(FT5) Awesome new Panasonic camera with large(?) sensor, fixed 3x zoom lens and innovative Leica designed rangefinder!


There are days you can’t miss to visit 43rumors…and today is one of those days. Finally after three months of wait a new camera is going to be announced. And I am sure that many of you will like the rumors we are going to post today! As usual 43rumors is the first to report you the news 😉

UPDATE: According to our sources Panasonic will soon (yes in July!) launch the $loc = $_SESSION['geoip'];

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{?>Panasonic LX3). The new camera will have 3x zoom lens which our source told us to be an awesome Leica lens. We do not have a reliable info about the focal lenght but we expect to get more detailled infos soon. And now hold in your breath…(drumming)….it will have a special rangefinder-type optical viewfinder that is borrowed from Leica with marks in it for max zoom and fully wide angle!

For Leica fans: One of our new sources said that there could be a Leica version of the camera. That sounds a little bit weird because Leica already launched a very similar camera…the Leica X1. We will try to confirm the rumor as soon as possible!

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{?>Sigma DP2, the “older” Sigma DP1 and the Leica X1 are the only large sensor compact and fixed lens cameras to date but both do use a prime lens only.

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