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(FT3) The Panasonic LX5


A source just sent us following infos about that camera:

The viewfinder is electronic and you can tilt it 90 degrees. it’s pretty small, so it doesn’t suddenly make the camera too bulky. It comes with its own small pouch you can attach to the cam strap if you want to. On top of 2:3, 3:4 and 16:9 the lx5 will also get 1:1 aspect ratio. The lx5 is coming soon. panasonic just finished designing packaging etc.

The current price of the LX3 is $400 (on Amazon)

If you know more about the LX5 and/or other cameras feel free to send me an email at I keep you anonymous. You can use the form on the right sidebar without sending me email adress or name. If you want you can create a new email account using fake names. That will make it easy for me to answer you!


  • Well nothing we don’t already suspect there! No details given at all! Apart from optional EVF..

  • Russ

    An EVF option is progress. Too bad they didn’t build it in.

  • Elliot

    Really? A probable $400-$500 compact cam w/ tiny sensor with a $100-$200 EVF (that’s the going price from various manufacturers) at a time when the E-PL1 is already $500-$525 and the G10 is $600? Why would someone looking at that price range spend it on a high-end compact when a slightly larger 4/3 camera is in the same price range?

  • greb

    I don’t see where it says the EVF is optional (the pouch might be for the whole camera) — I believe it’s built-in.

    If it sells below E-PL1, it will be an alternative for compactness, and if handling is better than Canon G11 (many, many dedicated dials and buttons, they’re never enough), it will be a winner. I’ve seen the Panasonic G2 ergonomics, and it’s close to perfection; way to go, Pana!

  • DanT

    E-PL1 with a 2.5-3x lens has around 9 cm in width, LX3 has 2.7 cm. Big difference. Also, LX3 is f/2.0-f/2.8, the default kit for E-PL1 is f/3.5-f/5.6 … so almost two stops faster, recovering two stops on ISO. If you shoot with the LX3 at ISO 100 and with the E-PL1 at ISO 400 the advantage in image quality for E-PL1 is not that big any more. So here you have the point of a LX5 … 100-150$ cheaper, 3 times slimmer, 2 stops faster in standard kit.

  • Duarte Bruno

    Elliot is right on the money…

    This doesn’t make any sense to me either. If the m43 compact rumor is true then why make a LX3 sized compact just after launching a m43 compact and then handicap it’s size with a detachable EVF?

    Unless you are selling it for 300$ (which might just be impossible with a 100$ EVF), no one will pick it!!!

  • h.

    don’t see why this should be on 4/3 site, but i guess you know.

  • NoName

    Wow! A POUCH!!!

    (At least it makes more sense than a rangefinder with a zoom…)

  • DanT

    @Duarte, LX3 was one of the best buys of Panasonic … a few months after the launch was permanently Out of stock. A m4/3 fixed lens might be a lot more expensive, may have a fixed zoom range, probably quite bigger, etc. So still a lot of reasons to buy LX5 (price, size, fast lens, etc). LX3 was used by many DSLR owners as a backup camera … they wanted a small and good camera and LX3 was a perfect fit. A bigger m4/3 might not be as good as a backup because of the bigger size.

  • grzybu

    If LX5 will have built-in EVF, even as bad as G10 and will offer ISO320 quality similar to ISO800 from G1 which have quite old sensor, then with old, but fast LX3 lenses it could be great small pocket camera.
    But it should be bit smaller and cheaper than E-PL1 with kit lens. Then it could be some sort of “must have” compact camera.

  • Michael

    I think that the LX3 is special for its lens f-number so if predecessor will have constant aperture for example F2.0 it would be even better (or F1.4 – F2.0). With ISO sensitivity we cannot go that high as for the FT so fast lens is the key. I know it depends on lens physical dimensions but for a small sensor it can be done. One more tip for this camera: bayonet type lens hood that protects telescopic element of the lens.

  • Duarte Bruno

    What I’m saying here is that it doesn’t make sense that both the LX4/5 rumors are true.

    Let me address those reasons you gave: price, size, fast lens

    Price: Like I said, it only makes sense if they sell the compaxct (LX5) very cheap (like 300$) because we expect the m43 to be in the 400$-500$ zone. With a detachable EVF I find this near impossible.

    Size: The LX4 rumor says it’s near LX3 size.

    Fast Lens: With the LX4 being m43 you can probably achieve the same DOF/High ISO IQ just by raising ISO / Aperture by 1 or 2 F-stops.

  • don

    I think the new m4/3 camera design is linked to the new LX5 in that it essentially will have the same lens and this would require a reduction in focal length by half to cover the larger 4/3 sensor image circle and reduction of only 1 F stop to be the same relative size overall. Just lookiing at the design and lens of the G11 with its 28-140mm/f2.8-4.5 with only 1.9″ depth and comparing with existing faster EX1 or LX3 lens tells you this is possible. I expect the LX5 will have a 24-140mm/f2-3.3 lens while the m4/3 model with same lens and shorter distance to sensor would be about 24-72mm/f2.8-4.5. I think the rumor that is a F2 lens refers correctly to the lens speed as used in the LX5 while this would translate into F2.8 speed when used with m4/3 only because the register distance is shortened. As others have said the new m4/3 model with fast zoom will likely trump the smaller sensor quality compacts including LX3 types hence the faster longer reach lens ideal for HD video. for the LX5. Pany may well decide to continue production of LX3 only with new sensor & touch screen as little development cost involved. The rumors say the new LX5 will have a small removeable tilting EVF. I assume this will be same design as EP2 EVF resolution (made by outside company) but one size smaller. Since the rumor says new m4/3 camera will be only slightly larger than LX3 that means the optical viewfinder will most likely be hot shoe mounted as G11 is already bigger than GF1 but maybe not as earlier rumor indicated was to be inbody? I hope a optical viewfinder hotshoe mounted is std with optional tilting EVF to keep base prices down.

    The above description would match detailed rumor last fall of two new models to come one with 23-140/2-3.3 lens and 1080P/60 HD and one model with possible m4/3 sensor with unspecified lens. One model was to have fixed viewfinder and one tilting EVF. The other model was to have 720P/60 HD.

    Panny appears to be covering all the bases and opening up new niches with these new cameras. For example the new fixed lens m4/3 camera will be an extension of the LX3 concept that was so successful into a significanly larger sensor but same relative overall size but better focal length range. The LX5 with its extended zoom range assumed to be 24-140/f2-3.3 and HD would trump both the very popular G11 and new EX1 while the m4/3X with its very fast and small zoom would trump the NEXs, EPL1s, except for those wanting interchangeable lenses. Since the camera alone will likely cost considerably less and a fraction of the size than just a standalone lens of similar specification ,it may well attract an awful lot of prospective or existing DSLR users. I seriously doubt that either Canon, Nikon, Sony, or Olympus to follow suit because of their investments in existing lenses and DSLRs, so Pany will likely have a field day expanding use of 4/3 sensor hence reducing production costs further. One only has to look at overall sales and interest polls to see that the quality compact segment is increasing very rapidly and the fixed zoom m4/3 camera promises to be the best of the pack. For those wanting longer reach in a smaller package just go to the LX5 or TZ or HV5 series super zooms.

    Just my best guesses and projections.

  • Jeremy

    Well stated Don.

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