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Full Olympus E-M5 review at Dpreview! Gets a Gold Award! Best mirrorless camera ever!


Finally it is here! The full E-M5 review by Dpreview (Click here). In short: “The E-M5 is, without question, the most accomplished Micro Four Thirds camera we’ve yet seen and, given how well established the system has become, it vies for the title of most capable mirrorless option yet.

Let me know what you think about the E-m5 now that it got tested! :)

After reading the E-m5 you think the E-M5 is....

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Today E-M5 Rankings (changes hourly!):
USA: E-M5 on position 2/7/11/13 (Click here)
UK: E-M5 is on position 7/12 (Click here).
Germany: The E-M5 is on position 1/4/5 (Click here).
France: not available (Click here to see rankings anyway).
Japan: E-M5 on position 3/6/11 (Click here).

  • rint

    Score 80% with gold award!!

  • mpgxsvcd

    Sounds about right. It is a fantastic camera that would be perfect for just about anyone.

    Bring on the GH3.

    • avds


    • mpgxsvcd

      You really can’t go wrong with the G3, GH3, GX1, and E-M5. They are all fantastic cameras based around similar sensors.

      For serious Pro-video work the GH2 is still hard to beat. However, the E-M5 is probably the second best and its new image stabilization is in a class by itself.

      M4/3s is looking very healthy right now.

      • avds

        GX1 – way overpriced for a crippled G3… The other 3 indeed offer both great performance and value for the moeny…

        • +1+1+1+1+1

          that what i was saying for a year, the GX1 is an crippled and expensive variant of G3, a very disappointing move by Panasonic

          • rubits

            You guys realize the GX1 is like, 600$ right?

            • avds

              Yes I do, what’s your point? It’s actually just $550, which is still more than the G3 which has a viewfinder and a fully articulated screen in addition to most things the Gx1 has except electronic level display…

              • Voldenuit

                The GX1 also has a metal body. That alone will drive the unit cost up.

                • avds

                  This is applicable to both since the G3 body is also metallic (aluminium).

      • Chris K.

        I don’t know, after using my NEX-7 a bunch I really struggle to go back to my G3 (and I have much more/better glass for m43). I’ve certainly shot a ton on the G3, but responsiveness and polish are lacking. Sad that Panasonic hasn’t come out with anything even in the ballpark of the E-M5 and even the GH3 rumors are “yawn”.

        I am on the fence with the E-M5. I might sell my G3 to a friend and upgrade. Here’s hoping that Olympus comes out with a rangefinder-style version of the E-M5 (with the viewfinder to one side, rather than the “SLR-style bump”.)

  • Have owned E-P1, E-P2, E-P3, E-PL1, E-PL3, GH1 – and now the E-M5.
    The E-M5 is just amazing – it is so much fun to work with it – with nearly no compromise!!!

    • Wow! In the same time, I’ve owned the E-PL1 and am still happy with it…….need to eat more beans I guess.

    • jim

      Funny thing is the EPM1 and GH2 are the 2 you should have got :P

  • BLI

    “If you’re absolutely unwilling to compromise on image quality then spending twice the money and moving up to the bulk of a full-frame is the only way of gaining a significant step up from the E-M5.”

    The main critique deals with continuous AF and tracking.

    • Fan

      Cool that means the difference in sensor size between 43 and APS-C is not significant any more. APS-C is mostly a different format (3:2) anyway. The height is not much different, just the width.

      • Dave

        Continuous AF and tracking are pretty big deals if you are shooting a moving subject. IIt might be easier for me to carry around a D7000 than convince my kid to stand still.

      • Dave

        Continuous AF and tracking are pretty big deals if you are shooting a moving subject. It might be easier for me to carry around a D7000 than convince my kid to stand still.

      • Low Budget Dave

        Continuousautofocus and tracking are pretty big deals if you are shooting a moving subject. It might be easier for me to carry around a D7000 than convince my kid to stand still.

  • Well, according to DPReview the NEX-7 is 1% better…..but more people buy Sony than Olympus, and DPReview is wholly owned by Amazon, so it’s not really the site to rely upon that it was!
    According to their own comparison tool, the only areas of significant difference between the E-M5 and the NEX-7 are IQ and video performance.
    Once you look at native lens choice, there really isn’t a choice to be made!

    • EASY


    • avds

      I’m sure dpreview reputation is much better than you suggest. Come on don’t lampoon them. They did basically say the Oly the best mirrorless camera ever, didn’t they, isn’t that enough of a praise?

    • (deleted)

  • Yun

    Gold award for EM5 , kudos to Olympus .
    It looks like M43 is getting mature .
    I wondering when will Pana score the Gold with their products ?

  • Jesper

    I’ve been pushing my newly arrived e-m5 for a whole week now. The only concern i’ve got to share so far is the battary drainage, that some other people has pointed out.

    For a fully charged battary was not enough for me to fill a 8gb SD card (jpeg Normal + raw, roughly 400 pictures) under “normal” shooting condition. With normal I mean, i frequently changing between evf and lcd, and some but not awful alot playback of taken pictures. So my tips for you is get a spare battary (if you manage to get one), or turn off the 5-axis IS when it is not needed, it can be done throug quick meny or super control panel (scp).

    Other than that, damn what a fun camera to shoot with! Shutter is quiet, 5-axis is much more useful than everyone thought it would be, it lets me take decent pictures upp to 1/3rd of second.

    • blinkered

      @ Yun – the GH2 scored 79% 2 years ago and is still very close in IQ and performance… owners of this cam have been enjoying greatly better performance and quality for 2 years already.

      The EM5 looks fantastic, but for me, I can afford to wait and see what else is released this year… bring on the GH3, if it has as much of a leap over other M43 cameras as the GH2 had when released 2 years ago then it will be a no brainer for most.

      • NelsonC

        Fully agree with you!

        I was shooting an event last Sat, two batteries for 750 shots only. My E5 can do better with 1 Batt.

        I suppose the EVF is always working when I rest the EM5 body on my chest. Another big complain for EM5 is the MMF3. When using 4/3 lenses from 8mm to 50-200 or 150mm f2, the AF keeps hunting for at least 3 secs before locks on. I wonder what is causing this phenomena?

        • Jesper

          Well olympus did admit that they did not improve the focus speed of native 4/3 lenses.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Reason for focusing problems with 4/3 lenses is same as that behind problems of tracking moving targets: It’s CDAF only focusing system.

      • MichaelKJ

        @blinkered – the GH2 wasn’t reviewed until March 2011, so it has only been just over one year since it received a score 79%.

        I also plan on waiting until the GH3 is released before possibly buying a new camera. My guess is that it will raise the standard in video, but I doubt that it will beat the E-M5 for stills.

      • avds

        With the E-M5 Olympus now offers a camera that is so good that the lack of IBIS can be a deal breaker for any existing and upcoming Panasonic camera, especially considering how advanced its IBIS appears to be according to some tests. I’m saying this because I’m choosing a telephoto lens for my GF1 now and I’d very much like to go with the smaller, lighter Olympus lenses, including both upcoming long primes, whereas all of Panasonic’s long lenses are quite compromised.

  • Cork

    Where does it say “best mirrorless camera?”

    • inorog

      Final word : “it vies for the title of most capable mirrorless option yet”
      OT what a great review, what a great cam!
      Pana/ Oly show us the way!

      • DtEW

        I don’t know what is going on with y’all, but it seems like none of you (including the blog author) knows what the word “vie” means. Perhaps you should look it up?

        It means it COMPETES for that title. It means that DPR thinks it is a CONTENDER for that title. It means that DPR DID NOT crown it “most capable mirrorless option,” but rather that it competes with the best of the mirrorless cams.

        Notable, because there are other mirrorless cameras that DPR have scored higher.

    • Bob B.

      it says” most accomplished” and “most capable mirrorless option yet” . That is pretty much “best” in DPR’s opinion.
      Perhaps the Olympus camera division will show a profit for 2012, afterall!

      • OlyFan

        I wish it does after what they have been through lately. Good job Oly!

    • Vivek

      Embellishment from an over enthusiastic Admin. :)

      Oly fans, rejoice!

      It will be over thrown by the GH-3 or the NEX-9, until then.. :)

      • avds

        Well, to be fair, DPR’s overall message does sound like an endorsement of the Oly as the best mirrorless to date.

        Makes me even more impatient to see how the GH3 and G5 fare indeed, as I’m feeling my GF1 is finally becoming kind of outdated :)

      • CuriousBenjamin

        Good for m43. But boy I would like to see your face if GH3 turns out to be disappointment like the GF series! We shall see. NEX 9 can have the same sensor used in D800 if it wants to, its system will still suck without lenses.

    • Blinkered

      Thanks for catching the mistake there – I was thinking of the actual release date (October 2010 – I first got my GH2 in November) which is still not 2 years ago, but still a long time to have been enjoying a camera that delivers performance and image quality that is very close to the newly released EM5. It’s good that both Panasonic and Olympus are serious contenders.

      • VJVIS

        I don’t believe that EM-5 is the best mirrorless option overall, maybe if you look only at stills (and even then only does better than GH2 at ISOs of 3200 and above, you will be hard pressed to find a significant difference at lower ISOs even if you pixel peep, although I think it easily beats GH2 for dynamic range), and once you add video, GH2 is still the best mirroless option overall. That’s my opinion, of course, for some people the looks matter and I guess EM-5 has a much uniquer look, still don’t think it is the best mirrorless option in terms of pure functionality. Still, it seems to be a fantastic camera and if video isn’t a big deal, I do believe the EM-5 is the best mirrorless option.

  • tutejszy

    congrats Olympus! well done!

  • Ernest.orf

    Mmmm its about time for a really good review !!!
    Spanishh.- ja era horaaaa !!!!

  • David

    Any news about the new pen? cause i want to know if its going to have those two control dials from the em5

    • EASY

      Where are the rumors about G5?

      • Miroslav

        Where are the rumors?

  • Very impressive results! I am interested in DR and it seems the EM-5 is on the same level as NEX-7 and clearly one step better than G3. Always thought this to be a great camera, but until now I havent seen a proper evaluation of IQ.
    Now I have just one negative point: The toggle between different information on screen (5) and EVF (3), no histogram in EVF. Or is this possible to customize? Anyone knows?

    • Agent00soul

      You can have live histogram or blinkies in the EVF. This has been mentioned by users.

      • Mr. Reeee

        I shoot in M mode 95% of the time so I have Constant Preview, histogram and blinkies all active at once. Does the EM5 have similar capabilities?

        • Jason

          @Reese in regard to your comment the other day about in-lens stability being more effective, here is what Dpreview has to say: “the ability to correct for rotation around the lens axis caused by pressing the shutter button offers a clear advantage over in-lens stabilization systems.”

          • Chris K.

            Depends on focal length…Sensor shift stabilization struggles with long telephoto shooting.

  • Lily

    I had somehow missed (until now) that it’s a capacitive touch screen rather than pressure-based. THANK GOD. I’m constantly accidentally changing settings on my GF3.

    • Histogram is also available in EVF.

    • As the first touchscreen on a camera I have used, I have to say that I am impressed. Features such as selecting focus point and touch-to-shoot are easy to turn on and use. Using arrow buttons to do this is crap in comparison.

      Flicking through the photos I have taken is effortless (except I can’t figure out how to delete more than one at a time. Which is necessary when you take 20 shots in 2 seconds on burst!). I also don’t seem to be greasing up the screen because my nose seems to find the left edge (the EVF is left of centre).

      • The record button “checks” the photo, ands you can batch delete.

      • THANKS!

  • George

    dpreview is saying that E-M5 is the best m4/3 camera. they are not saying “the best mirrorless camera” as you wrote on topic.

    E-M5 got 80 points while Nex7 got 81.

    If you compare raw image results with nex7 results you’ll that, Nex is still pretty ahead of EM5

    Please make the correction
    Thank you

    • While NEX-7 may be ahead in IQ, its impossible to tell from dpreviews tests,
      but i agree as they state its “best camera system” not “best camera”

      • Blinkered

        @ George – Actually DPreview have commented on this, the extra score for RAW image results is from the higher resolution, not IQ.

        Quote from Andy Westlake at DPreview (

        “Go to the scoring widget, turn ‘Compare to…’ on and you can compare side-by-side.
        The main areas where we rate the NEX-7 higher than the E-M5 are RAW resolution (24MP vs 16MP) and movie mode – the NEX-7 has just about the most controllable movie mode of any stills-orientated camera (with the possible exception of the GH2), and pretty good movie image quality too. The E-M5 beats the NEX-7 in other areas, e.g. weathersealing and in-body IS – and of course also has access to a much better native lens range at the moment.
        Our formula happens to give a 1% higher score to the NEX-7, but that should really be considered insiginificant.”

    • Bob B.

      Now George…DPR does say ” the most likeable mirrorless model yet.”
      I think the OLY should be 5 points higher than the Nex just due to the lens selection that MFT cameras offer over Sony. (no, I did not order one). Let’s not spoil the party here at 4/3′ Rumors.
      I guess you own a Nex, huh?

    • Agent00soul

      I looked at all their comparisons and my conclusion is that the E-M5 is actually a little ahead of the NEX-7. If you instead compare it to the NEX-5, it’s extremely close. The NEX-5 no doubt has the best IQ of the NEX cameras, but the E-M5 is just as good.

      • Neonart

        It’s definitely better at noise handling at higher ISOs compared to the NEX7. (JPG or RAW)

        Now the complainers will complain that until DXO rates it, they wont believe it. Such shenanigans!

    • BLI

      @ George: dpreview says “vies for title as best mirrorless”, which implies it more or less equals/competes strongly with the best. Comparing it to the NEX-7, the NEX-7 is slightly ahead in RAW image quality (hardly “pretty ahead”), and some more ahead in video (but it is not clear whether the IS has been included in that assessment). In all other areas, it is more or less a tie — according to dpreview.

      For me, the m43 advantage of a better selection of high quality native lenses + a small/light body and small/light lenses + indications that one really needs FF cameras (read: D800, 5D mark III) to gain anything in image quality makes the choice easy for me. But others may make other choices — please do, so I can get my camera sooner :-)

    • Jason

      No George they are saying best M43 and best mirrorless….

  • Bob B.

    This is an impressive quote:
    ” If you’re absolutely unwilling to compromise on image quality then spending twice the money and moving up to the bulk of a full-frame is the only way of gaining a significant step up from the E-M5.”
    It will be interesting to compare this review to the Steve Huff take on the camera. …He did a preview already and it seems that everyone loves this camera…what’t not to like.

    • Mike

      If everyone likes something than I dont like it. So – booo OM-D ;-)

      • Bob B.


        • Charlie

          Enjoy your Pentax K-01.

          • Mike

            Currently looking for a Sigma SD15, but the Pentax is nice too. Ugly Duckling :-)

          • Bob B.

            in vibrant yellow?

          • Enjoy Tonka-01

    • Yes the bulk of a “full-frame” makes a difference and I am on the waiting list for a D800E….
      Maybe an upgrade from G3 to EM-5 and the Panaleica 25mm as walk-the-dog camerakit. A combination that will not disappoint.

      • Could be to an G5 as well, but I doubt the G5 will have EM-5 overall qualities.

      • Jake

        why dont you keep both MFT and FF systems. I have been a Nikon-Canon FF shooter for almost a decade but I am getting really tired of the bulk and wait of my Nikon D800 and D700 and many times wished if I had had a small but quite capable system like this EM5.
        I am sure I wont sell my D800 for the Oly but I am selling my NEX7 for the EM5.

        I think you cannot compare theNikon FF vs theOly EM5 but they compliment eachother quite well.

  • goodsugestio

    Most of the CONS can be corrected by firmware update.

    Focus tracking and IS with continous shooting should be improved by new firmware.

    CA correction also can be added by new firmware.

    Manu can be imporved by firmware.

    Last cons ‘No warning given that focus is locked during high-speed shooting ‘ also could be corrected by firmware.

    OLY, please do it!

    • BLI

      …focus is locked during high speed shooting…Please! This has been mentioned in every presentation about the camera that I have read: all the presentations that I have seen — both from Olympus and others EXPLICITLY state that for shooting at 9fps, the focus is locked at the first shot.

      To me, this really is a non-issue.

      • Nawaf

        They ran out of cons.. Is there any camera that gives you a warning?

      • BornOptimist

        It’s not that the camera cannot focus when 9 fps is chosen they complain about. The complain is about the camera shows sign of changing focus point (focus tracking) even if it’s not.

        This is obvoiusly a site for “believers” so this migth fall for deaf ears, but if DPreview is correct, this review shows again Olympus marketing carefully selected (in my mind misleading) words. Fastest autofocus…. and it still can’t track a moving subject. This is my main complain against my three atempts choosing a mirrorless cam, which have resulted in sold cameras again. There is only one mirrorless camera that have reliable track focusing, but that fail on low contrast scenes.

        • BLI

          @BornOptimist: you are wrong! From dpreview: “Unhelpfully, the camera doesn’t indicate that Continuous Autofocus is not available in high-speed (9 fps) mode, and during shooting, you may never realize.”

          Am I a “believer”? Perhaps, but I can read. This has been mentioned in every presentation I have seen so far. And still dpreview suggests that there should be a special notification of this. Did I see a complaint about the Nikon V1 that it can only shoot at 10fps with the electronic shutter? And “only” at 5fps with the mechanic shutter? And that it was a flaw that Nikon didn’t implement a special symbol about this? No.

          Their other cons are probably ok, but this one is kind of ridiculous.

          • BornOptimist

            I DO know what the review says, but my interpetation of the complain is not that it doesn’t focus at 9 fps. That is afterall in the specification. The compint is that while shooting at 9 fps the camera INDICATEAS it switches focus points while it doesn’t.

            My point about deaf ears was about the inability to focus tracking, not the above mentioned focus indication.
            I didn’t identify the V1 in my post, but if you want to discuss it in this tread – ok. The camera does what Nikon says it does. It can capture frames @ 60fps without focusing between frames. It can capture frames @ 10 fps WITH tracking focus, and it CAN track a moving subject reliably. It is almost bulletproof. Nikon has never said it can do it with a mechanical shutter. The point is on that camera you can choose what to use. An option you don’t have with many other cameras. Where the Nikon V1 fails is when it’s in low contrast scenes and the light is too low for using the phase detecting sensors. Then it will hunt and even fail to focus. If it’s set up to use single focus it will not fire if focus is not achieved. You can fire a shot if continous focus is selected even if focus is not achieved, but of course it will be out of focus. In my mind a slightly out of focus image is better than no image.

            • BLI

              BornOptimist… I can’t see how it is possible to interpret the dpreview in the way you do — your interpretation has zero basis in what the dpreviewer writes. Interpretation is fine when it is logically possible. Your interpretation appears to be pure invention.

              The only place they say something remotely like your interpretation, is when they criticize the continuous focus in VIDEO mode; they suggest that the focus jogs back and forth in that case, and indicates that this is an inherent problem with CDAF. But that is not what I cited from their con list.

              You also totally misunderstand my point about the Nikon V1. In fact your misunderstanding is quite funny, as it reveals that you are a V1 “believer”, and that you try to find in the review arguments against the Olympus claim of having faster AF than your pet V1.

              My point about the V1 has nothing to do with the V1 and its AF speed to do. In fact I could have chosen any other camera brand; it was meant as an example. The point is this: dpreview lists as a con against the E-M5 something that is clearly listed in their spec sheet: they indicate that Olympus should have implemented an indicator to inform the user that there is no continuous AF at 9fps. But this is clear from the specs, and Olympus has not tried to hide it! My point is that they do not criticize e.g Nikon for lacking an indicator about mechanic shutter with max 5fps. I could just as well say: they do not criticize the Panasonic GX1 for lacking an indicator to tell the user that there is no focus peaking, etc.

              The Nikon V1 — I seem to recall that it can shoot at 60fps or so when the AF gets locked at the first picture (using electronic shutter). My point is thus: they didn’t criticize Nikon for not installing a big flashlight and a loudspeaker telling the user that the V1 lacked continuous AF during the burst of 60fps. So why do they choose to raise this in the case of the E-M5???

            • I didn’t identify the V1 in my post, but if you want to discuss it in this tread – ok. The camera does what Nikon says it does. It can capture frames @ 60fps without focusing between frames. It can capture frames @ 10 fps WITH tracking focus, and it CAN track a moving subject reliably. It is almost bulletproof. Nikon has never said it can do it with a mechanical shutter. The point is on that camera you can choose what to use. An option you don’t have with many other cameras. Where the Nikon V1 fails is when it’s in low contrast scenes and the light is too low for using the phase detecting sensors. Then it will hunt and even fail to focus. If it’s set up to use single focus it will not fire if focus is not achieved. You can fire a shot if continous focus is selected even if focus is not achieved, but of course it will be out of focus. In my mind a slightly out of focus image is better than no image.


              Well – I haven’t seen a really sharp action pic shot with a Nikon one featuring the slightest trace of a shallow DOF.

              The E-M5, however, is able to C-AF like a charm if you switch the picture mode to vivid – if I may draw your attention to my flickr albums demonstraging this clearly:



              • BLI

                Interesting if choosing vivid improves the CAF — sounds like a weird implementation if this matters. Does choosing vivid also improve tracking?

                • Sorry, but according to my findings so far, tracking is absolutely useless.

            • Bart

              The specs are pretty clear about it only locking focus on the first shot when using high speed continuous shooting. That it may suggest on the display/evf that it is still focus tracking/changing focus point is odd and shouldn’t happen, but don’t act as if it is not doing what promised here, that is totally silly.

              As to ‘fastest AF’, that this concerned single AF has also been clear for a long time, as has been the fact that contrast detect AF systems are by far not as good at continuous focus and tracking as phase detect AF systems are. If YOU are failing to read and inform yourself, and then make wrong decisions based on it, you have yourself to blame, and noone else.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Lack of phase detection ability can’t be corrected by any firmware.
      Properly working continuous focus tracking needs Nikon 1 like hybrid AF.

      • Atle

        Maybe, but only a couple a years a go people claimed Contrast AF never would approach Phase-focus, even for single focus. That changed fast. Continuous focus might change fast too.

      • As I said in my post above: there isn’t a single REALLY SHARP action picture shot with the Nikon one to find in the whole World Wide Web. The E-M5, however, delivers reliably when switchen into vivid (Please use the links in my previous post).

      • FlemmingS

        I am an Olympus fan-boy (by accident) but I am not so blind that I cannoot recognize the advantges that Sony, Canon , Nikon etc. can offer compared to Four-thirds and micro four thirds.
        I won an EP-3 which is indeed a great and versatile camera for travel, street and event serious portrait (with the 45 mm F.1.8),
        it has almost replaced my E-30 DSLR.
        But I cannot use it for bird in flight photography due to lack of reliable CF or 3D tracking.
        I tried the Nikon V1 which is undoubtly vastly superior to the EP-3 when it comes to tracking and CF performance.
        But I still prefer the EP-3 for handling, selection of lenses, colour rendition, general IQ up to ISO3200, build quality and joy of using.
        The Nikon J1 and V1 deserves great credit for their great implementation of Phase and contrast detection and high sequentiail shooting performance.
        But their very small sensors will probably be a huge disadvantage when Canon release their CSC with bigger sensor and M43 continues to used vastly improved sensors.
        The Olumpys EM-5 is very tempting but it cannot repalce my E-30 due to lack of good Continious focusing, I am still waiting for a new Olympus camera that can support my fourthirds HG and SHG lenses.

        • FlemmingS

          Sorry for my miserable spelling!
          I did not win the EP-3 unfortunately, I bought a twin kit set with the VF-2 EVF and the 45 mm F.1.8 and I haven’t looked back since then :-)

  • Gabb3r

    What I’d like to see now is how fast the E-M5’s AF performs with 4/3 lenses with adapters, especially the zuiko 14-35mm and 35-100mm. I heard AF is supposed to be faster with most 4/3 lenses, if true, this would be great news!

    • jim

      Absolutly – DPR never had a mension of 4/3 lenses!!!!

      All it needs for camera nivana is :

      HD 1080 24p/48p/50p/60p video,
      Good tracking AF,
      In camera CA removal,
      Usable 4/3 lenses,
      AC power,
      USB PC control.


  • io

    24 or 25fps, please! :(

    • Andrew

      That’s what’s holding me back, as well. I think it’s a great camera, but I’m primarily a video person and can’t really afford both this and a GH2.

      • Rinaldo

        24p plizzzzz Oly!!!

      • mike

        I was at Michael’s Camera in Melbourne over the weekend and talked to a couple of Olympus reps who were there showing off the E-M5. I asked about frame rates and they said Olympus was “aware” of requests for 24/25p.

        Needless to say, that doesn’t really mean anything, but from my first impressions playing with their cameras, the IBIS and the degree of customization possible in the picture profiles could make the E-M5 a real winner for video shooters if Olympus would upgrade the codec or at least implement proper frame rates.

        Fwiw, they also said the E-M5 sensor was categorically not from Panasonic but wouldn’t say who it was from. “There’s only four companies that make camera sensors,” they said.

        They also said Olympus was aware of complaints that the proximity sensor on the EVF that switches between that and the OLED could not be turned off, which struck me as likely to be the camera’s most annoying operational defect.

    • acahaya

      forget it, no improvement regarding 14-35, 12-60, 50-200, …

      • @Admin, please put the “Reply” button/link *below* the post! where it is supposed to be!! Try to read the discussion yourself: it is totally messed up because people click the “Reply” button below the post. Because the general convention is to have the reply button after the post – not before.

        • Boooo!

          It’s not bad where it is – whitespace is the problem. There isn’t enough whitespace between the comments, so they blend in together. Another thing that would help immensely would be to color the background of the post once you hover over the Reply link.

  • Fish

    This is great news.

    Do you have any more information on the 75mm and 60mm macro lens?
    The plan to buy those is the only reason I have held off purchasing the E-M5.

  • dau

    May piss a few people on this site off but dpreview concurs, this is the same sensor as the g3…

    • acahaya

      no, they guess it might be … and that statement was in the preview.

      But honestly, who cares as long as the sensor performs as it does, which is pretty good and a real imrovement to the E-P3 and E-5.

      • safaridon

        Yes and we can expect the same IQ improvements in the coming G5 if anything like the improved JPEG results seen in the GF5.

    • Seems they have been able to crank out IQ improvements (especially DR) compared to the G3 anyway.

  • Mundstrøm

    I’m gonna wait for Panny to bring in a proper competitor. I’m holding out for for a flip-out swivel-screen instead of just tilting. I have no doubt they’ll make a camera that is at least as good if not better, and they’ll add the options I’m currently missing in the E-M5.

  • Roy

    On the same day this weekend I preordered the E-M5 I ended up canceling the order. I didn’t know if it would arrive on time for a trip, and tracking is an issue. I ended up ordering a Nikon V1 instead to go along with a E-PL3. For me, the poor tracking ability is a liability and the deciding factor. But I am excited Olympus is making strides.

  • Marco

    Now someone has to hack it to get a decent video resolution

    • avds

      Only if it has sufficient data transfer performance and the like. The GH2 employs a special physical IC arrangement with a fast interconnect to make that happen…

  • JF

    I get my black E-M5 today !! :D Here a picture of it with pana 20 mm f1.7:
    I feel that this combination is very sexy no ??
    I was a GH1 user before and only tried GH1 on m43, my first impressions are the following:
    – Beautiful design, I like it a lot !
    – very solid and high quality feeling compared to GH1
    – really smaller than GH1 but heavy (due to metal…)
    – EVF is very good, better rendering, less “electronic” feeling compared to GH1
    – Faster AF, my 20 mm becomes very decent in AF speed !
    – I tried a shot with 20 mm at 1/6 s hand-held and…perfectly sharp !!!!
    I didn’t have time to take pictures with it yet and it’s raining…

    • GreyOwl

      Took mine out in the rain yesterday, no problems. :-)

    • Jason

      @JF – that is a great looking combo, I cannot wait to get mine and attach the 20 mm.

  • Adriaantie

    So Nex7 is better for foto’s and video just what a camera suppose to do. If you want à gadget with 5 ibis or dust resistents etc go for omd iPhone camera quality lack of bokeh Style.

    • avds

      Well said! The E-M5 is truly not even a photo camera. Nothing to write home about. That’s surely the essence of dpreview’s versict :D

      • Hifinut

        there are also some drama-troll that scream unfair as if their junks have been molested.
        Disclaimer: junk = cameras.

    • Pjotr

      Well said Adriaantie! You nailed it! E-M5 is just an iPhone without the phone. I can´t understand how people in DPreview and everybody else except you completely failed to notice the inevitable fact. I ordered the silver one … damn! I have to wait still about 4 weeks to get my 5-IBIS dust resistant gadget.

    • +1

      Exactly! The 24MP sensor wipes the floor with that miniscule 4/3 toy chip. The OM-D is unsuitable for SERIOUS work where thin DOF really counts. Lenses? You must be joking. The new Sigma primes are just as bright as the 20/1.7 and 25 when bringing the sensor into the equation and are sharper wide open. Oh, and the 24 Zeiss will never have an equivalent in PanOlyland. Never!
      (See? There are all your arguments. Now go away.)

      • Fan

        NEX 7 has more high ISO noise than E-M5. The 4/3 chip has 60% of the area of the NEX sensor. That’s not a lot smaller.

        • adriaantie

          More iso noise?

          60% yes that is a small sensor. No cropping no control of depth of field no big prints etc..

          And yes the omd is a pretty good camera. Its the best 43 ever but remains a 43.

          • BLI

            So you think the APS-C has an incredibly better control of DOF? Or what exactly are you comparing with? Given that most m43 user put heavy weight on the size of the equipment and the fun of using it, it shouldn’t surprise you if most readers find your comments… boring?

          • Fan

            Yes, NEX 7 has more noise.

            • M

              At least the NEX Fancrew makes a lot of noise. Here at FOUR THIRDS rumors.

              • I’ve never been to a NEX forum, do any m43 users go to there? And do they talk as much crap?

                All this DOF talk annoys me very much. I shoot a lot in dark places. I want fast lenses but need more DOF! A larger sensor wouldn’t be able to focus as easily. m43 is the best system for me.

          • CuriousBenjamin

            Dont you see? Your shitty NEX 7’s “glorious” sensor is nothing without quality glass to take advantage of it. Dont harp about the APSC vs 43 debate like an idiot. Have some credible points to support ur POV.

          • “No cropping”
            Has similar resolution to NEX-5N, D7000, K5, etc. How much cropping do you do?

            “no control of depth of field”
            Tired of DoF argument, but here’s my rebuttal anyway. With more native bright primes than the NEX, Canon made EF-S, Nikon made DX, you actually have more control on DoF on m4/3. Also, greater DoF is easier to have when needed even at wide apertures; therefore, not having to use high ISO or slow shutter speed to avoid noise or blur.

            “no big prints”
            From DPR: “Even if you have the images printed beyond home-printing sizes, you’re still unlikely to notice the compromise that you’ve theoretically made.”

            “but remains a 43”
            And the NEX-7 remains to be an APS-C, which is ONLY 42% of FF. So what’s your point?

            An obvious troll.

      • Jake

        the fake Zeiss? who cares that lens(36mm is odd focal length) ,it is a Sony lens not a Zeiss.
        and it is not as good as the real Zeiss such as T*1.4/35ZF2 and T*2/25ZF2 that I use with my Nikon D800.
        any way, APS-C is really doomed as reviewer says in the review.
        I am , btw, a NEX user but I think I will ditch my NEX7( and some Sony’s lousy lenses including you called Zeiss) for this MFT system with theEM5, MZD45mmf1.8, Pana25f1.4 and 9-18MZD.
        I think the NEX is a very superficial system that only very patial and superficial people love. Sony does not seem to understand how important wide angle zooms are and some nice tiny 50mm equivalent primes are.
        Sony is really forcing most of serious mirrorless shooters to ditch its system cause the NEX system lacks all serious primes and more importantly good but tiny wide zooms.

        Oly hit really huge homerun with this EM5.

        and the NEX7 sensor is nothing really amazing , not half as good as you guys (fanboys) say…….the NEX5n sensor is good but the body is really lousy.
        I actually think it is between the Oly vs Samsung not Sony , Sony is doomed and losing many many users.

        • Jake

          oh and one more thing the NEX7 is a dust magnet, I need to clean the sensor every week or so if I shoot out with it.
          but Oly/pana and Samsung do not seem to have this very annoying issue.

          • adriaantie

            I am a OMD user and its really crappy with strange lenses. I think of selling it and going to the NEX.

            JAKE i feel sorry for you.

            • BLI

              Adriaantie… we feel sorry for you. According to yourself, you have been so incredibly stupid as to buy an OMD, and now you already want to sell it — obviously at reduced price. How could you be so stupid and waste those money?

            • “really crappy with strange lenses”
              lol. So go for the NEX system and get…

              18-55 – not as good as any of the m4/3 kit lenses

              55-210 – big, expensive for what it is, and slow (f4.5-6.3!) with poor
              optical quality; can’t beat the Oly 40-150 or Pana 45-200

              18-200 – massive and expensive

              16/2.8 – soft and just generally crappy

              24/1.8 – expensive and still not as sharp as 20/1.7

              30/3.5 – to short of an FL to be practical for macro; also soft except for center

              50/1.8 – good but at 75mm equiv, FL is awkward that is too short for portraits and not wide enough as a typical normal

              Seriously, are you an idiot!?

    • lorenzinonkatu

      Yes, pity it does not have lenses to show it

      • adriaantie


  • Jed

    Having to go to “full frame” is going to be expensive for the bullies.

  • Michael Devitt

    Olympus really earns the gold with the E-M5. Hats off. Now, please, release those wonderful Zuikos primes in black too. Not a special offer just regular one. Thanks.

  • Lighting

    1% increased in overall score over GH2 … Not a huge improvement

  • t.j.

    The NEX-7 got 81%. however I think that the em5 is the coolest camera on the market, and by far one of the best cameras one can buy. especially with all the pancake lens options and portability of the system

  • Kee

    FYI B&H has 14-42 black kits in stock.

  • IHUR

    The title sounds like Dpreview said something like “Best mirrorless Camera Ever” I cant find such statement on their review.

  • Jason

    “If you’re absolutely unwilling to compromise on image quality then spending twice the money and moving up to the bulk of a full-frame is the only way of gaining a significant step up from the E-M5.”

  • Jason

    “The E-M5 is, without question, the most accomplished Micro Four Thirds camera we’ve yet seen and, given how well established the system has become, it vies for the title of most capable mirrorless option yet.”

    • Lighting

      We will see how a D3200 (latest APS-C) an entry level DSLR with 35mm prime outperform the EM-5 in IQ. People don’t need to go to Full Frame.

      • napalm

        you can already select the Nikon D3200 on the image comparator widget. you might be disappointed with the results :)

  • Jake

    I am just curious who is making its sensor?
    Is that really the same sensor in the GX1?
    Any one can answer to my above questions?

  • Farrukh

    Fab. Dpreview is one of the better sites out there, refreshing to read their results!

  • John H

    There is review at AMAZON.CO.UK from a user who has been using his E-M5 for a week, where it’s claimed: “Although it feels relatively solid, the black paint has started flaking of at the bottom of the camera and near the memory card door.”
    And also: “The kit lens is also horrible… I have also noticed paint flaking out from the buttons and near the focusing ring after a week of usage.”
    This sounds unbelievable(!) for a production model, but I think I remember seeing some black paint flaking off the hot shoe on a picture of a pre-production model.
    Anybody else who has experienced the mentioned problem with black paint flaking off a production or pre-production E-M5?

    Link: “Worst camera I’ve ever used! Avoid at all cost!”

    • Jake

      John, thanks for the link.

    • krugorg

      That review is Amazon hilariously bad and sounds fake. Hmmm, check out the comments.

    • Jason

      This is probably a review unit that was purchased by Sony UK, Fuji UK etc…. real shady sounding review. Yes, the kit lens is garbage, but Olympus bodies are known to be the best in the business as far as durability. This claim is far fetched to say the least.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      As credible as claims of politicians that they work for the good of common people.

      • The Real Stig

        The 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 is garbage?

        That is not my impression given several days of use.

    • Who paid that guy? I’m just curious.

    • John H

      I found a thread on DPREVIEW FORUM where “Patrick2968” describes similar issue with black paint on a stainless steel part of the camera (not the body as such): on an E-M5 he bought and another one he saw in a retail shop in Hong Kong. However (1) the problem is not actually “paint flaking off”, instead it’s described like this:

      “…paint lose so easy even using a finger can rub it off… i just use it for a few days…. i find the paint lose when i open the rubber at the first time,coz my finger was painted is not caused by scratch or normally deteriorating by time….”

      And also (2) until now I’ve only found these 3 cases (1 x Amazon + 2 x Patrick), hence I guess there has most likely been a production problem with an early batch of black E-M5s, but the problem is not widespread, and hopefully the production problem has been fixed and won’t occur again. Anyway, the problem Patrick2968 experienced should according to him be possible to fix by having Olympus change the aforementioned stainless steel part.

      Link to DPREVIEW FORUM thread “OMD paint problem”:

    • jim

      Who cares? Its paint….

  • The Master

    Give a camera that is not even comfortable to hold, an award? Try shooting a short two hour wedding with this camera, without the grip, and I suspect there will be more curse words than praise, coming from the photographer. Just goes to show you the true value of DPReview. Want a real opinion of a camera, ask a pro, not a money grubbing internet slacker. There are going to be some pissed off people, but I guess it serves them right, for not paying attention.

    • Flags

      I walked around with the OM-D for about 3 hours the other day and I didn’t have any issues with it whatsoever. In fact, after 3 hours, my hand cramps when I shoot with my 7D.

    • Dave

      You are obviously a dumbass. Obvious to all of us, that is. You’ve been fooling yourself you are not one your entire miserable life.

      • The Master

        First of all, Dave, that really hurts. You are just downright mean. Does your mother know you act like that? By the way, I haven’t been a dumbass my entire life, only for a few precious moments, here and there, about like everyone else.

        Flags, I don’t know if you work for DPR or Olympus, or what, but you, my friend, are full of shit, best go relieve yourself. If you had actually held the camera in your hand and used it, for an hour, I suspect you would have a raw spot on you finger, from the strap lug. People that just wear it around their neck and don’t really take pictures much probably won’t notice it, for awhile.

        Anyway, I was just trying to warn people about wasting a thousand bucks on a camera they may end up not wanting to use much, due to finger rubbing strap lug. Seems like a pretty decent camera, other than that, but shit, if you don’t want to hold it, then whats the point, might as well break out the 4×5, or 6×7, if I want to shoot with a tripod all the time. The whole point of M4/3 was to get a small camera to carry around with me.

        • Bart

          Strange, no such issues after a 5 hours shoot with it. Maybe you just do not know how to hold a camera properly?

    • MC

      Dude, you criticize the DPR review citing the handling? DPR found no fault with it – YOU DID. I quote “Despite being pretty small, the E-M5 fits nicely in the hand and is made more comfortable by its grip’s rubber coating. We found the twin dials to be well-positioned, particularly for to-the-eye shooting.”

      Who says it’s not comfortable to hold? Only you so don’t badmouth DPR. It’s your opinion.

  • MikeH

    Congrats on the Gold Award Olympus! We’ve waited a long time for something like the EM-5 to be made.

    Now that that’s over…. ;)

    Where is all the juicy G5 and GH3 gossip? Ken Rockwell seems to imply that the GH3 is going to be something really special in one of his latest blogs. What will it bring?

    • Bart

      Ken Rockwell is a lot of fun to read… but he rambles and rants a lot (which actually adds to the fun). I’ll take his word for how he arrives at some of the very nice pictures he makes, but I’ll never take his word on equipment beyond ‘a fun read’.

      Google for “ken rockwell everything sucks” to see what I mean

  • Crucial quote, finally admits it:

    The E-M5 can’t completely overcome the light capture disadvantage brought by its smaller sensor, compared to APS-C, but it reduces it to the point that it’s irrelevant for almost all practical purposes. At which point we think its size advantage, in terms of both body and lenses, will outweigh that difference for most uses. If you’re absolutely unwilling to compromise on image quality then spending twice the money and moving up to the bulk of a full-frame is the only way of gaining a significant step up from the E-M5.

    A sign that we finally reached the IQ plateau.

    Though I personally am still waiting to see the G5 (and rumors about GH3 (and NX20 review)).

    • lorenzinonkatu


  • Ted shred

    The M9 is the best mirror less option out there!

    • Rangefinders have beam-splitting (half)mirrors. I own three of them :)

      • -ph-

        But not in the optical path of the image – who knows/cares how many mirrors are used in the construction of the EVFs…

  • Ironic that Uk – with far stronger support for CSCs so far – has to pay highest price. US body price $999 (GBP 616), Germany price €1099 (GBP 899), UK price £999. Did someone say “rip-off Britain” again?

    • BLI

      But the Brits get the extra grip tossed in — contrary to most other countries…

    • The Real Stig

      Total up the cost of the grip and compare it to the B&H price for the same setup – I did. There is about a $165 difference in favour of the US. How much is their VAT? ;)

  • Jalo

    Is there an built-in intervalometer or similar on OM-D?

    I read the manual and dpreview test but I found none related. No biggie but I remember reading something about this during pre-release discussions.

    • The Real Stig

      Unfortunately not. I really don’t understand why not. You have a clock in the camera it should be a pretty simple thing to implement.

      Maybe they are holding back features for a pro version, the next model or an expensive accessory?

      As it is, the E-M5 has so many great features about all they could add for their next offering would be an intervalometer and in-built flash.

  • rich in tx


    isnt that like saying ‘best fake diamond ring ever’
    STill not an SLR

    • Quite better than the most DSLRs!
      – The world fastest autofocus
      – Unmatched 5 axis image stabilization system
      – Excellent HD-Video Performance
      – Best JPEG-machine on the market
      – Excellent EVF (in many situations better than the best OVFs)

  • Came for the Oly / Sony flame war. Leaving satisfied.

  • Catalin

    I own a NEX-5n and upon comparing the RAW and JPG files at all ISOs at dpreview, the E-M5 was not one bit worse in resolution and noise, even at high ISO. In fact, the E-M5 seems a tiny bit better even at ISO 3200. This is impressive from such a small sensor.

    I wonder, what aperture was used when shooting the RAW pictures with the E-M5 and NEX-5n. I think I read that the E-M5 used F1.5 and NEX-5n used an F2.8 aperture ? This would explain the identical output from the E-M5 even at high ISO settings.

  • I received my Olympus OM-D EM-5 with the M.Zuiko 12-50mm from Amazon four days ago.
    My first impression after intensive testing:
    The waiting has been worth it.
    Reality is even better than virtual advance notice!
    I’m overwhelmed – exactly what I was dreaming for.
    I have studied about thirty reviews before I bought the E-M5. The full Olympus E-M5 review at Dpreview is an excellent summary of the most important features. In my opinion the E-M5 really deserves the Dpreview “Gold Award! Best mirrorless camera ever!”
    Congratulations to the Olympus Imaging Division!
    Hats off!

  • My relatives always say that I am killing my time here at web,
    but I know I am getting familiarity every day by reading thes nice articles or reviews.

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