Message for readers and sources.


Good Morning!

I want to thank all the people that sent me links to news, deals and reviews in those last days. I write this because I didn’t post most of the things they sent me. I had no time because I am working full time on rumors (it is a LOT of work to get good rumors!). It’s is important that you know that I really appreciate your help and I ask you for a bit of patience. I will post everything you sent to me as soon as I can!

A second message goes to all sources that sent me info during the last month. Thanks for your help! As you have noticed (you sources) I didn’t post most of the rumors I received. I have done this because I always try to doublecheck the info. Also in that case thanks for your patience! It’s important you know that I got your messages and the good news is that I now have been able to verify most of the rumors you sent to me. It was good to take time before to post the rumors because some of the rumors I received were incorrect (like for example the rumor about the PEN with built-in viewfinder).

To cite Steve Jobs: There is “one more thing” for our readers: There are now many good rumors coming (FT5!). And most of the news are very exciting. I am particularly happy about the upcoming lenses. It well help to push the Micro Four Thirds system much more than any other Mirrorless system (See NEX and NX). But also the upcoming PEN and G3 cameras and the rumors about the cameras coming in September are very intriguing. be prepared to discuss some hot rumors soon! Are you ready? :)


  • bilgy_no1

    You little tease…

    tell us more pretty please?

    • XA4

      bilgy, he asked us for a bit of patience, so relax.

      Admin, thanks for your work. Be sure to take time to unplug, turn off your computer and relax during your vacation, since it will be very busy again when you get back!
      I’m ready! I’m getting a raise next month, new cam+lenses for me :)

      • bilgy_no1

        I know… always asking for patience, but keeping all those beautiful FT5 rumours up his sleeve…

        (I’m not being too serious here. I really appreciate the website and like very much Admin runs it. Kudos!)

  • Wait, does this mean that none of the upcoming Pens will have a built-in vf? :/

    • XA4

      someone missed yesterday’s post and over 200 comments ;)

  • V4Vendetta


    • admin

      Oh yes, I heard something about a GH3 :)

  • kesztió

    I’m ready, but please let me have a little OFF.

    If I want to buy the G3 and camera bag, filters, SD card etc. from Amazon and I want to support 43rumors, it’s enough to append the ‘&tag=rumors0a-20’ tag to the end of each product’s link, isn’t it?

    It’s important because the American guy who is going to buy the items for me is not expert in photography so I should send him the direct, appropriate links for each product.


    • admin

      Yes this is the code! Thanks!

  • Aleo

    I like this site, I have Panasonic Lumix cameras and lenses, and I am very happy with them, accurate metering, fast and precise focus even in low ligh, always good lenses regarding image quality focals and apertures (to keed them small)

    I am not worried about the other micro cameras, I don’t like the sony nex, the samsung is ok, and let’s see what (and if) nikon and canon are going to show, anyway I think that Panasonic Lumix will mantain the lead and Olympus in second

    Now I am wainting for the Panasonic Lumix semi pro camera, a long time ago a friend that works at Panasonic told me about a camera called GP1 (still don’t know if it was the GH2 or it is really a new one, maybe it has already another name) GP1 will be a good name for the first semi pro fom Panasonic Lumix, let’s wait and see

    Keep the site good as it is and with lot’s of FT5 rumors

    All the best,


    • admin

      Don’t worry, there will be a professional GF camera ;)

      • AndyOz

        Thanks for the news admin. But I am really interested in the Olympus news that you hinted might be coming in September. Any chance that might be a more “pro” Pen with built-in EVF in that announcement?

        • admin

          No comments yet. it’s to early to be sure of that!

      • Hope so :) But I would like to see both a GF pro and a G pro :)

  • Narretz

    Stop teasing admin .. I can’t bear the excitement.
    Really, before I came to this site, I didn’t know I could get so excited about rumors for upcoming cameras.

    • admin

      I am going to post two or three rumors tody. You will not to have to wait a lot ;)


    You knew I was going to say that. Right?

    • admin

      AAARRGH yes ;)

  • Indeed, to us connoisseurs it’s all about lenses. Micro 4/3 needs five fast primes to become a complete system: 12, 17, 25, 50 and 90mm. I can’t wait to start checking the boxes.
    The 20/1.7 and 45 macro are a nice bonus. The 17/2.8 is just a place holder. Let us welcome the real glass.

    • Inge-M.

      Yah, fast or pancake :-D

  • So, I won’t buy a new MFT body this year then and see what’s available in January, when I’m in the States again…

  • napalm

    this is microfourplay :D

  • Fishfishfish

    Bright zooms, bright zooms, bright zooms, and pancakes, pancakes, pancakes! :-)

  • For Olympus betterment, but also for m4/3, this rumor about focus ‘peaking’, auto adjustment after MF, is really important. Who aired it, Admin or a user here? What is the rating of this rumor?

    Other important rumor is the Oly semipro (next to panny’s one). By what I remember, head of Marketing Europe, aired it almost a year ago for 2011, along with fast new lenses.

    That makes sense to have a HG body together with the two coming HG lenses.

    Does advanced mean built in EVF or something else like compatibility with Classic 4/3 lenses.

    How exciting, I think we are getting close to a defining moment which eventually will keep the competition at bay.

  • Admin you are making us a rumor addicts with ur teasing!

  • IB

    It is like christmas every day here at 43rumors ;)

  • Bu

    If you know of a Pen pro which is tiny, comes with equally tiny pancake fast lenses, and comes bundled together with all the goodies for $500, I’d welcome the news :p

  • WT21

    I love this site for it’s rumors. Not sure I like the rumors about rumors angle, though. These posts are starting to show up with more regularity. Not something I see on other rumors forums (haven’t seen rumors that rumors are coming on canonrumors, nikonrumors, photorumors nor pentaxrumors).

    New cameras in Sept? It better be the GH3 and not the new date for the EP3!

    • NativeFloridian

      + 10,000. I too have commented on this shortcoming before… apparently to no avail! Please, either post the rumors or don’t (use your best judgement), but please stop posting “rumors about rumors”. A couple of examples from just this comment section:

      1. “Don’t worry, there will be a professional GF camera.”
      2. “Oh yes, I heard something about a GH3”
      3. “I am going to post two or three rumors tody.”

      I could argue that the last one isn’t even true! Your website would be much more professional without comments like these. BTW, I enjoy most of your comments and appreciate your activity in the comment section. Also, I enjoy your posted opinion columns as well.
      IMO, these kind of comments

  • Admin, you should take more rest! But we are still quite eager & curious… oh you still keep teasing us! :P

  • DemonDuck

    I’m ready for lenses that are reasonably priced.

  • peyote

    any news of gh3 is good news. of course the sooner the release, the better for me. my g1 is lagging.

    edit: sorry for the “bad” username. that’s been my Xbox handle for 6 years:(

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