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(FT4) New 7.5mm fisheye from Samyang coming early September.


A small update about the Samyang 7.5mm fisheye for Micro Four Thirds. The lens should be officially announced within the next few days. P.S.: A couple of image samples are available on their website (Click here)..

P.S.: All Samyang lenses for Olympus can be found on eBay only and under seven different brand names (Click on it to see all Four Thirds lenses from the specific brand!):
Samyang Walimex Rokinon Opteka Falcon Vivitar Bower

  • Jim

    looks pritty good IQ, near 0 CA and reasonable sharpness all over… ok dimms a little at the corners but very very usable! – I think these are mostly F8 shots!

    What price range will this one be placed at?

    • voldenuit

      There’s definitely some visible CA in the edges, but looks like it’s not much more than 1 pix, which is still pretty impressive for a fisheye.

      Vignetting looks very tolerable to me, even at f/3.5.

      Definitely a lens worth looking out for.

  • D

    Very nice sample pics. Based on the filenames, the 1st, 3rd and 4th pics could be f/8 while the second could be f/3.5. I like it a lot although it might have to be about 1/2 the price of the Panasonic for me to consider it.

    • Joel

      My guess is it will be less than half the price of the Panasonic…

      If I am right I will be buying it too, fisheye lenses are fun to have but only if they are cheap (like the zenitar I had on K mount), the panasonic fisheye is far too high for how often I would use it…

  • hi, does anybody know if the fisheye fov is comparable to wideangle fov? is fisheye more because of distortion?

    • Nick Clark

      Diagonal FoV will be about 180deg – quite a bit more than an ultra-wide like the 7-14mm…

  • Gianluca

    I think the price will be in the 250€ range…so 1/3 Panasonic price..;)

  • Gravi

    I looked at the image dates: I happened to be on that square around the time the images were taken! It is the central square of Krakow in Poland.

    IQ looks good enough, maybe better than that what the “big” samyang 8mm fisheye delivered on my canon body. That big one is around 250 to 300 euro, so I guess this small one will be similar or preferrably cheaper. If so, I’m getting one!

    @formtom: fisheye and wideangle are not comparable. A 7mm wideangle (pana 7-14mm) shows a max angle (diagonal) of 114 degrees, where the 7,5mm fisheye shows a whopping 180 degrees (diagonal). The two also have totally different distortion characteristics. A wideangle enlarges what is closest and keeps straight lines straight, but messes up the angles. A fisheye enlarges the center and bends lines, but preserves angles (for what it’s worth).

  • Brod1er

    The real significance if this lens us that it is designed for MFT not just adapted from another format. It is only the second serious lens made by a third party manufacturer (after the 25mm f0.95 Nocton). Well done Samyang!

    • anentropic

      maybe if we all buy the fisheye it’ll convince them to release a MFT version of their 35mm/1.4 !

  • Bu

    Yippee, an affordable fish-eye!

  • MrL

    do you know the price, admin?
    and – did you hear something about a BLACK oly 45mm 1.8??
    thanks in advance :)

    • Duarte Bruno

      Yes, price please!

    • adam

      Given Samyang’s pricing history, I’d guess it will be around $300…a price I’d happily pay.

    • anon

      If Oly released a Black 45mm 1.8, I’d get one. The silver is the only thing holding me back right now…

  • Eric

    I hope the quality will be slightly better than the former 8 mm/43 fisheye. You need to close it at f/8.0 to get sharp results. At f/3.5, it looks blurry. At f/5.6, you still see strong comma on light sources. Also it should be far from telecentric at f/3.5 and f/5.6, resulting in a strong light loose, forcing manual correction at such apertures. In opposite, CA is well controlled.

    • Eric

      Looking at samples, especially the n°2, it is supposed to be recorded at f/3.5. And with 1/3200 s at 200 ISO for a sunny picture, f/3.5 is a reasonable value (looking at some of my pictures in similar conditions, it is 1/750 s, f/8.0 and ISO 200 => 1/3900s at f/3.5). And the picture is sharp. So image quality wide open of this new fisheye seems to be much better than the previous one.

  • Renato M.

    “All Samyang lenses for Olympus can be found on eBay…”

    isn’t it for all m4/3 cameras?

  • My comment was apparently removed…

    I will not write what I previously did, I’ll just leave some links for reviews of the 8mm from Samyang:

    Both reviews show an amazing lens projection (the way it distorts the image), quite sharp results when closed to f/5.6 and and impressive resistance to flare/ghost.

    They also show an above average chromatic aberration though (not exactly the worst anyway)

    If this 7.5mm for MFT is comparable to the 8mm (in price as well) it will be a great acquisition :P

  • Boooo!

    Is it a proper fisheye? Their 8mm in 4/3 mount wasn’t.

    It wouldn’t make much sense to produce a special m4/3-only lens that couldn’t be used on the NEX and other upcoming APS-C mirrorless cameras… So I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a 140° lens once again.

    • Anonymous

      if by “proper” you mean 180 degree view,
      then yes, according to the specs on samyang website.

    • It looks very small and seems specially designed for m4/3. Also, it was stated that the “Samyang 7.5mm 1:3.5 UMC Fish-eye MFT is a ultra wide-angle manual lens providing 180° angle of view”, so it seems like the real deal.

      That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Samyang produce an E-Mount version, which may not cover the entire APS-C sensor instead of the other way around (i.e. designed for mirrorless APS-C and cropped for m43). This is kind of like what Canon did with the EF 8-15mm fish eye zoom, which doesn’t fully cover the FF sensor at 8mm.

      • Nick Clark

        Would be an interesting move if it made a 180deg diagonal fish-eye on MFT, and then a 180deg circular fish-eye on Sony E (with a different mount of course)…

      • Boooo!

        That’s what I don’t know – the NEX isn’t going to be the only short-flange camera with an APS-C sensor, so they would have an easier and cheaper time in the future if they designed for a bigger FOV again and had the m4/3 version cropped, like with the “big” fisheye.

        Fisheyes are special; the standard lenses can just have the mounts changed, but the design of a fisheye needs to be explicitly made for a certain sensor size. If they make an exclusive m4/3 version, that’s it – the lens is unusable for other mounts, and a fisheye is a vanity lens as it is.

        Nick: The Samyangs use stereographic projection, which means that you wouldn’t get a circular image on larger sensors, just a lot of vignetting.

  • pdc

    Another advantage of after-market lenses is that they have to rely on optical performance without in-camera image adjustments, so in theory, they should be better than the camera manufacturers equivalent lenses. The 25mm Nokton is certainly high quality from an optical standpoint. Let’s hope many more after-market m43 lenses appear.

    • Nick Clark

      “The 25mm Nokton is certainly high quality from an optical standpoint.”

      Till you get to the corners, and then it’s an absolute disaster… But yet, more third-party lenses would be ace – I wonder when we’ll start to get some AF ones from Sigma etc…

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