New Panasonic G6 review (shipping in Europe, free Gh3 battery grip in UK).


Digitalcameraworld tested the G6 and you can view their video review on top: “All things considered, I think the G6 is a great compact system camera, it’s got a high quality viewfinder and Wi-Fi communication built-in, a variangle touch-screen, allows plenty of control over images and produces great results.

The G6 is now shipping in Europe (Technikdirekt, Fotomundus).

New EU deals:
Many new refurboshed E-m5 cameras at Olympusmarket (Click here tos ee them all)
At Amazon UK you get the battery grip for free along the GH3camera! It remains a mystery why they don’t do this for all Europe…
Olympus France made an interesting offer in France : there is a 15% cashback operation but 50 of those who participate will be eligible a 50% discount and 10 a 100% (!!) discount by drawing lots:


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