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(FT 4) Leica to not join the micro four thirds adventure (or not soon)


We already wrote a post over that but today we got one more confirmation from a very reliable source. Leica seems to be interested in the micro four thirds standard but they will wait before making any decision of joining the adventure. They are focusing now on the new M9 (and of course the S2 system).
We have some doubts concerning their plans with the R-System. We know they want create a new R-System which in fact is a cheaper M-system. But we don’t know if that R-System will use the micro four thirds standard or not. We will see…


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GH1 vs G1 RAW comparison (dpreview forum)



There is a GH1 vs G1 RAW comparison thread inside the dpreview forum.Klick on picture to see it at normal size.


This comparison is made at ISO3200, equal exposure for both, sharpening and NR turned off and developed with RawTherapee.

The people inside the forum have different opinions, some believes the GH1 is clearly better some other believes the difference is minimal. At first look it seems the banding issue at high ISO is still here (it looks slightly different between the two cameras). And may the G1 still looks a little sharper?


May 9th: World Champion Guo Yue executing a forehand loop


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Title World Champion Guo Yue executing a forehand loop
Author Sandiway Fong
Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5. 1/25 sec exposure
Text Why interesting or special? An action shot.
Non-DSLR camera has trouble with lag for capturing action. You need to anticipate. I just got lucky here.
Composition: Notice motion blur capturing speed of her stroke.
Foreground and background are sharp by contrast – the opposite of most photographers getting sharp subject and blurry background/foreground (bokeh). My cropping is mean to emphasize that.Cheers!

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