Message for readers and sources.


Good Morning!

I want to thank all the people that sent me links to news, deals and reviews in those last days. I write this because I didn’t post most of the things they sent me. I had no time because I am working full time on rumors (it is a LOT of work to get good rumors!). It’s is important that you know that I really appreciate your help and I ask you for a bit of patience. I will post everything you sent to me as soon as I can!

A second message goes to all sources that sent me info during the last month. Thanks for your help! As you have noticed (you sources) I didn’t post most of the rumors I received. I have done this because I always try to doublecheck the info. Also in that case thanks for your patience! It’s important you know that I got your messages and the good news is that I now have been able to verify most of the rumors you sent to me. It was good to take time before to post the rumors because some of the rumors I received were incorrect (like for example the rumor about the PEN with built-in viewfinder).

To cite Steve Jobs: There is “one more thing” for our readers: There are now many good rumors coming (FT5!). And most of the news are very exciting. I am particularly happy about the upcoming lenses. It well help to push the Micro Four Thirds system much more than any other Mirrorless system (See NEX and NX). But also the upcoming PEN and G3 cameras and the rumors about the cameras coming in September are very intriguing. be prepared to discuss some hot rumors soon! Are you ready? :)



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