(FT3) Epson Starts Mass Production of Hi-res EVF Panel….for Olympus?



Very interesting! Epsons starts to produce EVF Panel and the BIG question is for whom will they produce it? The EVF is ideal for compact mirrorless systems a la MicroFourThirds. Could the successor (the E-P2?) use this very thin high-resolution and bright EVF? It is possible!

Epson Press Release

Epson Starts Volume Production of Ultra-Compact, High-Resolution HTPS TFT Color Liquid Crystal Panel for Electronic Viewfinders

– Optical viewfinder replacement enables smaller, thinner digital cameras –

– TOKYO, Japan, October 14, 2009 –

Seiko Epson Corporation (“Epson”, TSE:6724) today announced that it has begun volume production of a new high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT color panel for electronic viewfinders. Measuring just 0.47 of an inch (1.2 cm) diagonally, the new panels offer SVGA (800 x RGB x 600) resolution in red, green and blue for a total of 1.44 megapixels.
The new panels are targeted at camera manufacturers for use as electronic viewfinders in mid- to high-end digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras.

Competition in the digital camera market has reached a fever pitch. Companies are launching new products with higher resolutions and more features at even lower prices. In recent years, more and more consumers have been switching from compact cameras to SLR units in pursuit of better performance and image quality, driving the need for smaller and thinner DSLR cameras with video and other features.

Epson’s new panels meet this need and open a whole world of possibilities for DSLR cameras.

Until now, no electronic viewfinder has been able to offer the resolution and fidelity needed to replace optical viewfinders and to focus the image. Epson’s new panel, developed using HTPS technology, not only makes this possible but also uses an analog driver to recreate smooth gradations and a natural softness. This panel will allow camera manufacturers to eliminate the mirrors and pentaprisms needed for optical viewfinders, enabling much smaller and thinner camera bodies and letting users capture the image they see. In addition, the use of a color filter prevents the color breakup that tends to occur with other color systems when shooting fast-moving subjects and while panning.

Epson has long developed HTPS panels to meet the high-definition, high-resolution needs of its market-leading projector business. Using technology developed for projectors, Epson created this new product to meet the needs of the digital camera market.

This panel is the first in Epson’s new “ULTIMICRON” series of compact, high-resolution HTPS panels that display full color on a single screen for electronic viewfinders and other compact displays. Epson will continue to offer new solutions for the growing DSLR camera market by expanding its lineup with higher resolutions, better image quality, and smaller sizes.

Features of the new panel

* Compact
o Small 0.47-inch diagonal screen enables compact, thin cameras
* High resolution
o High pixel density with SVGA resolution (800 x RGB x 600, 1.44 megapixels)
* Color filter
o Not affected by color breakup that occurs with fast-moving subjects and panning shots when using a field-sequential color system

Advantages when used in a DSLR camera

* High resolution enables easy focusing
* Can capture images as they are seen
* Viable alternative to optical viewfinder
o Avoids the blackout of optical viewfinders when shooting video
o Enables smaller cameras by eliminating need for mirrors and pentaprisms
o Eliminates mechanical time lag caused by mirror


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(FT2) UPDATED-> New source says “not the E-P2 but the E-3 successor is coming”


I choose to post this rumor because the person seems to be really honest and not a “rumor cheater” (someone who invents rumors). It is a news source that’s why I am going to post it with “FT2” value (rumor from new unknown source). The source had a talk with a man close to Olympus and that is what this man said:

No annoucement for an ep-2 before spring 2010 […] It will have some sort of viewfinder […] One of my friend that work with me was interested to buy the e-3 and 12-60 but he told him to wait until 2010 or even sooner you will see new camera body and new lenses. But not a replacement for the 12-60, something new he said, something that is missing in the olympus lense line. But i dont know about what it could be […] So my tough is no more MFT for 2009, they are now concentrating on the Dslr market that they are loosing a bit with the new 7d from canon. They need a faster body.

I know this rumor says the exact opposit as the rumors we posted before. But we don’t know everything. My bet is that by end of October we will have 80% chance to see the next MicroFourThirds camera and 10% to see the E-3 successor, and another 10% to have both.  I know you like the latest option!!! ;)

UPDATE: Just received this from a different source “Hi, just combining some speculations.
The lens missing in the Olympus line-up could very well be the 100mm macro which have been on the roadmap for long. I have first hand knowledge from an Olympus employee who had it to play with in the end of 2008. But they obviusly decided not to release it then… Perhaps in order to enable Contrast AF or similar. Lets hope they have it finished by now.


a little bit of everything…


G1 versus Film comparison http://cjeastwd.blogspot.com/2009/10/two-films-and-digital.html
Trustedreview tested the Adobe Premiere Elements 8 and Photoshop Elements 8 Software.
Film Light for iPhone
For japanese Firends: plusd.itmedia.co.jp reviewed the . Read it in japanese or english (very bad google translation)


(FT2) No new Olympus MFT lenses this year


A new source says the new Olympus MicroFourThird lenses will not be unveiled before 2010. The next two MFT Olympus lenses are expected to be zoom lenses.

We ask our sources to confirm this rumor.

Anyway we are 99% sure the E-P2 is coming soon.


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