). Nikon, Canon, Nikon , Canon all the way! But again Panasonic is the king of the mirrorless rankings (Click here).

You would expect France to be different than Germany or UK buyers or not? No way. Nikon-Canon dominates the french market too (Click here to see the ranking). And when it comes to mirrorles (Click here) than Sony is playing the major role in France.

The only real market that has fully accepted the Mirrorless philosophy is Japan. Watch the full Mirrorless+DSLR ranking (Click here) and you will notice a strong fight between all manufacturers with Olympus and Panasonic cameras challenging the big two (Canon and Nikon).

I absolutely think that Mirrorless is the future but what this sales do show is that Olympus and Panasonic have a lot of homework to do in order to challenge the Canon-Nikon DSLR market. And I guess the real weak point for both is the marketing strategy. A wonder how these rankings will look in one year when we will have Canon and Fuji pushing their Mirrorless systems.

November 30, 2011
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My little SLR magic Hyperprime 12mm f/1.6 field test.

Ethic statement:
SLRmagic is a company located in Hong Kong. I know their manager Andrew very well and I know he is continually working to meet the customers demand for m43 lenses. He contacted me to ask me if I have time to review the latest 12mm f/1.6 Hyperprime lens. I accepted the offer but warned him that I will not hide any of the negative aspects of the lens (if I would find them).

Why I need that lens:
A friend of mine (Franco Maurina) invented a new kind of theatre. The theatre takes place in a complete dark and small room. That’s why I need a fast wide angle lens. And that’s where the Hyperprime 12mm f/1.6 lens is playing the main role along my Panasonic GH2 camera. I will post this video soon on youtube but in the meanwhile I posted a few image samples and first impressions.

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