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(FT 4) All four Olympus prime lenses!



I finally have the probable focal lenths of all four primes. These are all Olympus Zuiko four thirds lenses. They could be released at the end of the year, but I dont have any explicit information on their release date.

In short Olympus plans to release the following lenses:

1) 100mm macro

2) 14mm (f2.0?)

3) 25mm(f2.0?)

4) 35mm(f2.0?)

These lenses are highly desired by Olympus DSLR owners. Primes are very attractive because normally they are very high quality, big aperture lenses which are more portable than zooms. I am still hoping Olympus could surprise us and release these lenses with faster apertures (maybe the 35mm will be f1.4?). Do YOU have any suggestions for Olympus? I’m sure they know our blog very well. So please, comment and tell them what you want!

Me first,

25mm 1.4


35mm 1.4


Feel free to share this information in your blogs and forums but it would be nice if you post a link to our article. Thank you!

UPDATE: I (Alejandro) want to share you some feelings. A friend of mine who works as photographer for a BIG agency had the chance to try out some new unknown Nikon lenses. He told me he don’t know which kind of lenses Nikon will effectively release on market. That story should remind you that may Olympus has some options in his hands. And MAY they will choose to get faster with the lenses. I am relatively sure that the focal lenght we gave you should be the right one. But like you I hope (and see a good chance) that Olympus can make this lens faster than we expect.

  • I need 18/17mm f2!

  • Chez Wimpy

    A 180 diagonal fisheye – as small as possible (and still f2.8~3.5)!

  • Agent00soul

    I’m not sure these are attractive enough. Fourthirds really needs f/1.4 lenses. Otherwise it will be doubly handicapped against other systems(slower lenses and higher high-iso noise).
    The 28 might be OK if it’s not too large and expensive. But the other two should really have been 17 and 42 and faster than 2.0. A 42/1.4 shouldn’t be too hard. Panasonic has shown that f/1.4 is possible in Fourthirds and a 42 should be easier than the Panasonic 25/1.4.

  • Agent00soul

    Sorry, I meant “14” instead of “28” in the above post

  • Dylan

    I wonder if Olympus will somehow take µ4:3 into consideration so that these lenses have a minimal loss in AF performance when adapted?

    Anyways, I second that 42mm f1.4.

  • cherrytree

    100mm to be f2.0 please with quick autofocus

    • OM-PRO


      F2.0 100 mm Macro 1:1 black metalfinish


  • hopefully 25mm and 35mm will be at least f2 but better 1.4.
    I wonder what grade all 4 lenses will be???Any info on this?
    Is 100mm macro going to be super high grade, as there is already a macro in standard and pro grades.

  • jim

    I’d be happy with F2 glass. As long as they are sharp. I’d love to see a 12mm. Faster glass means larger, heavier lenses. Which defeats the purpose of a camera this size. The camera has to have excellent, clean high ISO equality though.

    These cameras really excel at the wide angle end of the lens spectrum. That’s what made film Leicas so good. I don’t see hanging a long zoom on one of these cameras. Just not my personal shooting style.

    That said, I wouldn’t turn away from a 35 or 42 F1.4

  • Chris

    I only need two lenses:



    I’d be perfectly happy with f/1.8 or even f/2 on the 42, though.

  • rufus44

    Normally, rumors should get one excited about the possibility. This rumor has totally bummed me out. A 25mm F2? 35mm F2? That’s straight up tragic. The whole point of the 4/3rds concept is to produce glass that’s faster and more optically suited for the digital format. That’s why they have the 14-35 f2 and 35-100 f2. They can get a full stop faster lens compared to their competition, and yet, at the same time, they need it to get a comparable out-of-focus look. Personally, I would expect nothing less than f1.4 and see no reason why they can’t produce something as good or better than nikon’s or canon’s ultra fast wide and short teles at f1.4, that means oly’s should be at f1.0. Maybe I’m asking too much, but, I don’t spend lots of money for getting something that doesn’t deliver on the promise of the format.

    • admin

      Hi rufus! I hope and will believe Olympus can surprises us with faster lenses. Remember this are rumors.

    • OM-PRO


      1) Zooms at F2.0 (12-35 mm, 35-100 mm wanted)

      2) Primes at least at F2.0 (10 mm wanted)

      3) Primes with a focal length in the range of 14 mm to 45 mm at least at 1.4

      4) Primes at F1.0
      Voigtlaender is able to build some with MF. So, why not Olympus with fast and accurate AF?

      “… they need it to get a comparable out-of-focus look … that means oly’s should be at f1.0”

      Two thumbs up!

      And please, matt-black version first. Silver version second.


  • markus

    something you can’t measure.. hope they’ll have a nice bokeh something along the lines of the sigma 55-200

    I need a fast 25 /1.4 and 42/1.4 for my E-410

    that would be something I’d happily spent my money for, definitely!!

  • Traciatim

    I have to agree with some of the other posters that a 42/2.0 or 42/1.4 would be darn near perfect for me. I hopy Olympus is listening. I think I prefer the m4/3’s stuff over the larger SLR style though, so maybe my opinion doesn’t count. . . Heck, I’m still using my C5050Z and have been waiting for a replacement to come out for over a year since mine started acting up. Hopefully a good replacement gets here before mine completely fails.

  • J

    sorry olympus.. too little too late. we cannot sit around waiting for information about what olympus is going to do anymore. look at m4/3, they announced this in july 08 and still haven’t even told us the exact specs of their first camera.. sorry but no thank you. my money will be used elsewhere.

  • nobi

    Yes, J. It may be too late for you, but I’ll wait Oly’s next games because I want to spend my money or time for only something worthy to do it.

    I hope to see:
    14mmF2.0 and F2.8(very small one)
    25mmF1.4 pretty smaller than Panasonic’s one
    40mmF1.4, but a huge lens like Sigma’s new 50mm would be unacceptable for me.

  • lcf

    I would love to have ZD 35mm f/2 SWD. And f/1.4 if possible would be perfect, instant buy for me :).

  • 14mm/f2

  • Well, Olympus always stay one step left or one step right of the common competition. Do you really expect Olympus to try something like f/1.2?
    And what’s the crazyness around magical numbers 1.4? For exemple Pentax f/1.9 lenses effectively beat most of Canon f/1.2. With the quality of bokeh and overall image quality.
    So until you know what these f/2.0 lenses will be there’s nothing to talk about. Personally I expect something wonderful.
    As a 4/3 users you have an extremely wideangle distortions at your 14mm because the flage-back distance stay almost the same as the fullframe. And still some extreme background and foreground blurring that usually make some “magical” bokeh possible.
    So if you need some mainstream competition why not to move to CaNikon systems? :)

  • Dylan

    Of course [optical] image quality is very important. But there are times when a fast aperture has no substitute. Like shooting low light sans a flash. Especially since Olympus bodies suffer a bit at high ISO compared to rivals.

    It’s not like most of us are asking for fast glass at the wide angle. 42mm is just passed the mounting distance, so it should be relatively easy to produce this kind of lens for 4:3.

  • nobi

    I believe that the large aperture is not only thing we need, neither is bokeh.
    Someone want F2.0 lenses, and I want F1.4s too.
    An important thing is that we have a choice.

    As Oleg said, we all have an option to move to another system. But I want to remain on 4/3 because I love their small zoom lenses of very good quality.
    So I really hope Olympus will give us more options!

  • Joachim

    Olympus should not forget m4/3, especially the following objectives: Possibly a zoom 18-35 mm could be shorter than the actual Panasonic 14-45 mm. Also a pancake 2,8/35 mm may be of interest (in addition to the Panasonic pancake 1,7/20 mm).

  • Bpete

    I wish Olympus would announce a 300mm or 400mm ; F4 or F5.6

  • Pancake: 25 /1.4 (or better)

  • I really hope Olympus will show primes: 7, 14, 24, 35,…

    I my opinion Oly is developping a new period in camera construction and wil
    present us new high quality tools in a small sice.

    I want to walk around by concetrate on the world around me and carrying kilos of
    equipment which need my concentration on carrying …..

    I do not see a problem on lenses which start with f 3,5 to 4. The mFT will hopeflly will
    show small light lenses in top quality lieke in old days.

  • Gaurav S.

    The only lense that sounds truly appealing here is the 14 f/2 for me, and I wish there was a wider option, like an effective (20mm-24mm) prime.

  • David

    A 400mm or 500mm might be nice. Aside from that, I’m not particularly hungry for any shorter focal lengths, and given that I managed to acquire a Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 I’m OK for “ultra fast” lenses.

    One thing I wish Olympus would reconsider is its usage of the SWD autofocus motors. Hypersonic motors aren’t exactly new stuff, and the competition are placing them into quite a few of their lenses. Olympus is treating their hypersonic motor technology as if it’s some luxury-line item. Put it into more lenses! (For the record, I have the 12-60mm SWD – it’s very nice!)

  • Li

    I need Zuiko Digital 8mm f2.8(3.5),but not a fisheye.
    Nothing would be better than put SWD into the macro lens。

  • Rolli


    1st: 1:2.0/12, better 1.8 or 1,4
    2nd: 1:2.0/25mm, better 1.8 or 1.4

    Hopefully, they will release a fast prime wideangle lens (like my favourite 2.0/28mm on Olympus) without the weight of a ton :-(

  • kelleygrl

    I really need a 25mm 1.4-1.8!
    And I need it at a reasonable price!

  • Kiran

    I agree that Oly needs to make super fast lenses. I am so excited simply by the idea of shooting with a f/1.0 lens. f/1.4 also works. And as most have said before 42 ( more likely 40 ) would be a great focal length to make a fast prime lens. I have 2 legacy f/1.2 lenses and I know that results can’t be as sharp as Zuiko Digital lenses but it’s not bad either actually I prefer a little softer lens for portraits. So if Oly can combine the goodness of a legacy lens with autofocus in 85mm equivalent (40~42mm) focal length, it would make a great kit lens for new E-3 ++, also for 4/3 users in general.

  • Mark

    Well. It’s now January 2010. WHERE ARE THEY?

    • admin

      Ask Olympus :(

  • Nomen

    I want 10 mm f/2.8 as small as possible wideangle (SWD would be fine, but is not necessary) and quick-focus 45 mm f/1.4 SWD portrait lens.

  • Now October 2010.
    Still no Olympus primes?
    I’ll be switching to a Canon with that lovely 50mm 1.8 for £100.
    My brother was right (and it really pains me to admit that).

  • How about some tele primes?

    150 f/2
    200 f/2.8
    300 f/4

    And, on the other end:

    12 f/2.8

    Finally, a super bright:

    25 f/1.0 (with autofocus)

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