Some more good news: Mirrorless market is growing compared to last year!


CIPA mirrorless shipment data from Japanese companies. Image courtesy Personal View.

The Japanese CIPA and the German GFK agency shared some interesting new data about the worldwide digital camera market. And finally we see some slow but continuous growth in the mirrorless market:

CIPA (data can be seen here) shared the Japanese camera shipment numbers. And as usual Personal View did a great job summing them in graphs (can be seen here).
The interesting data here is that in the period January-April 2014 mirrorless system camera shipments growth by 16% while DSLR shipments did fell by 11%

Mirrorless camera sales are increasing almost everywhere (Source GFK at MirrorlessRumors).

2) GFK
The German agency that works in partnership with the Photokina organizers shared plenty of surprisingly positive data (more about it at Mirrorlessrumors). While it’s true that the budget compact camera is shrinking the premium market increased. And with premium we mean, premium DSLR, premium mirrorless and premium fixed lens compact cameras. And there is where companies have higher profit margins. See graph below:

Camera unit sales dropped by 25% but revenue is increasing.

Well, this could be a good news for Panasonic and Olympus. Both companies are now focusing their efforts on mirrorless cameras. And and as we heard many times now their goal is to create more “premium” mirrorless cameras and premium “compact fixed lens cameras”. As you know Panasonic latest financial reports shows they are recovering very well from the losses they had the previous year while Olympus is expected to have a break even during the current fiscal year.

Let’s see what kind of “premium” stuff will be announced by both companies at Photokina…


Crazy fast Handevision 40mm f/0.85 lens now in Stock in German eBay store.


You are crazy for speed? Than grab this Handevision f/0.85 native(!) MFT mount lens which is in Stock on a German eBay Store (Click here). But it’s quite pricey! Handevsion also announced on their website that worldwide shipment will start soon and some image samples can be seen too:

And now what’s next…a f/.07 lens?

found via MirrorlessRumors.


(UPDATED): Panasonic decides to NOT release a planned telephoto zoom


UPDATE: There was some confusion on the translation. Sorry about it. Here is the correct news: Panasonic manager Inoue announced in an interview at Imaging Resource that a planned telephoto zoom lens will NOT be released this year and it has been removed from the roadmap. The 150mm f/2.8 is still (!) on roadmap although it sounds like it could be delayed a bit. Inoue says:

“Yes, we had been considering, but looking at the overall situation, what it would take for development and what sales there would be, we decided to cancel the long telephoto zoom. We had already released 150mm, but for the zoom, we are very sorry, but this was our decision.”

And he also confessed that:

We are still considering the lens roadmap here [in Japan]

For now Panasonic decided to focus on shorter focal lengths and on lenses designed for the GM line. I am not sure if this is a smart decision. What do you think?


Rumor roundup reminder: E-PL7, LX8 and 7-14mm PRO lens and maybe a Trip-D?


The soon to be announced LX8 will have a built-in evf like the current LF1 you see on the picture above.

Before the big event at Photokina we will likely see some new stuff soon. This is what you can expect to see the next 30 days:

1) Olympus E-PL7 (FT5)
It’s basically an Olympus E-M10 without the viewfinder :)

2) Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO Zuiko MFT lens (FT4)
Save money: It’s a $1,799 lens.

3) Panasonic LX8 large sensor compact camera (FT5)
Has a built-in EVF, similar LX7 size and look and large sensor. Announcement on July 13.

4) More Panasonic and Olympus compact cameras (FT4)
It’s likely we will get a bunch of more (small sensor) compact cameras.

5) Olympus Trip (FT3)
I am really not sure yet about that rumor but we could see a digital “Trip-D” based on the Olympus Trip 35 filmcameras (here on eBay).

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