Full Panasonic G3 review at DPreview!!!

Click here to read it: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/panasonicdmcg3/. The camera earns a rating of 75% and gets the SIlver Award: “The G3 is a camera that is easy to use and produces excellent image quality – a step up from previous G-series models. Its overall handling and touchscreen interface have distinct appeal for users moving up from a point-and-shoot. Yet it offers the manual controls and custom parameters that enthusiasts in the market for a smaller, lighter body would expect.”

The camera is now avaialable in Europe (and slowly in US too). Click on the shop names to see if it is in Stock: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

One more private thing: Sorry If I posted that news 10 hours to late but I am on vacation on an isolated place. And yesterday the whole phone network didn’t work in that place. So connection is coming and going and it will be like that until July 26th. Hope you can have a bit of patience If I am not so fast in answering your mails or posting news.

First Full Olympus 12mm f/2.0 lens review!

Our Spanish long time friend Valentin Sama has been the first to post a full Olympus 12mm f/2.0 review! You can read it at DSLRmagazine (Click here). In short we can say the lens has an awesome mechanical and optical build quality! And we all really appreciate that we can have some nice pro lens in our m43 lens system! The distortion is low and very harmonic (will make it very easy to correct). The diffraction is very high at f/22 making that aperture pretty unusable. There is a bit of astigmatism on the corners but nothing to be worry about. Color aberrations and Vignetting are almost non existent. The autofocusing with the lens is incredibly fast and manual focusing very precise. According to Valentin this is the best lens tested to date!

Thanks Valentin for being the first to test the lens and thanks Olympus for finding the way back to your strenghts (at least with the lenses!).

UPDATE: “Uwe” sent me this: Diffraction has nothing to do with the lens itself. It is only defined by f-stop and pixel size. Making a not about f/22 for a m43 lens does not relly make sense. I think m43 with 16MP sensor is easily diffraction limited at f/8.

Clcik those links to preorder the Olympus 12mm f/2.0 lens at Amazon US, Adorama, B&H and eBay

ePhotozine says: Why buy a DSLR when you can have the G3? :)

ePhotozine (Click here) posted a new Panasonic G3 review. And I love that part of their conclusion text: “With such impressive image quality and high speed focusing, the reasons for buying a true Digital SLR seem to be becoming less and less important, and the added bonus of a much more compact system is making the Micro Four Thirds systems much more appealing, especially with the number of high quality lenses available increasing.” And of course the camera gets “Highly Recommended” by the reviewer team.

If you want that camera click those direct search links to find the G3: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

First Hacked GH2 footage!

“Cinegraphy” posted this very first 133 Mbit video shot with the hacked GH2 on Personal-View.com: “The name says it all: a 133 Mbit Mjpeg Clip, straight from my GH2, not edited / graded / transcoded before upload…
Of course watching it on Vimeo doesn’t make that much sense, since it’s only interesting from a technical point of view; you’re welcome to download the source file…
Following settings were used (regarding Mpeg tweeking): Quality 400/300/250/188; Table 4/4/4/4 (as far as I know these are some settings, Modulr developed for the GH13 Firmware hack 1-2 years ago)…

EosHD posted another video with the hacked GH2: “A preview of my shot film shot using the GH2 hack in 4:3 MJPEG mode with a LOMO 2x anamorphic lens. For the first time we can shoot as intended with a 2x anamorphic lens on a DSLR. 4:3 converts to true 2.35:1 cinemascope with such a lens. Anamorphic lenses were used on some great all time classics, Blade Runner and Alien for instance.” See a lis of anamorphic lenses on eBay (Click here).

Please follow that topic to read everything you need to know about the GH2: http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/332/ptool-3.60d-topic

Thanks again Vitaly for your amazing work!

Click those direct search links to see the GH2 price and specs: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

More E-P3 noise and autofocus tests! (very interesting!)

The Phoblographer’s Autofocus Test: Olympus EP3 vs Canon 7D

There are many interesting E-P3 tests you absolutely have to see! On top you can see an E-P3 versus Canon 7D autofocus test. Easy to see who is the winner! And here is the reviews list:

1) Photographyblog (Click here) made a very detailed Olympus E-P3 JPEG vs RAW comparison. And those are the most interesting notes:
– The camera-original JPEG shows considerably higher contrast, while the raw conversion has arguably better tonality.
– There’s a bit of luminance noise in the JPEG, while the raw conversion has some tightly-grained chroma noise.
– AT High ISO the JPEG has a monochromatic noise pattern, while the raw conversion has more chroma noise
– You can definitely achieve much crisper-looking results by shooting raw, but the actual amount of detail may not be that much higher, and you may also run into aliasing issues.

2) Micro Four Thirds high ISO noise compared – G1, E-P2, E-P3 at FourThirdsUser (Click here). Who wins? Easy…the E-P3 :)

3) Focus Numerique (Click here) posted their well known ISO tests of the E-P3. At highest sensitivities (ISO 3200 and 6400) images of the E-P3 are better than the E-PL2 but it gets beaten by the G3. Focus Numerique posted also some Image samples you can download as RAW!

And finally also Amazon.de is accepting E-P3 preorders. Here is the updated Hot preorder list:
Olympus E-P3 preorders at Amazon US, Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon UK and Amazon DE.
Olympus 12mm f/2.0 preorders at Amazon US, Adorama, B&H and eBay.
Olympus 45mm f/1.8 preorders at Amazon US, Adorama, B&H.