No source heard anything official about a possible Panasonic-Olympus acquisition plan.


Two days ago we posted a rumor with low credibility (FT2) that Panasonic could buy the Olympus Imaging division. External websites + some new (and completely unknown sources) told me Panasonic and Olympus are talking about that since a couple of months.

Meanwhile I asked some of my very good sources if they heard anything about that. All do say that they don’t know anything about a possible sale of the camera division to Panasonic. There is absolutely no word about that going around at Olympus. This doesn’t mean that this would not be possible as such an acquisition would only be dealt by the very top Japanese managers from Panasonic and Olympus. So only time will tell if the rumor is true or not.

As I said earlier, I hope it is a wrong rumor as I think the whole Micro Four Thirds system would lose some of their “appealing”. What do you think?

If Pana would buy Oly: Would the m43 system lose or gain something?

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