(FT2) More Panasonic GH1 successor rumors…

I just received following mail:

Hi. I’ve seen you rumor on GH2 coming in 2Q 2010. That would concur with my information. As I live in Korea, where there is no import of  GH1, I contacted sales dept. asking if they will import in March GH2. The answer was, yes they are planning to import all GH models from now on, but GH2 will be release same time as in Japan….by the end of summer. I don’t know how reliable is sales dept. of Panasonic Korea, but they seems confident that GH2 won’t be on the market before the summer is over. Hope they are wrong, but combing it with what you posted today seems like G2 will be on PMA and GH2 later on this year.

I don’t know if we can trust sales dept. I hope he doesn’t tell the truth!

(FT2) Panasonic GH2 to be first shutter-less camera

According to the website eosHDIn what is being billed as another sizeable revolution in the camera world, Panasonic is set to unveil a shutter-less DSLR. Billed as a ‘global shutter’ and marketed as HD Progressive, Panasonic will for now reserve this feature only for their high end range of camcorders and the GH2.

Panasonic is set to release the LX4 and G2 in February, but the GH2 will wait until the 2nd half of 2010 according to my source in Asia. Rather than do a yearly update of the GH line, Panasonic want to bring a greater incremental step to the ‘luxury’ line.“,,,”The global shutter also creates the possibility of an entirely silent camera. Goodbye shutter click. On a DSLR a global shutter requires greater power demands and causes the sensor to run hot, but Panasonic were able to develop one because their modern CMOS processing plant can shrink a chip below 35 nanometers, which coupled with the relatively small (in DSLR terms) sensor size of the Micro 4/3rds format allows the chip to run cooler.

(FT2) Panasonic future MicroFourThirds cameras recording 1920×1080 progressive?

This is the Panasonic camcorder with 1920x1080 progressive recording (not the GH2)

The greek website FullHD.gr posted an extremely interesting rumor. They posted an image of the first Panasonic camcorder with three sensors, CMOS, Leica lens and a huge (two-digit number of megapixels) resolution. But what’s really amazing is that it can record in 1920×1080 progressive (1080p)!

And here the BIG rumor for you: They say (if the google translation is correct) that this year Panasonic will also implement 1920×1080 progressive in future MicroFourThirds cameras!