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Live tweet of the Panasonic UK event: (press conference at 9am London time)

Press release:
Panasonic G2 and G10 presentation on Amazon
Panasonic global press release:
The official Panasonic press release (Panasonic UK)
The PhoBlographer
Forum Four Thirds (german)
Focus Numerique knows the price! 599 Euro for the G2(body only) 699 Euro with lens and 549 Euro for the G10+Lens! Crazy only 150 Euro difference?
Photoscala (german)
Dpreview: 14-42mm lens / G2 / G10
Hands-on on (german)
Imaging Resurce: “The Panasonic DMC-G2 retains its predecessor’s 12.1 effectieve megapixel sensor resolution, and yields a maximum resolution of 4,000 x 3,000 pixels. Compared to the G1 though, the Lumix G2 uses a newer generation of the company’s image processor, dubbed Venus Engine HD II.
Panasonic G2 by dpreview
Photographyblog Hands-on G2 / G10 / Panasonic G2, G10, G1 Comparison
hardwarezonePanasonic explained to us that the G and GH product lines are going to be developed separately. The GH series will be the premium, Full HD capable line, while the G series will be more photo than video-centric, explaining the 720p video recording limit on the G2 and G10.”

Panasonic UK video:
Two more youtube videos here ->
First touchscreen test

UPDATE: According to a Korean website the G2 and G10 will be released in June. Our sources told us it will probably be a little bit earlier (late May)

Panasonic G2 and Panasonic G10…launch next week?

You all didn’t forget that the Panasonic “Focus on Imaging show” will be held at the NEC Birmingham from 7th-10th March …or not?

The official Panasonic UK website shows clearly the following text:

Now, we didn’t receive any reliable rumor about the exact launch date. If Panasonic wants to show the new MicroFourThirds cameras at that event they could probably announce the cameras in few days.

But few things are a little strange:

1) We didn’t recieve any rumor about the exact launch date
2) Panasonic UK changed the teaser (the new teaser doesn’t show the camera silhouttes) -> Click here to see the difference
3) Few weeks ago Panasonic made a countdown for the launch of a new website and they don’t do anything for the launch of their new products?

If this doesn’t happen than we should expect an annoucement next week at the C+ show in Japan (it starts on March 11).

Anyway we are definitely SURE two MFT models will be announced! The G2 and the G10. We also recieved some specs from new sources but we first want to check them with our rleiable sources. So expect more rumors soon.

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(FT4) UPDATED: The Panasonic G2 and Panasonic G10?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I read your comments and I admit I missed to give you one more very important detail. I didn’t found the video for myself but my trusted sources sent me the link to them! That’s why I believe the names on the title could be true!
Don’t focus on the fact that everyone can change the title of a youtube video, focus on the fact that we PRECISELY received that link form our sources!!!
IMPORTANT UPDATE 2: Both camera will be announced in March (probably early March)

Our sources just sent us the link to following youtube video! Over the Panasonic advertising video you can read the name of the TWO new Panasonic MicroFourThirds cameras! (The video itself is just an old advertising video and you won’t see the new cameras in the video).

The new MicroFourThirds cameras will be the Panasonic G2 (probably the Panasonic G1 successor) and the Panasonic G10.

Just my speculation: The G2 could be a very “cheap” MFT camera (without video?). But what about the G10? Maybe it is the High-End waterproof MFT camera we were waiting for? Share your thoughts by commenting this post! I tried to google around but when I search for the Panasonic G10 I mostly get results about the Canon G10 :)

Just my wish: I would be happy with a Panasonic LC1 styled High-End camera!

P.S.: 43rumors is working on a new forum. Next week it will be online!


(FT2) Panasonic MicroFourThirds rumors

I got this informations from an new sources. He doesn’t really add new informations :(

– Panasonic G1 successor annoucement on late February. Availability in March. New Design and Video recording
– Panasonic 100-300 mm, 14mm pancake lens and 8mm Fish-Eye APSH f/3.5 also showed at PMA and available the months after.
– Panasonic GH1 successor will be announced on Q3 and it comes with 24Mbit/s AVCHD and 1080 60/50p.