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Nokton 17.5mm lens test roundup! (and how to correct Color Fringe)


One of the most amazing lenses for the Micro FOur Thirds system is the new Voigtlander Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95. It is now shipping in may countries and it’s time to see the first user tests!
ThePhoBlographer (Click here) posted the video you here see on top and some image samples on their website. Steve Huff (Click here) also had a quick look on the lens. Two of our readers also sent me an email to shrae their experience wiht the lens:
1)I just got the Voigtlander 17.5mm f/0.95 and it is an utterly superb lens: There’s something about the colour reproduction and contrast in the bokeh, some of the shots look almost as if they have been taken with an ND filter. Really sweet!
2)Just share this with other M43 interested people. I am continuing with tests on the new Nokton 17.5mm, and it is wonderful. This shows how sharp and precise the close distance focusing is, and the creamy bokeh!!!

As you know the lens has some color fringe when used at full aperture. A reader (thanks!) made me notice that article at Adobe (Click here). it explains how to remove it in lightroom! Amazing!

And below you can find some direct links to stores having the lens in Stock (mostly via eBay):
In Europe at Photoalps (Click here), Bayernphoto (Click here), Topfoto (Click here), Digitalhandel (Click here), Shphoto (Click here),
In Asia at Breguetcamera (Click here), BennyWong (Click here), ShipfromJapan (Click here), FatJump (Click here), ShipfromJapan (Click here),
In USA at Bhphoto (Click here).

  • Yun

    Yes , pictures looks impressive especially in dark scenes . But I still prefer the lens with AF .

  • Daemonius

    New CA corrections in LR4 are certainly nice..

    ..but lens that dont need CA correction are much better. Always.

    Plus theres always certain degree to which CA correction works. After that, it just doesnt. And, not all of us like Adobe products. I dont like LR, cause using it means either creating own color profiles, or at least downloading them. While for example Capture One has colors right out of the box (most times better than Adobe even with custom profiles).

    I think I will rather stick to APS-C and Leica lens. :)

    • Yes, but they’re also much more expensive.

      • Spunjji

        Agreed – not all of us can afford Leica.

        I also prefer to shed the weight and/or corner definition issues of APS-C. It’s great for us all to have the options, no? :)

      • Daemonius

        Not really, depends what lens do you need and how many of them.. Plus there are always some Zeiss lens too. Ofc if you buy only top notch Leica M lens, then its really expensive, but thats not usually really needed.

  • Viktor

    The no IBIS for video with adapted lenses on E-M5 issue, also goes for the Voigtlander. Right?

    • Camaman

      It should, because Voigtlander forgot to put a chip on the mount to fool the body and give AF confirm, exif info etc… Pretty stupid mistake IMO.
      It works just like any old adapted lens.

      • Viktor

        Hmm no AF. No IBIS. No Voigtlander!

        • Viktor

          Would REALLY love to have a highest quality fast 35mm prime for my new E-m5 though…

        • mx

          There is some programmable chips for m43 mount in the market, which could save focal length after couple of simple camera button manipulations.

      • Have you ever looked at the back element of one of these lenses? There simply is *no room* for electrical contacts.

  • scooby70

    I have the 25mm f0.95 and CS5 and the CA tools have next to no effect. Doubtless CS5 will not be updated with these new tools.

    • Daemonius

      It wont work just by itself, needs a bit of playing with settings or manual help. Some corrections even cant work on “auto”.

      • scooby70

        There is no auto CA in CS5 AFAIK. Moving the sliders doesn’t cure the 25mm f0.95’s CA.

  • Huh, I commented on that very G+ post a few days ago.
    I still really really really want this lens… but I shouldn’t be spending all my money.
    I’m calling shenanigans on the image samples on that Adobe site. It looks more like they’ve used the tool to make the fringing worse, then gone “look! I fixed it!” when really it’s just reverted to normal.

  • sjs1978 UK

    The photos from Steve huff show how well this will match with the 25mm voigtlander. If voigtlander bring out a 42.5mm lens, then we would have a really nice triple set of m43 video primes. Can’t wait to get this lens.

  • Viktor

    Great video primes without being able to use IBIS on e-m5? Hmmm….

  • sjs1978 UK

    The 25 is already a great video lens for most gh2 or AF101 users (probably the lens of choice for most m43 video shooters), so yes this will be an excellent addition (especially declicked) to that field. Throw in the superb tokina 11-16 as the wide and you are covered with quality, affordable, glass.

  • pdc

    Hope you completed your order. Stephen shipped mine out on the 25th.
    Don’t think that chromatic fringing is much of an issue most of the time (usually only against backlit edges). DxO Optics Pro can deal with it, and if enough people buy this lens, they may also provide a calibrated correction for this particular lens.

    • Mr. Reeee

      I decided to bail on the 17.5mm. I couldn’t justify that sort of expense at this point. Instead, I applied the $100 deposit toward a Voigtländer 75mm f2.5 Color Heliar lens. Hopefully I’ll get it this week.

      Maybe some other time I’ll get the 17.5mm. It’s still on my list…

  • avds

    That purple fringe removal on Adobe blog looks just minimally useful, as the “corrected” areas mostly lose color altogether (look at those leaves which become gray instead of purple, when ideally they should have gone naturally green in order to call a proper “correction”).

    • scooby70

      That’s my experience with CS5, the only way to control CA is to desaturate it.

    • P4INKiller

      You’re asking for something impossible.
      How is the tool supposed to know that you want green leaves?

      I don’t understand how anyone can be a photographer, and not know how to make proper manual adjustments without the need for specialized features.

      • avds

        Exactly, except I’m not asking for anything, just commenting Adobe’s claims. Desaturating patches of color that look wrong is called retouching rather than correction.

  • Vivek

    Are there any decent photographs made using the Nokton 17.5, anywhere?

  • Why should an image look different just because someone used an ND filter? If it is a decent one? And what property of a lens should that be that would produce such pictures? And why should that be good?

    The ‘Net is full of wonders…

  • Lollus

    “There’s something about the colour reproduction and contrast in the bokeh, some of the shots look almost as if they have been taken with an ND filter.”
    This is fabulous!
    I propose to get this guy a job in a salt mine, no machines allowed.

  • I picked up my copy last week from Scott’s first shipment at Mainline in Sydney. After shooting for a couple of days with it I am still figuring out how it likes to see. I have my fingers crossed that their next micro four thirds lens is a portrait lens, 40 – 55mm. When they do I will be in the first order again. These lenses are stunning if you love manual focus and working slowly. I focus wide open without magnification, and then stop down to working aperture, so a gentle slow workflow suits my style. Image stabilization works with the OM-D, you just have to set the focal length, same deal as the pens. I am still waiting for the silver OM-D to arrive on the shelves in Sydney.

    First impressions… Worth every penny, and seems set to take over from my 25mm as my favorite lens. Will post some stunning photographs soon… ;) lol…

  • stonebat

    Why wait for the next m43 Nokton lens? CameraQuest has newly revised Nokton 58mm 1.4 for Nikon mount. The focus ring is same as this 17.5mm 0.95. The 58mm has focus confirmation chip that works on some Nikon bodies. Yeap… I really wonder why Nokton isn’t implementing the chip on the 25mm and 17.5mm.

    • Nick Clark


      – The 58/f1.4 is considerably larger and heavier than it needs to be for MFT, as it’s designed to cover a 35mm sensor and work with a SLR-esque flange back distance (due to mirror-box).

      – It’s a stop slower at ‘only’ f1.4.

      – Minimum focussing is 45cm, compared with 15cm for the 17.5mm and 17cm for the 25mm.

      None are necessarily deal breakers, but together they make an attractive case for a native MFT 45mm f0.95 (or thereabouts)

  • 323232

    monkeys are great

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