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(FT4) First hints about a possible Olympus announcement…


If the rumors is correct than Olympus will make my new job as father very difficult :)

I just heard from one source that Olympus will announce “something” in early January. Exactly the time when I am supposed to become father for the first time. That will be a head to head run between my private life and Olympus :)

I may ask some other sources if they got hints about a possible Olympus announcement? It may helps me to organize the work on 43rumors too. My colleagues from the other rumor websites will help me out in the days I will be off. Just send me an anonymous message by using the sharing contact form you see on the very right of your browser or contact me directly at

So what could Olympus announce? I got hints about one new lens. Than there is a rumor about a new OMD model. And we have that completely new PEN. Actually I heard the new PEN is scheduled for a release in February-March. Will try to give you some reliable info as soon as I can. One thing is 99% sure. At CES we always had new compact cameras which we usually don’t care a lot about :)

P.S.: Panasonic G5 and GF5 successor are scheduled for a later release AFTER Ces.

For UK readers: New Lightning deal on the E-m5 at Amazon UK (Click here).

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • So the FT4 is about Olympus making an announcement, but perhaps not an FT4 about what’s inside that container, e.g., OMD. Or maybe Oly is on to you, and the announcement is “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” ‘Just toyin’ with ya’!

    • admin


  • anonymous

    Black version of 75/1.8 witn bonus price +50%.
    Or 17mm f/16.

    • admin

      Nope, the lens is REEALLY new :)

      • Trev

        How exciting!

    • chum

      in all seriousness, I wish they would hurry up with a black 75 lens, I guess they must be still on the initial production run in silver right now.

  • Nawaf

    This all sounds interesting, but I hope Olympus comes to its senses and makes more weather sealed lenses. I hope the new glass will be what some of us are waiting for.

    Congratulation on being a father soon Admin! Try to spend a little less time here :P

  • KI

    Try to make some employee at Olympus help you with this site … it would make your life easier, and the rumors more correct. ;-)

    • Timccr


      Admin does a lot to promote your stuff Olympus so give him a break at this difficult time and tell him something about the new PEN, like will it be weather sealed and will there be a sealed, fast UWA to go with it.

  • Once your ‘personal’ news are in you will forget about Olympus, 43rumors and everything else. You’ll see.

    • me.mem

      I totally agree, happened to me not a long time ago, and yes, the only time cameras become “important” is when you take pics of your child.

  • Schwarz

    Massively hoping for an OMD upgrade with better video performance.

  • This is soon becoming my first source of information, and debate about m4/3. Nonetheless since it’s a family run thing I would gladly wait for two months of ‘press silence’ if you feel overwhelmed. Cameras come and go, babies stay.

    This is such an original site, that it can weather a tempest or two :) It now also feels much better, and I welcome the idea of having a general meeting point for all mirrorless photography.

    So don’t fear we will drop attention if there is some temporary slack. First things first, as they say.

    • admin

      Yep, baby comes first. And the other guys will help me to get over the announcement storm :)

    • So true Al, Admin has provided a very unique forum for entertainment, and speculation.

      Admin, you are going to love being a father! Most special time of your life watching your first child grow up… It is almost like watching yourself grow up!!

    • Ross

      “Cameras come and go, babies stay.”

      Except they grow up & are leaving home before you know it.

      Admin, Al. Wishing you & mother well for the coming baby. We were blessed with our first grandchild (son) this year & will have the pleasure of their company over Christmas & I remember the excitement of a baby (our first daughter) coming into the home & now a grandson is great, but it is also a reminder that life keeps racing on & we can’t afford to waste our precious moments with our children (& grandchildren), so we will understand if we don’t hear from you during some crucial times in the camera world.

  • The G5 is already getting a successor?

    • admin

      Yep. In Spring!

      • The G5 was announced in July 2012, and it came out in August or September, I think. Is the product cycle now only 6 or 7 months? That’s a real turn-off for me.

        • EASY

          Interesting what is wrong with G5 that Panasonic needs update so unusually early?

          • Nothing wrong with the G5 I’m sure. But keep in mind that Panasonic is first of all a manufacturer of consumer electronics, not photographic equipment… Different logic…

          • mjp

            sensor is lagging behind gh3 and all of olys cams…in other words, it now has the worst sensor of all new m4/3 models.

            • Keeping up with the Jonses is a bitch, especially if you have to hop on a new horse every 6 miles.

              I feel more and more content with my gear being behind the curve, because I am not inclined to engage in a rat race.

  • Ale, any news about availability or in stock status of the 17mm f/1.8?

    • admin

      Coming this afternoon. It’s shipping in Asia!

  • About the new lens, I was wondering what was happening with that weather sealed telephoto zoom. The 12-50 must feel a bit lonely.

    • what sens would a weather sealed tele zoom make if the optical quality is so bad as the 12-50? My mFT 14-42 is more sharp then the 12-50… The 12-50 could be a nice lens with all it’s features but it’s really not enough sharp.

      • I was speculating. Didn’t say anything regarding optical quality although now you mention it, it should be at least as good as the 40-150.

    • Ross

      It’s not lonely in my bag. It has the splash proof 60mm macro lens to keep it company. :)

  • how long will Olympus have to bring some semp pro / pro zooms for mFT?

  • Congratulations on you new “job” as it is one of the most important on earth! I would be surprised about a new OMD model as it would steal some of the positive press from the EM-5.

  • Yun

    New OMD model on Jan 13 ?
    Yes , that will be my new toy .
    As for Pana , I don’t see how it can compete in the M4/3 arena , if no GL in 2013 , surely everything is over for Pana .

  • monlaiyen

    So, actually the FT5 new for me is that you are going to be a father! Congratulations!

  • Rasmus

    Just because it’s totally unlikely to happen I still hope for a long lens I can use at lower ISO than 3200 even without tropical sunlight. Oh, and make it sharp too, my current Panasonic 100-300 is not what I’d call a sharp lens. Most shorter MFT lenses I’ve tried completely trash the 100-300 and the 75-300 in terms of sharpness, especially at the 300mm end.

  • Baby

    Dear Admin, do we really have to read your private stuff again? I fear the upcoming pictures of your child or the holiday report, can’t you keep job and family separate?

    • jlw518

      Geez, who put a bee in your bonnet, Baby. Why not rejoice with and for the site host,instead of being a self involved Grinch about his news.

      If you don’t want to read admin’s news, then start your own rumor site.

    • Uptight

      The man is naturally excited. We can grant him that. I will be happy to see some baby pictures!

    • admin

      Have I ever posted private pictures of me in four years? Beside that, I am telling you that because you have to know that I will disappear for a few days.

  • Stravinsky

    Becoming a father is what got me back to photography after many years of absence. If you produce really lovely photos of the wife and baby and you keep them coming, this will grant you license to buy any new cameras or lenses that you may deem “necessary”. Worked for me.

  • Bob B.

    So…some fathers put footballs in baby’s hands…you just give little one mini laptop or kiddie-pad and miniature plastic Oly. It will all be fine!!!!! :-)

  • Please not a new OMD. I *just* got my EM5 so I’d appreciate having the latest for just a few months before they replace it :)

    And as somebody else wrote, it would take away the positive press about the current OMD EM5 which seems to still receive a lot of positive press out there.

    • bart

      So far the ‘story’ has been that a new OM-D will not be a replacement of the E-M5 but rather an additional model either above or below the E-M5. This said, the number of E-M5 cameras sold seems to have surpassed the projected sales for the entire shelf life of this camera already, which makes a replacement/updated version a lot more likely.

      • Maybe the new OMD comes with a hairline-crack-resistant display and small AF containers.

  • mjp

    the new omd camera will be full frame and have micro jet-packs to help you get those hard to reach shots.

  • shanti

    @admin congrats on soon being a father,sure its not just a Rumour:)
    just about to switch to Pentax K5II,so hope now new OMD with 4/3 capabilities comes soon…

  • Given my E-M5 will be arriving in two days, my guess is a lighter, non weather-sealed OMD with updated EVF for $750!

    • My hope is a larger OMD with inbuilt vertical grip – something I can hold for a few hours without getting bunions and carpal tunnel syndrome. Of course, it also has to be able to AF my 12-60 at least as well as my E-620.

    • Ash

      I would say the price is more likely to start at $999.

      Cheaper than the E-M5 and same price as the Fuji X-E1.

      Not sure if the body will be magnesium or plastic.

      Hopefully it will inherit the E-P3 control scheme with a vertical thumb wheel and mode dial; EVF in the top left corner; built-in flash.

      Maybe it will even be compatible with either the E-M5 grip or the E-PL5 grips? Maybe it will share the same battery as one of those cameras? Probably too much to ask for.

      • Ash

        Forgot to add that they should package it with a 25mm 1.8 lens as the alternate kit lens.

        Would sell like hotcakes.

        • Exactly my hope too. Perhaps it could include a built in VF-3 to differentiate it, while the top tier one could have the new Epson viewfinder.

          Hopefully Focus Peaking on each one.

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