(FT5) 17mm f/1.8 comes without hood included. And full specs.


Digicaminfo confirmed the rumors we posted days ago and also got the info that the new upcoming Olympus 17mm f/1.8 lens will come without the hood! You have to buy it separately for 65oo Yen (64 Euro or 82 Dollars). Now, to be honest, the 17mm f/1.8 is priced at 550 Euro also much less than 900 Euro asked for the other lens that comes without hood…the Olympus 75mm 1.8 lens. So it may be that Olympus prefers to sell the lens cheaper without hood and leave you the choice to add a hood or not. For the 75mm lens you can alreayd buy some cheap hoods at US ($7 on amazon), US ($32 better quality), Germany (ebay) and Hong Kong (ebay).

The 17mm f/1.8 lens characteristics are:
Exterior made of metal
Snapshot focus
Nine elements in 6 groups
46mm filter size
35,5mm length, 57.5mm maximum diameter, 120g weight
release in mid December for around 550 Euro or 50.000 Yen.

Announcement soon!!!

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

Olympus 75mm 1.8 Lens alternatives (if you don’t care about the missing autofocus and electronic contacts):
1) Dallmeyer 75mm f/1.9 (Here on eBay). This is an extremely expensive lens and I don’t know why it is so. Only crazy guys would buy that :)
2) Leica Summilux 75mm f/1.4 (Here on eBay). Extraordinary high quality lens for an extraordinary price (although it’s still less expensive than the mysterious Dallmeyer). It’s the fastest of all 75mm lenses
3) Zeiss Biotar 75mm f/1.5 (Here on eBay). Fast and also a bit exotic lens made for the Exacta series.
4) Leica Summarit 75mm f/2.5 (Here on eBay). High quality and relatively compact lens. A bit slow compared to the Olympus (f/2.5).
5) Voigtlander Heliar 75mm f/1.8 (Here on eBay). Probably the best alternative of the new Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens. Same aperture, superb high quality and cheaper.
6) Fujinon 75mm f/1.8 (Here on eBay). This is a very cheap TV lens and I don’t expect the quality to be very good. I wouldn’t buy that unlike your really need that focal length and you have a very low budget.


  • KI

    “Snapshot focus”? ….. can you elaborate on that?

    • KI

      Yay! I was first! …. it’s a first! :-)

    • Bronica

      First indeed :-)!

      Snapshot focus: manual focussing mechanism with meter scale. Like 2/12mm.

    • AndersN

      A couple of Ricoh’s premium compacts had what they called “snap focus”, which meant that if you pushed the shutter release button down hard, the camera automatically set the lens to the hyperfocal distance.

      • My Ricoh GR-1 and GR-1s, mid-and late ’90s P&S cameras, have hyperfocal mode. It is not activated by pressing the shutter release button hard, but there is a dedicated “snap” setting.

    • Anonymous

      Fast aperture lenses are intended to be used indoors so no need for a lens hood. I have a box of lens hoods from my Panasonic lenses that sit in a closet.

      • Salty

        What a bizarre notion.

        • Ross

          Yes, almost as bad as some Canon DSLR users outside with their lens hoods still reversed on their lenses. I see it often too.

      • T-L

        Oh, and I was wondering who the hell could have invented the INDOOR lens (75/1.8)..

        • Aoooh, i have use 75mm lens outdoors :-( i need delete this image. :-O

        • Well, Oly does make endoscopes with lenses that go where the sun doesn’t shine. :-P

        • Anonymous

          Maybe indoors at a hockey game. Course there is no possibility of flare shooting at ice with arena lighting on it.

      • Don Pope

        Fast aperture lenses are not for indoors only, but I never use hoods anyway.

        • Salty

          Explains why Olympus haven’t bothered to weatherseal any fast lenses though….

  • JF

    Shame on olympus !
    550 euros and not even a lens hood…64 euros for a lens hood !!! this is really expensive for what it is…I’d prefer so much a cheap plastic included lens hood. Come on !! how much does it cost to made a plastic lens hood ? few euros ? and I must spend 64 euros ?!?! This is insane

  • OM-4

    Arggh, those Oly hoodlums!

  • w/o hood? what a surprise! lol

    where are the specs of the new bright zoom?

  • JF

    “where are the specs of the new bright zoom?”

  • So let’s start again :)

    Where is the zoom?

    Is it a ‘normal’ zoom? A tele one? A wide one?

    A SG one or a HG one? Can’t wait :)

    • I’m correct when I say this

      I think he is waiting for confirmation before posting.

      If you want the unconfirmed rumor, it is 40-150 F2.8 constant.

      HG, SHG, weatherproof, Black, Silver, large, small, collapsable, expensive, cheap; I have no idea.

      Your profile picture looks like a neagative of a solar eclipse.

  • fan_guo_lai_xiang_xiang

    BTW, does FUJI include lens hoods?

    • Vlad

      Yes, they do. And their lenses seem to be cheaper.

    • Adriaantie

      And they are better and can be mounted on à camera with à real sensor.

      • Ash

        FUJI rumors is that way –>

        • I’m telling ya, fuji instax is the future. Better start selling all your other gear now!

      • Bob B.

        Yes..and after you mount the lens on your fuji…you have a GREAT opportunity to SLOW focus on your subject! :-)

      • Rchard

        And the village fool Adriaantie with his/her usual crap. We all know what you think. You can just make a blank post with your name, because we all know what you will write again and again and again and again and again and again……………….. Get a life idiot!

      • Anonymous

        @Adriaantie ;,
        You should see the previous post,..A Funny Pro mirror less ADD,.so ,.I hope you can be more smarter than before,..

        • Ulli

          I heard Adriaantje was in that video too. My guess is the beardo with the huge zoomtele lenses; Adrian’s way how to seduce a babe.

  • Maxmad

    Well, if it’s any consolation, the mighty big C does not include lens hood either. Unless you buy L series glass, of course.

  • Jens

    I don’t care so much about the hood, although it’s nice that Panasonic provides them. But what I am really interested in is a black version! This looks way better (looked at the photo with the black OM D) and it would help to distinguish the lenses faster. (12, 17, 45)

  • Ren Kockwell

    Ooooooookay, we already know this much about the 17mm so what about the other lens? You know, the zoom, the “nice” zoom? The one that was supposed to be exposed like yesterday. The one that kept me up all night… Nothing?

    • admin

      Still didn’t get a feedback form trusted sources. If they will nto answer soon I will post the rumors tomorrow with a low FT3 value ok?

      • Ren Kockwell

        Boss, how bout post it now with a FT1 or FT2 rating and go FT5 when the men in black reply. I’m dyin here brudder… Can’t eat, can’t sleep and my index finger has been reduced to a 1 inch stump ;)

        • Anonymous

          What ‘Men in Black’, or are you refering to those guys in the Silver Lame suits.

          • T-L

            Silver Lame? I am quite sure they got “Limited Black” suits.. ;)

            • Anonymous

              They might well have a limited edition black suit, but who wants a suit with a silver lining, would much prefer a black velvet lining myself…

  • Robbie

    I don’t care about the 17mm now, esp when it does not come with the hood (hardly surprising at all from Olympus)


  • Ren Kockwell


    • BOb B.

      Ken..shouldn’t you be off somewhere overrating some Canon product???

      • Ren Kockwell

        I believe you are referring to Ken Rockwell. The bum we all love to hate. Yes I am familiar with his work. I’m not Ken. I’m Ren. Ren Kockwell, shaken not spilled.

        • Bob B.

          Excuse me sir, MY MISTAKE!

    • beautemps

      Here you are with NEWZOOM. http://www.newzoom.com/ change your life… :-)

  • Again new weathersealing

    the weathersealing is really a marketing argument with the 60 macro the only serious lens with wetahersealing

    SHAME on Olympus !!

  • Rob

    Stop crying and just buy a third party hood from ebay.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    Given the image quality the first pictures made with the 17/1.8 show, the price for the hood would constitute a more sensible price for the lens than the actual price for the lens. Hood included, that is.

  • Bob B.

    I just ordered the Oly 75mm yesterday and purchased the hood for the lens from Rainbow Imaging. $75 for a needed hood on a $900 lens for MFT is just not cool, Olympus…so you cannot have my money.
    So the hoodlums still mugged me..but they only got my watch …not my wallet, too!
    I just think that this policy is soooooooo bush league on the part of Olympus that I will no longer participate…especially when there are very good alternatives out there. Everyone should do the same and send Olympus a clear message!

  • Hold it! On the Digicaminfo website it says (in translation to english): FOOD not included. That solves the mystery and stop y’all from crying.

    • I told you, I want mine to come with a cheeseburger. Why do I have to pay and extra $2 for a cheeseburger? and the cheese comes in yellow and not white. I’m not buying it until it comes with a cheeseburger with white cheese. Shame on you!

      • Bob B.

        I am sure that Whitecastle has a cheap hood for you lens to offset this insult.

  • Bronica

    For me only one thing is relevant: For 550 Euro it has to deliver superb IQ. At least on the level of the 1,7/20mm from Panny.

    If it’s a little bit worse i will not purchase it.

    MFT-Lenses have to be spuperior in aperture and IQ, especially sharpness.

    • LOL, the fabled 20mm, was not so good after all:


      It had distortion, vignetting and resolution drop at the edges. Then we discovered that it was dog slow to focus.

      Meanwhile photographic inflation has set in, and we have a faster focussing, better focal range lens, with a hood for 68 credits.

      Isn’t it progress? :)

      • Anonymous

        OMG does it means they are not as good as yesterday? the pictures made with the lenses are better then every picture taken in future. shit!

      • And in the same review they wrote:

        “This summary will be very short. Of all the lenses designed for mirrorless cameras (not including rangefinder optics) I like the Panasonic 1.7/20 the best. It is small, handy, fast and very sharp at all apertures. You can hardly ask for more.”

      • Bronica

        1,7/20mm: Distortion yes. But it’s sharp.

        First tests say, that the 1,8/17 ist not that level. And they show also a fall off at the corners and a huge distortion.

        Slow: Yes. The 20mm is sometimes really not fast enough. But that’s for me not a reason to invest 550 Euro.

        I want from Olympus perfect lenses. No compromises. That’s the advantage from MFT over APS-C.

        I have the 1,8/45, the Nokton 0,95/25 and I’ll purchase for shure the 1,8/75mm.

      • For what it does at it’s size and price and despite all its short coming, it is so good after all.

  • Camaman

    “So it may be that Olympus prefers to sell the lens cheaper without hood and leave you the choice to add a hood or not.”

    LOL don’t try and give them any ideas on justifying it…

  • Pete

    maybe they try to suport local dealers. they can earn much money by selling the hood, because nobady earn money ba selling a lens the normal way.

  • Es

    And yet again, that silver lens on a black body look absolutely awful. How on earth did any designer approve this?

    • Pete

      Maybe they think that you buy the lenses to take pictures, not to store them in a glas box?

      • c0ldc0ne

        True, that.

        But it doesn’t answer the question. By your reasoning, they might as well have colored it magenta.

        I personally don’t mind the silver lenses, but why did they design them like this?

    • ph

      The camera is ugly to begin with. and the lens is ugly as well.

      • c0ldc0ne

        And yet you are here.

        • ph

          I am waiting for a E-P4 / E-P5 to replace my E-P1.

        • Anonymous

          I would also buy a 9 or 10mm. Why is it taking so long?

  • Incessant Troll

    smart move olympus. dont include the lens and charge $80 for it. so when you release a zoom that people want you can include the lens and charge $500 extra for it. then the plebs wont know they are being charged hundreds for a simple piece of metal. i see what you did there. just like the black 12mm – hype and marketing.

  • Silver is the colour of the coins that OLy wants from you.

    Be happy that it is not golden. otherwise you’d have to sell your Napoleons’ collection, to afford a hood :)

    • T-L

      Silver is the color of Platinum as well, so.. ;)

  • Problem solver: let’s all buy silver colored camera’s!

    • Jens

      Oh no, ugly lenses are enough! :-)

  • Ren Kockwell

    Alright admin Sir, I’m gonna level with you and I hope you will grant me this favour.

    Before you announced that another Olympus lens is coming and hinted that it would be a nice zoom I was ready to pull the trigger on the Panasonic 35-100/2.8. My local camera dealer has one in stock and is waiting for me to pick it up or cancel and I have to let him know because he has a waiting list. Do you see the pickle I’m in? This is the reason for my anxiety and getting no sleep at all since your announcement.

    I have this small favour to ask and pray tell my agony you end.

    1. If the new Olympus is an alternative to the Panasonic 35-100 then say “stop forrest stop”

    2. If it is something of a different zoom range then say “run forrest run”

    I pray thee kind sir, please end my agony.

    • Anonymous

      Let me get this right, you’re comparing a lens available at a store right now with a not-yet announced lens you hear about on a rumour site????

      I don’t know what to say, there’s not much hope…

      • Ren Kockwell

        No. But I will wait to compare the two lenses when the other one becomes available. In other words I’ll delay my purchase if I know that Olympus is making a similar one.

    • Jon R

      I’m not sure if they would actually make a similar one especially so soon. Panasonic and Olympus seems to be coordinating their lens releases to avoid directly competing against each other at similar focal lengths and apertures.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Makes sense that they don’t want to compete and they won’t have to because there is a differentiating factor between the two manufacturers for this type of lens. IBIS and OIS.

  • There is a huge number of excellent additional MF alternatives to the Olympus 75mm in the 80-85mm range which would probably fair much better than the Voigtlander 75mm, including the sharp, bright, lightweight and inexpensive Samyang 85/1.4.

    • Bob B.

      …but the Oly 75mm is truly “Leica-Like”…with fantastically fast autofocus on the newer camera bodies…Worth saving your pennies for..It is an unbelievable lens!

      • Agree

        • Bob B.

          ….Mine will arrive this week!!!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on that little silver beauty!!!!!!!!!

  • The 17mm is more complex (6/9) than the Panasonic 20mm which should explain why it’s heavier (at 155g it will weigh the same as the Panasonic 20mm and 14mm together). I do still hope that this complexity should also provide for outstanding image quality in spite of the sub-par leaked images. I would really like to upgrade my 20mm especially if I could snatch the Oly for about $600.

  • Ranger 9

    I post this comment every time you post your list of 75mm “alternatives,” so I’ll post it again: Other than having the same focal length, NONE of those lenses are really ALTERNATIVES to the Olympus 75. They’re either impossibly expensive (Dallmeyer, Summilux) or completely different in character.

    The Voigtlander is deliberately designed to be soft at full aperture (for portrait use) and the Biotar is soft everywhere except in the center at apertures below f/5.6.

    Any MFT user who wants to make very sharp pictures at wide apertures and can’t afford to pay more than US $1000 really doesn’t have any “alternatives” in a 75mm lens other than the Olympus.

  • Williams

    Don’t you think that it’s a strategic marketing plan so that Olympus can reduce lens price by excluding hood?

    • The Accountant

      No strategic marketing here. Those hood don’t cost Olympus tuppence to make and they won’t need to charge significantly more to include it. But just like Canon, Olympus has chosen to sell them to you for a pretty dollar because they can earn much more by doing so. In short it’s not a matter of charging less but a matter of earning more.

      • Chez Wimpy

        Unlike Olympus Canon does include lens hoods with their L series models – the (price) equivalent of the 75/1.8 class.

  • Isn’t there something weird about the aperture stops in the picture at the top? Or am I misunderstanding?

    • Anonymous

      Nothing strange about the lens displayed in the image at all, it is quite normal in fact, shows the range of acceptaby sharp focus for a given aperture.

  • What is snapshot focus? Will it have the manual focus mode like the 12mm?

  • Milt

    This web site seems to suffer from a lack of news, particularly about Panasonic m4/3rd products. The comments also exhibit boredom and are not interesting. How many times can we say that Olympus is cheap if it doesn’t provide hoods for its lenses? I don’t come here as often as I used to. Admin, I wonder if you are spread too thin on too many sites, or whether there is just not much happening.

  • Michael

    I’m using the EzFoto hood on 45mm 1.8 and very happy with it.
    It works better then Olympus’ one:
    – no wobbling,
    – takes less space,
    – looks great on the lens (together looks like a solid long lens),
    – you can put a filter and a lens cap on it (I use the cap from 14mm 2.5).

    By the look of it, the 58mm hood should work as well as 37mm one.

  • QBNY

    Black Camera with a Silver lens, UHG. Which is why my 45mm Is heading to eBay.

  • I’d like a hood included, but if it isn’t that’s not a deal breaker, I could see selling it separate so those who don’t want one don’t have to pay for it. But $82 for the hood? That’s ridiculous, especially when third party companies are making perfectly good hoods for these same lenses for under $10. I would spend maybe $20-25 on the official hood, but not much more.

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