Competition rumors: New Sony and Nikon mirrorless cameras on April 4th. How will m43 compete?


A few days ago we told you that Panasonic will announce their new m43 products on late April and Olympus on late May. But before that we will see new mirrorless products from Sony and Nikon. Both should announce their new cameras on April 4th. The Sony NEX-C3 should be pretty unspectacular (a warmed up NEX-3) and Nikon will announce their Nikon Coolpix PRO system (a 2.5 crop system?).

Competition is becoming bigger and bigger (Pentax will announce their system in May). We will have mirrorless system with smaller than m43 sensors and larger than m43 sensors. This brings me to a simple question. How can m43 compete with other systems? They won’t have the smallest camera-lens system (Nikon, Pentax) and neither the best Image quality (Sony). So what features will be crucial to strengthen the m43 system?

A few ideas:
– More lenses, lenses and lenses!
– Less redundant camera range
– Bring real improvements for every new product (Don’t cheat us!).
– Connectivity with social networks for low end models
– APP store for m43 software.
– Make an ultra-small camera and an ultra resistant high-end camera
– Hybrid Viewfinder based on the Fuji X100 and Contax G2 technology (that system was able to adapt the OVF depending on the used prime lens!). See the camera on eBay (Click here). Archieve that and you will see even more crazy eBay auctions than the one ongoing for the X100 on eBay (Click here)…They are all priced over $2000!!!

Do you have some more?

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