The E-M5 jpeg quality is better than the GX1 and as good ad the NEX-5n!


The ISO comparison from Quesabesde (Click on it to enlarge)

Our Spanish friends from Quesabese (Click here) tested the E-M5 image quality and wanted to know if the “mysterious” E-M5 sensor performs as good or better than the Panasonic GX1. Their test shows that the E-M5 not only beats the GX1 but also is damn close to the NEX-5n (Sony’s bestseller cam)! I really don’t know who made that E-M5 sensor but one thing is sure, the E-M5 really catched up with the best APSC sensor. And I am really happy for Olympus! But I think the GX1 image quality in RAW will almost catch up with the E-M5. Panasonic always had been a little behind Olympus in terms of Jpeg rendering.

Two more E-M5 news: Full size JPEG samples to download at FourThirdsUser (Click here). New image samples by Gabrielle Motola (Click here). The Silver E-m5 is the most preordered at Amazon (Click here to see the ranking).

E-M5 preorders (Click on the names of the stores to see the product page):
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  • George

    i don’t think em5 caught up with 5n. DR is still way behing APSC sensors.
    And 5n’s jpegs engine is disaster i really like to see raw comparions.

    • Is it me or you tend to err on the hard audience side…?

      anyhow, my only worry is what can you pull out of post processed RAW.

    • ProShooter

      APSC ist yesterdays news. The more technology advances, the less the little difference makes…

      • Markus_1980


        If it’s true that E-M5 IQ can compete or catch up with NEX5n, NEX5n however is the camera which was released many years ago !!!

        It’s good to know that M4/3 sensors keep advancing. However APS-C sensors also keep being improved too. Nobody stands still.

        I’m still loving my M4/3 gears, but this is the fact we all have to realize.

        • Neonart

          The NEX 5n was released Aug 26, 2011, not many years ago.

          • Pei

            16mp sensor announced on August 2010 inside SONY A55 camera. By the time E-M5 came out, it would have been 20 months and SONY’s new basic 18mp should be just around the corner.

            • Neonart

              2 things.

              1) I was only clarifying that this is not a correct statement: “NEX5n however is the camera which was released many years ago !!!” It wasn’t even six months between it and the EM5, which was released Feb 7, 2012.

              2) You are also exaggerating a little bit. If the A55 was “announced” in AUG of 2012, that makes 17 months until the EM5 was “announced”. Going from when one was “announced” till the other is sold is obviously going to stretch the number in your benefit. Even if you did, it’s still 19 months not 20.

              Having said all that 17 months (in the case of the sensor) is NOT “many years ago”. If we’re going to argue a point, lets do it based on facts, not hyperbole.

              • E-1

                +1 for facts

          • Richard

            Agree with Markus_1980

            In fact, body doesn’t matter. The same sensor inside however was used long before !!

            • bilgy_no1

              When the NEX-5N came out, everyone thought it was the cat’s pyjama’s in terms of APS-C high ISO noise performance. 5 months later, when the E-M5 seems to be really close to that performance, the NEX-5N suddenly has a ‘really old sensor’. Funny how that works…

              And the E-M5 doesn’t only compare well to the NEX-5N. It also compares well to the NEX-7 sensor, which is really new (no-one’s denying that, right?) and according to DPR ‘the best APS-C sensor ever’.

              • Digifan

                +100 Give ’em hell ;-)
                No you’re right Markus’ native language might not be english but he should know the words many and years.
                Even for the sake of making a point he heavily exaggerates. Sounding like a troll.

      • IHUR

        The news might be yesterday, but the technology is always improving. Just like the m43 getting close to apsc quality, and the apsc is closing the gap with FF quality with the much more compact body.

        • Richard

          And FF keeps moving forward….

        • Neonart

          I agree. Something is always better, or will be better. Thats how it works.

          In the case of the E5M, it seems we have a very good camera that can be a fantastic tool for a very long time for alot of people as long as they don’t care to chase specs.

      • Frederic Hew

        Sorry, you’re wrong.

        Assuming equivalent state of the art technology, APS-C will always have a sensitivity and dynamic range advantage.

        m43 is making progress (at long last) but so is APS-C and FF.

        • Digifan

          Yeah, you are right. But at some point the advantage will be academic and not noticable in real life situations. Meaning printed hardware!

    • MaxHeadroom

      Wow how knowledgeable and emphatic… would the Sony fanboys take their gripes and sub standard lenses to another forum! Your opinion is based on what? You probably haven’t even held the Olympus camera but you are making statements as if you know. How does a negative comment get to be the first in response to such a great article? You’re probably just peeved hat the Sony lens range is small, poor quality, and that the body / lens combination is rather ridiculously awkward.

      This camera is a game changer…

    • Chris K

      Two flaws in that statement:

      1) You can’t tell DR from that comparison.

      2) DR is not purely a function of sensor size. One ISO1600 image from an old Canon 300D will make that immediately obvious.

      Look, everybody has their favorite camera. There’s nothing wrong with saying “I like Sony’s cameras”. What IS wrong is making your favorite camera a cause to evangelize. Dropping into a discussion and making a provocative (and untrue) statement like “APS-C has more DR than M43” isn’t making you seem any smarter, and it isn’t making your favorite camera take any better pictures. It might be helping Sony sell more cameras if enough people hear (and believe) the spin, but how does that help you, unless you’re a Sony employee?

      Just take a step back and look at the situation. There’s a new camera on the market, and it’s better than an older camera. There’s no surprise, no controversy. Nobody is questioning your manliness for owning an older camera. Nobody thinks you’re less cool because you don’t have the shiniest new toy. It’s just a new camera.

      • Medved

        Hum… Just about Dynamic range… No, it’s not purely function of sensor size… The dynamic range is the range of tones that a camera is able to capture on a single exposure. It is measured in Exposure Values, and it has been improving over times. As well some cameras fare better in darker tones while others in highlights (preferable). Currently between 9 and 14 depending on the camera. The K-5 DR is Higher than the 1D MarkIV, yet the 1D sensor is bigger… And the 3DS DR is better as well than the 1D MARK IV, yet, the sensor is same size…

  • wow…that’s really good!

    • Ernest


  • OM-4ever

    Uh-oh, let the confusion and hand-wringing continue….

  • mahler

    Yaaaawn. Speaks the Oly fanboy. Please, stop posting “sensations” about JPEG quality. Raw quality is what counts!

    • admin

      It’s a fact not a sensation. JPEG quality looks way better on the E-M5 than on the GX1. Or do you say this is not true?

      • Redkite

        Would have been helpful if they had include a GH2 comparison – that’s the one I want to see.

        • ala
          • Redkite

            Those images aren’t shot at ISO 3200 so they have no relevance to the comparison we are discussing here.

            • ala

              sorry, there is only iso1600 gh2 samples

              om-d iso1600

              gh2 iso1600

              om-d wins

              • Duarte Bruno

                Sorry @ala, but not even close…

                Green feather on bottom left –> GH2 resolves much more detail.
                Red fabric right to that –> GH2 resolves details in all fabric zones.
                Patterns around 10 number label in bill – GH2 resolves all pattern orientations.

                What you are experiencing is more sharpening and contrast applied by OM-D and that’s also why I don’t give a shot to his JPEG comparison…

                • Yeah I thought the same thing looking at the green feather, gh2 much better for that section of the image. In General, Looks like the OM-D is on par with the GH-2, but certainly not better. Lets hope the GH3 is a game changer for m43.. The m43 image quality is improving at a snails pace (walking backwards)..

                  In the meantime, ill keep investing in Glass!

                • OlympusFan

                  From both sets of pictures, GH2 wins when we look at the left portions of the photos, and E-M5 wins the right side. Strange.

                  Looking at the right side of the photos, I don’t think it is just simply a matter of more sharpening and added contrast, that E-M5 is superior. It really has more details than GH2. No amount of sharpening is going to bring back the details, not at least for these jpegs.

                  Likewise, the green feathers, and the lines on the dollar note. GH2 simply resolves more details there.

                  Is it due to jpeg engine, lens or the sensor? Hmmm…..cannot never be sure for now.

                  Whatever it is, it does not matter. Because they are all good cameras, and as long as I enjoy the experience of using them, and they can satisfy I want most of the time, then I am a very happy man.

                  Had the opportunity to play with the E-M5 for a short while, though no pictures taken with it were allowed, as it is a pre-production model. I was not very keen to get one when I learn that it does not have PDAF, but am seriously thinking of getting one now. It will really lighten my load for photo assignments.

            • krugorg

              I am more interested in base ISO… I would be very surprised if the E-M5 didn’t do better than the GH2 at high ISO (like the GX1 does).

              • BLI

                Doesn’t ala compare base ISO above, with the conclusion that E-M5 wins?

                Myself, I won’t say which camera wins — I don’t have the keen eye. So I’ll wait for the studio tests. BUT — the pictures from the E-M5 look quite good.

                • Ross

                  In those photos, the E-M5 has the best detail. One can deliberate over RAW capabilities of each camera, but I like what I see coming from the E-M5 (in the JPEGs). The original RAWs from the French lot look rather impressive when put through Olympus Viewer 2, so I’m looking forward to more from this camera & future models.

                  • Redkite

                    What I said was: “It would have been helpful if they had included a GH2 (ISO 3200) comparison.” Until we do see a direct comparison all these comments are just speculation. I expect the EM-5 will be marginally better at ISO 3200 but I’d ‘speculate’ that that situation will be reversed when the GH3 is announced – possibly when the EM-5 starts to hit the streets.

                  • fl00d

                    Not so Ross – Look to the far left side of the note, the pale panel around the ’10’ has faint diagonal lined patterns on it – the GH2 resolves those lines well, but on the OMD they are almost smeared to a flat tone in places.

                    Just sayin’.

            • “Redkite:
              Those images aren’t shot at ISO 3200 so they have no relevance to the comparison we are discussing here”

              Initially we’re discussing the E-M5 IQ vs the GX1 (ref. article header).
              Then someone wants a comparison with the GH2.
              The above samples shows exactly that!
              Moreover, native/low ISO comparison is just as valid as higher ISO, even more interesting in fact!
              So how do these samples not apply?!

      • mahler

        Sure, it is true, but this has been reported many times already and is meaningless for every raw shooter. Your headline with two exclamation marks make your report look sensational, that it is an unexpected result.

        Ultimately, the EM-5 is a much newer camera than GH2 and even NEX-5 or GX-1. So you must expect that Olympus had taken its lessons to provide competitive JPEG IQ across the supported ISO range – the PENs so far failed to do this.

        Thus, the news is an expected result, nothing special. Panasonic will catch up certainly as well as Sony. That’s the way it goes.

        Big news would be, that raw quality would also be a step ahead of the competition. So far, there isn’t much evidence for this.

        That people are ill advised relying on a (at time of purchase already historic) JPEG engine of a vendor, is shown by what Lightroom 4 beta is able to achieve in highlight recovery, an aspect important for smaller sensors system cameras. Had I shoot my GH2 images in JPEG format, I would profit much less from this achievements.

        JPEG is fine for people, which need immediate results, for the rest it should be meaningless.

        So the preview sites and blogs should get their act together and write something more substantial about raw IQ.

        • Mal

          I think the excitement we all feel stems from Olympus having been held back by a limited sensor for a very long time. The rumor that Panasonic did not provide their best sensor from the GH1 and GH2 to Olympus just makes these results that much sweeter.

        • “…Big news would be, that raw quality would also be a step ahead of the competition. So far, there isn’t much evidence for this…”

          A rather weird assesment, I’d say.
          As far as I know, an OOC JPEG is nothing but the result of an in-camera RAW processing. And all the PP experts claim that they are able to squeeze far more out of a RAW than a camera’s JPEG engine. So, the logical conclusion would be that the RAWs represent the basis for pictures that will be far better than the OOC JPEGs, wouldn’t it?

          • Jepp, I totally agree on that.
            That the OOC JPEGs are looking this good, surely indicates good RAW files to begin with. Bodes well, I think :)

            • Medved

              Yes JPEG provides an inshight on IQ, but the raw files allows you to optimize, CS5 Camera Raw really does an outstanding job on noise, and you can choose to retain luminance noise and only erase color noise, so in a way it lets you assess more, the amount of details that is actually captured. And you can then optimize, as crazy as it sounds, if you know your setup well, you often get better results on texture with a careful manipulation of the raw file. Depends of course on your machine, the soft you’re using and how well does it support your camera files… Huge leap between CS4 and CS5.

          • Raist

            The problem is that Olympus JPEGS are known to be better at taking advantage of the RAW file. So if you compare a JPEG of Olympus vs a JPEG of another manufacturer and use that to conclude much about a sensor comparison performance it’s going to be off because the other camera with the worst JPEG engine could very well beat the Olympus one in RAW.

      • Charlie

        Blows the GX1 away. Leaves it in the dust. Turns the Panny back into a vacuum cleaner. :D

      • Raist3d

        The sensation comes in here: ” I really don’t know who made that E-M5 sensor but one thing is sure, the E-M5 really catched up with the best APSC sensor.”

        We don’t know that until we look at RAWS.

        Moreover, I saw the JPEGS for ISO 12800 and ISO 6400 and I don’t agree. Olympus does a good job of keeping overall tonality but detail has gone way south. And some of the shots aren’t really that low light- those shutter speeds are rather high.

    • Spunjji

      Speaking for myself here, but having spent years slaving over RAW files, I sometimes find it nice to shoot in JPEG, pick the best and upload immediately. Therefore RAW is not -all- that matters, to me at least.

      • Matthias

        I almost never use RAW.

      • Fan

        No time for raw here either.

        • Redkite

          I shot RAW for several years but if you shoot accurately in JPEG the difference is minimal. I only ever shoot JPEG now.

          • my exposures are never spot on,or the way i prefer it, so the raw processing gives birth to my final image. Without photography would be pretty boring.

          • BLI

            RAW HIDE

            Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

            Keep movin’, movin’, movin’,
            Though they’re disapprovin’,
            Keep them doggies movin’ Rawhide!
            Don’t try to understand ’em,
            Just rope and throw and grab ’em,
            Soon we’ll be living high and wide.
            Boy my heart’s calculatin’
            My true love will be waitin’, be waiting at the end of my ride.

            … Etc

      • Don Pope

        I use RAW as insurance.
        If the JPEGS look good, I will spruce them up a little and use them. Otherwise I use the RAW image.
        It is less work that way and the results are the same as starting from RAW every time.

        • Ab

          Agree 100%, RAW is an insurance for a lot of my shooting, my poduct work is almost always raw, but that is a very demanding industry. For a huge chunk of my other work JPEG and some tweaking processing can save a huge amount of time.


        • Redkite

          I agree, that’s the sensible way to do it +1.

        • Ruhayat

          I work the same way. JPEG+RAW. For work I sometimes find I need to go into the RAW files. But for personal shooting, I find the Olympus JPEGs (and colours) are pretty much perfect.

      • ljmac

        I always use RAW+JPEG. If I need to adjust exposure or white balance, I adjust the RAW in Oly Studio. If not, I just use the JPEG. I use Oly Studio so I can consistently reproduce the look of the JPEG, and nobody has better colours than Oly in any case.

        So in my case, even though I use RAW, the JPEG image quality is what matters to me.

    • admin

      One mroe thing. Please decide if I am an Olympus fanboy or a Panasonic fanboy. Always when I write good things about one of them the result is that soem poster says that I am a fanboy. I use the GH2 a lot for my work and like it. So am I a fanboy from Panasonic now? :)

      • admin

        And sometimes I use the Nikon D700 for comercial shooting. So I am Nikon fanboy too :)

        • Gianluca

          you are a NikOLyPanafanboy!!!!…;)

        • GreyOwl

          Don’t forget your Mamiya :-)

          • admin

            Oh of course! Mamiya beats every digital camera on earth. So yes, I am a Mamiya fanboy too!

            • BLI

              To paraphrase Cosmo Kramer: Oh, Mamiya??

            • marilyn

              crazy… i do have a nikon D3 for my ekek stuff at work… and i used my EPL1 when i travel in provinces… and for my everyday thing i used the XZ1… so am i a nikon OLY Fan boy lol and ADIM for the record your MAMIYA is the BEAST lol

        • Charlie

          Don’t sweat it, Admin — let it fall away like water off a duck’s back. ;)

          Comes with the territory.

      • Redkite

        Perhaps not a fanboy but you do show a preference for Oly. The EM-5 looks good but I don’t think it’s the Holy Grail of cameras.

        • BLI

          It is probably not admin’s fault that it is Oly who has come up with exciting news the last 2 months. His enthusiasm will probably show up when Pana starts to be in the news again (and doesn’t take 6 months ++ from they start to talk about a product before they deliver).

      • mahler

        You might not be a fanboy of either brand, but the way your headlines are written gives often the impression that you are one.

    • Meh, not for everyone. I shoot raw almost exclusively, but that doesn’t mean everyone does. I think it’s pretty impressive that the Oly jpeg looks as good as it does. Sure, Oly jpeg processing is among the absolute best, but to make a jpeg that good at 3200, you’ve got to have an impressive amount of detail. Color me impressed.
      And still glad I bought the GX1. =) And I AM an Oly fanboy.

    • Steve

      What do you mean “Raw quality is what counts”? Most people don’t want to spend ages in PP getting the best picture. Not you, apparently, but MOST. Having the best out of camera jpegs is a big, big selling point, myself included.

  • Vivek

    It is very good!

    However, there is no detail about the lenses used? Sony lenses may not do all that well compared to Olympus’. ;)

    • IHUR

      No matter what lens that nex5n was shot with for that pic, it does still look superior to others. Despite the weak jpeg engine that the nex5n has like many others and I have said, it’s still tough to beat apparently.

      • Didn’t Steve Huff praise the JPEGs of the NEX 5n?
        It’s really amazing. Again and again we have to read that there’s nothing special about the Oly JPEGs and now, all of a sudden, the NEX JPEGs are mediocre due to the poor Sony JPEG engine. A very flexible approach, isn’t it?

  • Saying the JPEG quality of the E-M 5 is better than the JPEG quality of the GX-1 is a bit like saying the Porsche Boxster handles better than the Audi TT, if both of them are driving on four flat tires. It’s interesting, but why would you want to do that?

    • Atle

      Is it so difficult for people to comprehend that some people actually uses Jpegs?

      • mahler

        It is easy to comprehend, but the good JPEG engine of the EM-5 was reported very often already. So no reason to get excited again and again. However, there is much less substantial information about the raw IQ, which is more important that JPEG IQ, because it tells more about the quality of the sensor.

        • Will

          Stop being so upset, why would you care so much about whether you think things are Oly favoured or not, I think the Admin is just happy about the camera, same thing will happen for the GH3.

          Good update today (and I shoot raw), many people happy to see this, Nex5N has been in my eyes the camera to beat for IQ, that’s amazing, whether it’s expected or not, and I definitely don’t think it is,

      • Digifan

        No, not at all. Though I shoot RAW+jpeg, it’s the jpeg I mostly use. Only when I want to do something extra with the image I’ll use the RAW. Working this way made very good business sense because it saves me hours of Postprocessing.
        The time saved is again for my private live i.s.o. working long hours like I did years ago. Olympus made that possible right from when I changed from Canon to an Oly E-1 in 2005.

      • Steve

        Absolutely agree. RAW + jpeg is the best way to go. If the out of camera images are great, why do you need to edit them? Because you can, or something?

        If you shoot jpeg + RAW you get great jpegs, and if you are not satisfied you can edit the RAW to your heart’s content.

        Great jpegs are very, very important.

        • Will

          Personally I edit the RAW file always because if I love the jpg I wonder how much more i’ll love the RAW, and I always get a much better result in the end. I often try to make myself happy with the jpg because it is ridiculous the amount of time it takes me to edit photos so I like your style, I just can’t make myself do that.

    • DonTom

      @Ranger 9, that is about the lamest analogy I’ve read on this site, well done!
      One of the main reasons I am sticking with Olympus is the quality of their jpegs. Oh, sure, I could be elitist and shoot raw, spend hours in PP and end up with something marginally better. Do you think my family would be grateful, would I catch more fish, or have a richer leisure life?
      Keep measurebating in the corner over your Raw output, and let the rest of us make the Olympus jpegs for friends and family to enjoy. Or you could try getting a life!

      • Redkite

        Agreed. I shoot JPEG only and achieve results I’m happy with without spending hours post – processing my pics. I’m currently shooting at the rate of 1,000 pics per month and if I were to shoot all of those in RAW, and post process them, I’d never be off the MacPro or have a life outside of photography. I’ve worked in the photographic industry all of my life so I’d like to think I have a reasonable idea of what is acceptable;e and what isn’t.

        • Vlad

          I honestly never understood this. I shoot Raw all the time and I still have plenty of time.

          • Digifan

            Good for you. Stick with what works best for you.
            For me, the jpeg quality is the most important item of my camera buying decision.

            • Vlad

              I absolutely do not argue the usefulness of Jpegs :)

          • Redkite

            @ Vlad. I shoot 1,000+ images each month. Say it takes me 10 minutes to process each image. Therefore 1,000 x 10 = 10,000 minutes ÷ 60 = 166.66 hrs per month or over 20 hours each week. That’s more time than I want to spend at the computer. Of course many photographers only take a few selected pics each week so in that case RAW processing isn’t a significant problem but for those of us that shoot and manage a big library of pics RAW isn’t a sensible option – well not for me at least. The camera manufactures fully realise that there is a real need for both processes – that’s why they put so much effort into creating great in camera JPEG processing.

      • Vlad

        Interesting, you didn’t like his analogy and you went all personal.

        • BLI

          Perhaps he did give a “heated” response, but come on — it was a strange comparison. A more relevant would be that of driving a five gear car only up to the fourth gear — or perhaps driving a car with the air condition on :-).

          • Vlad

            Agreed, I was just surprised how quickly it went to “measurbating” and “getting a life”.

        • Redkite

          @ Vlad. Not personal, you said you ‘never understood’ why some of us think RAW processing takes too long and I was just trying to explain why it takes too long for me.

          • Vlad

            The “personal” thing was directed at DonTom, not you :)

            • @Vlad I only get time to make one comment usually, so I usually fire both barrels at once….I am usually a little quick on the trigger with trolls!
              That aside, it is important that users understand other users point of view. My Dad insisted on using Raw, and we (family) hardly saw any final images. There were thousands of great photos in his digital library when he passed away, but he hadn’t the time to perfect them!
              I shot Raw + jpeg for a while (E-PL1), but I ended up needing so few of the raw images that I decided to save the storage room and buffer time.
              I am really grateful that the Olly jpegs are good enough to share with minimal tweaking. Sure, I am not as fussy on IQ as many users here, I do “get” why many prefer raw. But don’t be elitist about it. I prefer to concentrate on composition and recording my family and friends.

            • Redkite

              Sorry, sometimes difficult to follow these threads.

        • Will

          I agree though, analogy was terrible, you need to use things that everyone knows about for analogies, I don’t know squat about those two cars so??

    • Chad

      Your analogy is off the mark anyway as regardless of the tyres being flat or not, the boxtser always handles better than the TT lol

  • fgl42

    I still think it’s the GX1 sensor, only Oly has managed to do a bit more with it. I hope this becomes the de facto sensor now.

    • Ross

      An Olympus associated guy has had very good feed back from trusted sources indicating it is definitely NOT made by Panasonic & not the GX1 sensor.

  • Rutrem

    … great, good work, great build quality and now good news about the sensor,nice!

    • mahler

      This is a JPEG comparison, which tells not too much, if Olympus really made a leap forward with the sensor. The JPEG engine of Olympus is very good, that is what is shown here, nothing else.

      • DR

        I’d just like to thank you, Mahler for your excellent work. In particular, I find your Symphony #2 ‘Resurrection’ to be most sublime.



  • Looks nice! – But of course not RAW. Answering to a comment above: You can pull a lot out from a RAW file if you have the knowledge. More than is shown in RAW files at DPR for instance.
    Another thing: Just looked at Fuji Xpro1 images from RAW and high ISO at Reidreviews. That was real life photography of moving humans. Really informative about file quality and AF performance and accuracy. I spend little time making photos of bottles…… :-)

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad I sold my GX1 and G3,..still keeping my GF1 for daily shooting,.and waiting for my E-M5

  • windflare

    Re: The Image Stabilization


    The shots at 1/10 and 1/5… 0_o

  • deniz

    not all of us are raw maniacs. especially oly users.

  • What would be very interesting is to find out who made the sensor
    Too bad that your connections cannot tell you .. and us… that ;)


    • admin

      Some do say it’s a Panasonic fabricated sensor. With some Olympus designed tweaks. That’s it

    • Gabi

      We will find out, as soon as someone disassembles the camera… ;-)

      For me, all the samples look really good – the best I have seen so far for µFT, but you can’t expect miracles.

      • marilyn

        if i got my EM5 i wont disassemble it (Because the camera is weatherseal) “if some part you didnt put or installed properly haha chance are it might be a lemon”… i dont mind if the sensor is a pana or what so ever… as long the camera can take pictures and the said camera can produce the things i need i will still used it…

        • Gabi

          Nor will I disassemble my E-M5 after I got it. And I personally don’t care if the sensor comes from Panasonic, Mercedes or Ikea as long as it is that good… ;-)

  • Scotty

    As usual, the Olympus JPEG engine has very pleasing colors and good detail. In the past this has made up for a poor sensor but it looks like this sensor is at least as good as the GX1. (But wow, the Panasonic color is terrible. Much worse than the other 3.)

    Will be really interesting to see some raw comparisons. That will give a much better apples-to-apples comparison vs the other cameras of what the sensor itself can do.

    • Anonymous

      Even the sample comparison from E-PM1 has better detail /sharpness and color at ISO3200 against Panasonic GX1; which is has the latest SENSOR and implementation of JPEG engine from panasonic,..

      ,.forget about to challenge OM-D E-M5

  • Sony doesn’t really have a very good JPEG engine either; I shoot exclusively RAW with both the NEX-5N and NEX-7, just as I did with the GH2. So while this might be an indication of the kind of JPEG quality we can expect, we’ll have to wait for RAW comparisons to know more about what’s happening at he sensor level.

    • unkabin

      I agree that Sony doesn’t and it’s a shame because Minolta had very nice JPEGs. Wonderful skin tones.

    • Anonymous

      even the Olympus E-Pm1 has better color and detail compared to GX1 which is the Latest m43 camera in the market

  • Webwalk

    I like what I see. More natural in color the N5, but the little E-M5 is alike!

  • Mary

    Too close with 5N… The sensor may be Sony ;-)

    • Mary

      You don’t know which colour is much similar

  • Looks very nice indeed :-)

    I have the GH2 and GX1 but the E-M5 is on my list ;-))

  • Sweln

    Hey guys there are ALREADY some OMD EM5 raws out there! I’d say a half dozen in real life situation. If tried some HDR tonemapping and it looks good to me. One of my photographer friend told me the DR is about the same as his Canon D40, wich is pretty much promising. He said : hey it’s like a reflex! :P

  • AG

    One thing is for sure, is that previous Oly’s have awesome jpegs. This looks like a killer camera if the sensitivity and range have increased.

  • andrea

    it does seem like a SONY sensor indeed

    • Berbu

      I told you that before…

    • E-1

      Yes, would have betted on a Toshiba sensor, but this looks indeed very similar to the NEX.

      • BLI

        Eh??? The pixel density is almost twice that of the NEX 5n…

        • E-1

          How has a 43 sensor twice the density of an APSC with both being 16M? (370 vs 225 is 60% more sensor area)

          • BLI

            60% is relatively close to 50%; “almost twice” implies more than 50%. My point is that these references to existing Sony sensors are not relevant — Sony would have to improve their sensor technology quite a bit to give “NEX 5n” performance in a 16Mpx m43 format. I’m not saying it is not Sony; I’m just saying all this comparison with Sony cameras doesn’t give any indication on which company makes the sensor. And I have previously noted that of mainstream sensor producers, only Panasonic, Aptiva (Nikon 1) and Toshiba (?, Fuji X10) have current sensors of sufficient pixel density (the Aptiva would give ca 19 Mpx in the M43 format; the X10 some 49 Mpx).

            • BLI

              When I say “of sufficient pixel density”, I obviously do not include point &shoot cameras, the new Nokia, etc. Also, the snsor of Nikon 1 and X10 are hardly good enough. (But that of the X10 would still be able to give 16 Mpx if they average groups of three pixels into one — but I’m not convinced this would work well.)

  • I see nothing to change my mind. It seems like it is a G3 sensor with better processing… just like the E-P1 looked much better than the GF1 with the same sensor.

    • You mean GF1 jpg vs EP1 jpg? I agree on that, but looking at RAW, the GF1 had a very slight advantage being more crisp. (I owned both cameras.)

    • Mary

      all this secrecy for this?

    • E-1

      The difference between the E-M5 and the GX1 is huge, and it’s not only a “JPEG” thing, so surely this is not the G3 sensor.

      • kesztió

        No way, the difference is visible, but far to be huge. Moreover, although colors look better, I can see some ugly smearing artifacts in E–M5 images which are much diminuated in GX1 sample.

        • E-1

          To me it looks huge, with the GX1 having lots of noise and is unusable, while the E-M5 is fine.

  • Arnold

    Now if they could put this sensor in a compact EP4 !

    • Ross

      Will you still accept it if they call it an E-P5 instead? ;)

  • John

    The EM-5 might be my new hiking/climbing camera. EVF, weather sealed, improve DR, small/light. The only downer is the lack of built-in flash, BUT, to their credit, the accessory flash they have is also very small – which might be a good compromise for me. A really nice thing is that it can take some of my excellent and compact Nikon manual focus glass and I get image stabilisation!

    Now if the m43 group could just come out with some nice compact wide angle primes (like a 10/2.8) I’d be thrilled!

    • pfeddeh

      Yes, I want that 2.8/9mm or 2.8/10mm too.

    • Peter Bjorvand

      +over 9000!!!!…No really, more wide angles…both expensive AND cheap, as because I’m a student and cant afford the 12mm, much less the 7-14…

  • simon

    Who gives a sh-t about high iso,what about proven DR,the biggest fault with 4/3 sensor.

    • pfeddeh


    • Atle

      I do, I take lots of shots in low-light conditions. In fact getting non-sharp photos in low light (due to shutter-speed or focus being to slow in low light) is the biggest things I want improved in my EP2.

    • Steve

      I do. I want better low ISO for sure, that’s the highest priority, but there is a big use for high ISO as well. Action, street photography at night…. You can use narrower apertures/slower lenses, too.

    • Reza

      DR is indeed a function of high ISO noise levels.

    • Steve-O

      > Now if the m43 group could just come out with some nice compact wide angle primes (like a 10/2.8) I’d be thrilled!

      You mean like the 12mm f/2.0?

      If I can get it past the budget committee at home, that’s gonna be my hiking/climbing lens if I end up with an EM-5.

    • DR


    • Anonymous

      The same excuse will be given to the people who would own D800 FF camera when they comparing to APS-C sized sensor camera,.. Don’t care about High ISO , but DR,.. But let us be realistic ,. What we are arguing is ISO sample ,. M43- againts bigger sensor- APS-C

  • alexander

    oly is even better than sony. congratulatinon!

  • Camaman

    Hmmm… I must say that in samples from fourthirds user that noise pattern looks similar to Panasonic jpegs.

    I had a play with the camera at Olympus headquarters. Called ahead and announced myself. They were more than happy to let my play with it. Took a few of the most boring ISO ladder shots home with me. I was using their 12mm. In RAW and JPEG:-)

    The IBIS works like magic. You literally must shake the camera almost 1cm in any direction for it to show in video. Sorcery!!

    EVF is nice and bright, good colors. Works great with glasses. We tried mounting an Olympus angular finder on it. Works great! That means other VF accessories from older models can be easily clipped on. Will be fun to see how it will work with an extra magnifier. (1.33x)

    Shutter sounds pretty loud. And you can feel unmistakeably on your hands it go of when holding the camera.


  • soldar

    besides, iso is really the least of the problem. if you want the best quality the camera can get you’d try to shoot with as low ISO as possible.
    What we need to see is a real objective RAW dynamic range test, this was a major weak point for 4/3 senors compares to sony, until i see those, no 4/3 for me.

    • Vlad

      Pretty much same here.

    • DR

      Correct. This is the achilles heel of u43. Hopefully they have at last caught up.

      @Camaman. Shutter. Do you feel it like a GF1, or like a DSLR?

      • Camaman

        I kinda had the “spring hit my hand” feeling a bit.
        Its not silent.

  • Yet more positive news. Even though we still don’t know for sure about RAW, I’ve yet to see anything damming about the new E-M5 sensor! Of course, there are some who will dismiss it up to the last minute, and even some who will continue to dismiss it after it has been definitively shown to be better than current m43 sensors. I’m betting it will be :).

    • E-1

      Hehe, yes if with a DPR review showing better quality, 50% of the users here will claim the GH2 is better :-)

    • Robbie

      Agree, before that peeps talked about the importance of high ISO now that it has been fulfilled, peep start to talk about dynamic range and that they never use above ISO 400 etc

    • Camaman

      Wrong reply

  • fta

    well, I’m impressed.

  • Starred

    Here are 30 JPEG and 20 RAW photos taken with the new Olympus E-M5 compact system camera.

    • thanks for the link,the rawfiles look MUCH better then those JPGS

  • Bob B.

    I am glad the OM is performing so well! Like everyone said above…I would rather see RAW images with NR turned completely off on all cameras it would be more meaningful. I would also rather see comparisons at more reasonable ISO values. I personally never shoot at such high ISO…but it is an impressive comparison here over the GX1. Very impressive.
    Alternatively ….when I look at some of the other photos I see blown highlights. Look at the shot of the young lady studying by the water…….

    • Blown highlight in the pic with the young lady by the water? Where? I think you made a mistake… Did you checked the histogram? ;-)

      • Bob B.

        Look closely at the histogram. There is a small percentage of the image (the highlights of the white railings) that has blown highlights …that is very clear in the histogram….

  • Admin ei all due respect
    How many times are the same
    Mistakes Going to w repeated? Same thing happened with the pen3- these are jpegs. The conclusion this sensor is better or caught up with nex5 is complete baseless hype. You can’t judge that by jpegs. It’s is knows by now that Olympus )along with fuji) hbe some of the best Joey engines around

    This comparison doesn’t benefit te other two cameras. Also no word on dynamic

    Before you dismiss this remember how sure you where the em5 would beat the gh2 video quality hands down? How did that turned out to be?

    Don’t get me wrong, you do a lot of hard work
    But if you wonder sometimes how can people be so hyped up and then dissapoonted – well you have a very recent example with this post. Nothing can be concluded with jpegs about the nature of the sensor and ultimate sensor performance.

    I say this as an Olympus mostly Joey shooter!

    • As an Olympus mostly Jpeg shooter I meant

      • Bob B.

        I thought Joey’s were young kangaroos?

    • well people tend to get sucked up in a hype very easily,thats just in our nature

    • Steve

      Raist, why are you always so negative?

      Of course plenty can be concluded from jpegs. That is the mode that most shooters use for output. Maybe not pros or the very serious, but the vast majority of consumers shoot jpeg. Having the best jpeg out of camera is crucial for these consumers. A camera that generates the best in camera jpegs gives better results for them.

      Why do you consistently fail to recognize this?

      • Raist3d

        I am not “being always negative”- I told you already- and I think it was you point blank, that I think the EM5 is a fantastic camera. I think Olympus will sell out of it and it’s probably the best Olympus camera Olympus has done in a while (how’s that for “positive?”)

        My issue has to do with koolaid drinking. I don’t like it with any brand (Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, whoever). The whole JPEG fiasco happened before with the Pens and when the raws were looked at, the story was very different.

        Remember Olympus does JPEG better than competitors (except Fuji) in general. And no, I don’t “consistently fail to recognize this”- consider that I am a JPEG shooter myself that was chastisized in the Olympus forum at dpreview for “not shooting RAW like, you know , how it’s done.” So don’t give me that noise.

        What I am pointing out is that for example, the news open with “hey, the EM5 caught up with the best APS-C”. I am sorry but I call BS to that. Until we see RAW files rolling telling that story, I am not buying it.

        Moreover, I don’t agree the JPEGS caught up- look at the other difficult light situation high ISO shots and I can tell you the detail is definitively less than what I see with Sony best APSC sensor.

        A lot of people are going by high ISO shot, shot in rather good available light (look at the shutter speeds/aperture combinations). These are not situations that stress a sensor.

        Please keep in mind I am not saying the EM5 is bad. The issue I take is with conclusions that quite frankly are a bit in fantasy land.

        I think the EM5 is a camera whose whole feature set is at a very right price and will sell well.

    • First of all, “dissapoonted” is one of my new favorite words. No sarcasm. It seriously is.
      Second, admin is only posting the newest info he’s found. Take it as you like. It’s HIS site, not OURS. We don’t have ownership over his feelings. If he’s excited about something and wants to show it, that’s his prerogative.
      I personally love to see the excitement exhibited on this site. It’s one of the main reasons I come here. I’d like to think that most people who read the site can decide for themselves what to get excited about and what not to. There’s no harm in healthy argument, and that’s what rumors so often inspire.
      But putting someone down is just unnecessary, rude, and only makes you look like an idiot.
      If you’re not pumped up about it, hey, no worries. Why are you so concerned with other people’s feelings? Is anyone hurting you by being excited? Acting like it’s a personal affront when someone likes something is just plain silly.

      • Raist3d

        I am sorry but I don’t think I am putting people down. What I pointed out I am focusing on the camera and aspects of the conclusion/argument. I am not taking any offense with anyone’s feelings, I am pointing out information and conclusions that don’t seem based on reality.

        Besides, it’s a bit ironic you think I am putting down admin perse, when it was me early on who defended the overall credibility and mostly right track record of 43rd rumors at dpreview when several people where making fun of it (some of those now are all “high fives” with admin in 2012). Funny eh?

        • Fair enough, Raist. I’m not aware of your comments on any other forum, so good on you.

          “How many times are the same
          Mistakes Going to w repeated?”

          That sounds to me like you’re saying that admin is constantly making mistakes, which does sound a bit like you’re putting him down, no? Maybe I’m the idiot. But to me that’s very negative, unnecessary commentary. As I’ve said before and probably will again, this is a rumors site. It’s not where you come for reality, it’s where you come for possibility. You even mentioning “reality” in your response to me about a RUMORS site seems ah… a little silly.
          And again, it’s admin’s prerogative to state things however he wants. If he’s excited about something, it’s not our job to tell him he shouldn’t be.
          If you were passing a homeless person on the street, and someone gave him a dollar, and he got excited about it, would you stop and say “I don’t know why you’re excited, it’s just a dollar!”. To me that’s just a negative way of thinking, and there’s a difference in saying “I disagree with what you’re saying” and “You’re constantly making mistakes and here’s why”. The ‘reality’ is that as this is a rumors site, and one so often injected with opinion, how can admin really be making mistakes at all, besides perhaps spelling mistakes? He simply reports information from his sources, and decides (based on his own point of view, not some scientific calculation) what FT level to apply to it. It’s all subjective, and that is proven by his track record of getting excited about whatever he feels warrants it. And my god, if you can’t expect a little sensationalism from a rumors site, then why even come here?

          I agree that no real conclusions can be assessed until we’ve seen raw comparisons, so I actually agree with what you’re saying, just not the way you’re saying it. And I think by that picture, it’s plainly obvious that Olympus has made a pretty decent jump in jpeg IQ from the E-P3… so why NOT get excited?

          • Raist

            I am talking about the same hyped mistake on JPEGS comparisons for example. This all happened with the E-5, happened with the latest Pens and it’s happening now again.

            “And again, it’s admin’s prerogative to state things however he wants. If he’s excited about something, it’s not our job to tell him he shouldn’t be.”

            I am not telling the admin not to get excited. I am talking about jumping to a wrong conclusion. Admin was wondering at one point why people seems disappointed at times and I am pointing out an example of why. Please note that I have commended admin on the very hard work he does.

            “I agree that no real conclusions can be assessed until we’ve seen raw comparisons, so I actually agree with what you’re saying, just not the way you’re saying it. And I think by that picture, it’s plainly obvious that Olympus has made a pretty decent jump in jpeg IQ from the E-P3… so why NOT get excited?”

            I am not talking about getting excited or not. I am talking about jumping to false conclusions. That the EM5 has improved over the current Pens sure can be reason for excitement. Saying it has caught to the best of APS-c… well…..

            • Okay, Raist. You win. A rumors site should definitely not be comprised of conjecture, sensationalism, opinion, or anything else that could constitute anything related to the definition of the word. It should never, ever be speculatory or jump to any conclusions other than ones which relate to the absolute truth which is, so often the case, the complete opposite of what it means to be a rumor.

              I give up.

    • Bob B.


    • Balthier Bunansa

      “You can’t judge that by jpegs. It’s is knows by now that Olympus )along with fuji) hbe some of the best Joey engines around

      This comparison doesn’t benefit te other two cameras.

      this comparison doesn’t benefit other cameras, but benefit users that can see what will they get out of the box without tinkering with RAW files. most of the buyers will only use jpegs out of the camera so seeing good results from E-M5 will help their decision to buy it. as for RAW users they’ll probably get even better results out of E-M5

    • Will

      @Raist3d. Stop assuming nobody else cares.

      Admin, carry on.

  • marilyn

    powdered the other camera lol… TKO

  • I like the samples from Gabrielle Motolla.

    Seeing those samples, E-M5 looks good for me. 99% of the viewers of my works are not pixel peepers, so I don’t really mind with slight image quality difference. They can’t even tell which are from RAW and which are from JPEG!

    Well, with other features that comes with E-M5 like weather proof, 5 axis IS, fast AF, touch screen tilting LCD, compact size and lightweight, this is a no brainer pre order for me.

  • There is at DPR one very underexposed RAW of an Oly stand, developed by Dobson, and relighted by 2 stops. No noise, which tells how robust the IQ is.

    Another big difference with my PL3 is that the blacks are real blacks, and so the whites, without blown ups.

    That is far more important to me in day to day field experience than to play nerd at high ISO.

    OTH the test at high ISO at Quesabesde, between E-M5 and D 7000 shows again a much better control of noise in the former.

    So the camera seems to have all bases covered for ordinary use, including good resolution.

    This is a real dSLR replacement for any cropped sensor one, and that’s the novelty of it. Add expensive lenses, and it gets near the FF experience in terms of the latitude of the shot.

    The FF image will always be bigger, but not necessarily better. I wait however for further confirmation :)

    • Amalric, I gree with you: Why so much fuss about high ISO performance at levels few uses a lot. Why must every image be perfectly clean? Like plastic. Looking at many of the best photos ever made, grain is a part of them. Better with some grain and lots detail – at leat to me.
      Can it be that it easy to present and look at images taken with different ISO? Anyone can say this is better – this is worse.
      The tonality in an image is far more important, but also more difficult to evaluate on the internet: The image is jpg, different viewers have different quality monitors. I have a 98% Adobe RGB color space with hardware calibration of the monitor, how many have that?

    • I noticed alot of the published RAW files were underexposed around 2 stops.Did they do this on purpose? But indeed the noise increase after adjusting is minimal, I am happy with that too.

    • @ almaric:
      I agree with you! (imagine that ;))
      Should people still consistently choose to shoot at high ISO, it’s their loss! Seems ISO 3200 and upwards is the new panacea. Some misunderstanding that is! IMO one should always go as low as ever possible, which w/ fast and optically good glass, combined with IBIS, is the best way to go. At least for those of us that care about IQ. If not, you’d just as well use your phone, which can cope w/ such low standards anyway, dammit!

  • Yun

    Olympus always have better Jpeg quality than Pana , that is the fate . That’s why I always shoot Raw with GX for it’s best results .
    As I never owned an Oly cameras , this might tempt me to get one since the review so good for this OMD plus the incoming zuiko 75mm F1.8 factor . Before that , let’s wait & see what Pana offer in it’s new line of cameras , heard that there will be very highend camera above GH on it’s way . This certainly will be mine dream cameras !

  • disco

    what happened to panny’s yellow? is it just me or is the color waaaay off

  • Why does anybody give a damn who makes the sensor? It performs how it performs. It makes no difference what’s written on it.

    • Aly

      It kind of makes a difference because if Panny is making the sensor, you have to wonder why the jpeg performance is so lacking.

    • hlbt

      The reason many people care about who made the sensor is that Panasonic sensors have seen limited improvement over the last several years, and many lurkers here also believe that the sensors are the weakest link in the m43 system. A different sensor thus gives these users hope.

      I guess we all look for freedom from our frustrations: low-light performance for m43, lack of decent lenses for NEX. Hope is positive, but it’s not always fun reading through people’s frustrations vented in an less-than-friendly manner :-)

    • Fan

      Is there actually any space where they can write something on the sensor?

    • Chris

      For one thing, if it is the G3 sensor then we can assume that every time they release a new sensor Panasonic will make Olympus wait half a year or so before Olympus can use it too. That would affect camera release and upgrading schedules.

  • aldo

    panasonic vs oly oly vs sony … endless rivalry between owners of the cameras, not talking about the actual owners of the brands.

    turns sometimes ridiculous, is like watching people discussing and arguing between their soccer teams, at least in this case in sports is “understandable”, but about camera brands? why does one need to convince other photographers the thing we own is better than theirs?

    • Fan

      In order to feel you haven’t made the wrong investment.

  • Robbie

    There’s rumors that the developer at Aptina used to work for Olympus and was in charge of developing first generation LiveMOS. This sensor might have come from Aptina?

  • konikonaku

    guys…he got E-M5 over a weekend to do review…i think we should see what he have to say

  • oluv

    Wow, the samples from Quesabese are the most unimpressive ones i have ever seen. They are blurry, lacking detail with lots of noise reduction already showing artefacts. Either the 12-50 is just a bottle-glas, or the new sensor-stabilization doesn’t do a good job at all.
    If iso200 is already plagued by that much noise this camera really will need iso50 or iso25…

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Quite a few of those images have lots of distance variation inside image frame so some areas surely have some blur because of being slightly outside DOF.
      Though 12-50 looks just like typical m4/3 lens whose optical quality is far cry from full aperture corner to corner sharpness of 4/3 lenses:

      • oluv

        thanks for that link, it shows that the “old” 12-60 beats them all, including the 20mm pancake.
        what a great lens and what a pity we will probably never get a smaller mFT equivalent :(

        • A good informed person in a forum (and he has really very good relations to Olympus) wrote that Olympus is working on 2 high-quality zoom lenses but it’s not allowed him to tell more, so we have to wait… But the question is, is it really possible to make such good lenses like the 12-60 in a smaller way? Maybe we have to wait until it is so fast at mFT as at FT. Anyway, for me the FT 12-60 would to big and to heavy as it is.

  • Dannecus

    All this talk of image quality, while important, is not what I use to justify to myself my choice of Oly as my mirrorless camera of choice.

    I largely choose a camera by the feel of it in my hand, I can be fairly sure that anything from a respected brand is going to provide decent enough IQ to satisfy me.

    I really tried to like the Nex range. Bigger sensor would be great, but they just felt wrong, body too thin, lenses too big and an interface like the Microsoft paper clip – ‘oh you seem to be taking a picture, would you like help with that?” (they probably improved that now, it was a couple of years ago).

    Seriously, does the IQ difference we see at the top of this item really make that much difference to the pictures most (serious) amateurs take? For the Pros amongst us, please carry on pixel peeping, but for me, the difference is marginal at best and Oly/Pana win on interface, feel and size over the ghastly Nex boxes. Certainly a pretty good trade for the inevitable small advantage APS-C is going to retain in IQ.

    • DR

      “I largely choose a camera by the feel of it in my hand”

      Try the other hand, it feels like someone else is holding it. :D

      Pixel Peeping, on the other hand is just a troll paradise…

  • Jb

    How is possible E-M5 + 17mm 2.8 this terrible photos:
    photos fake? EXIF fake?
    Bad photographer?
    17mm2.8 = terrible?
    E-M5= bad?

    • Steve

      What exactly are you picking on? Obviously these are just quick snaps at different settings, not serious pics.

      But the 17/2.8? It is pretty terrible.

  • @ Asseth and Klyberg

    Can you imagine the first OM-D having a 12 Mpx sensor but less noise and more DR at base ISO? That would have been a massive flop.

    So they go 16Mpx and do the tradeoff: better high ISO performance, but noisier base ISO. OTH denosing algorithms improve year by year. So my question is: are they part of cooked RAWs?

    It’s not a given: sensor technology, circuitry also improve. In the new sensor blacks are blacks, and whites are whites, which is not always the case with my PL3.

    Despite common belief in more dense sensors, SNR can be higher. It all depends where you set the benefit.

    • “Can you imagine the first OM-D having a 12 Mpx sensor but less noise and more DR at base ISO? That would have been a massive flop.”

      No, that would have been a very good cam!
      But then again, the somewhat misled and hyped up market won’t recognize that fact, so here we go… But thx to technological progress, the E-M5 seems capable anyway, without sacrificing too much in neither ISO nor DR, so all well then, I reckon. Good work, Oly! :)

  • AG

    New sensor, Oly jpegs, Panny lenses, wx sealed, stylish looks …
    it’s a confluence of all the awesome Japanese tech in a product.

    Now if only humanity could improve also :)

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