Nokton 17.5mm lens test roundup! (and how to correct Color Fringe)


One of the most amazing lenses for the Micro FOur Thirds system is the new Voigtlander Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95. It is now shipping in may countries and it’s time to see the first user tests!
ThePhoBlographer (Click here) posted the video you here see on top and some image samples on their website. Steve Huff (Click here) also had a quick look on the lens. Two of our readers also sent me an email to shrae their experience wiht the lens:
1)I just got the Voigtlander 17.5mm f/0.95 and it is an utterly superb lens: There’s something about the colour reproduction and contrast in the bokeh, some of the shots look almost as if they have been taken with an ND filter. Really sweet!
2)Just share this with other M43 interested people. I am continuing with tests on the new Nokton 17.5mm, and it is wonderful. This shows how sharp and precise the close distance focusing is, and the creamy bokeh!!!

As you know the lens has some color fringe when used at full aperture. A reader (thanks!) made me notice that article at Adobe (Click here). it explains how to remove it in lightroom! Amazing!

And below you can find some direct links to stores having the lens in Stock (mostly via eBay):
In Europe at Photoalps (Click here), Bayernphoto (Click here), Topfoto (Click here), Digitalhandel (Click here), Shphoto (Click here),
In Asia at Breguetcamera (Click here), BennyWong (Click here), ShipfromJapan (Click here), FatJump (Click here), ShipfromJapan (Click here),
In USA at Bhphoto (Click here).


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