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(FT3) The Panasonic LX5


A source just sent us following infos about that camera:

The viewfinder is electronic and you can tilt it 90 degrees. it’s pretty small, so it doesn’t suddenly make the camera too bulky. It comes with its own small pouch you can attach to the cam strap if you want to. On top of 2:3, 3:4 and 16:9 the lx5 will also get 1:1 aspect ratio. The lx5 is coming soon. panasonic just finished designing packaging etc.

The current price of the LX3 is $400 (on Amazon)

If you know more about the LX5 and/or other cameras feel free to send me an email at I keep you anonymous. You can use the form on the right sidebar without sending me email adress or name. If you want you can create a new email account using fake names. That will make it easy for me to answer you!


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