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First real big Samsung NX-10 review


The korean friendss from SLRclub were the first to leak the NX-10 and now they have made their review of the Samsung NX-10. Once clicked on the link you will probably have to wait a minute before the image is loaded. They posted the review as a unique whole image! That’s why no google english translation is available. But it doesn’t matter, pictures and videos are easy to understand :)

My first thoughts:
Autofocus seems to be really fast but video quality is not as decent as the one from the .

BHphoto listed the Samsung NX-10 with a price of $699.

  • Duarte Bruno

    AF seems on Panasonic level, but they are focusing objects close to each other. When they do it on a dark object (where there is plentty of contrast to start with) even though it is close, the NX starts acting like a Pen.
    In other words, AF didn’t impress me at all.

  • Jonathan

    AF didn’t impress me either. It hunted for AF a few times, and the hunt took well over a second (when they try to focus on the brown object at the back.)

    The image quality seems outstanding though! If it weren’t such a big camera I’d be regretting my decision to order an E-P1. Also it doesn’t seem to have IS when you use the 30/2 combo?

  • Bryan

    Wow, that is very cheap. Much cheaper than the GH1/GF1. Thank you Samsung.

  • BB

    Why all the Samsung NX10 stuff. I come here to read about 4/3.

  • Bryan

    BB: It’s obviously because the cameras serve the same sub market. They do not have an slr and thus can be made smaller. They are also both marketed as hybrid type cameras.

  • BB


    Whether intentional or not, so much NX10 coverage on a competitor format site looks like astroturfing to me. Do Canon websites consistently post ads, reviews and postings about all of Nikon’s new products?

    • admin

      Hi BB! We thought it would intersting for the people to see how the only MicroFourThirds competitor performs! What do you suggest BB? Should we ignore other cameras? Or where would you put the limit? Mayn Thanks for your help!

  • BB


    Yes, there is a fine line between posting news/info about a competing format and becoming a free advertising pipeline for them just by reporting it. I think postings and news of how 4/3 exceeds such competition would be most appropriate. As would some de-bunking of competitor claims. Don’t you think?

    • admin

      Hi BB! It is indeed a very fine line. Hmmm, I want to remain honest with my reader. If there are points where the NX is better than MFT than I can’t simply ignore them. It would be unfair. What I can do is try to minimize the competition coverage to a minimum. It could be an idea to write (from time to time) a post with a summary of competitor news. Anyway, to be honest I don’t feel the NX-10 to be a killer camera :)

  • Stv

    “I think postings and news of how 4/3 exceeds such competition would be most appropriate. As would some de-bunking of competitor claims.”

    Any good report will report the truth no matter if it’s to say the competition is better… Impartiality should be the stander even though most of us have a small or huge affinity with the format. People become so fanatical defending the brand of the equipment they have as if they are defending their on lives… It’s just a camera, it is not one’s reputation that’s at stake. And by reporting on the competition will only make the 4/3 companies to try to excel themselves as they’ll know their buyers are aware of what’s going on in the market, and at the end provide better products for their consumers.

    Anyway I think the information here is good and relevant to the 4/3 movement. And yes I think it’s interesting to read about the competition and most of the time I find the links to the reports of other brands catching my attention. And if there’s something I personally don’t feel like reading, I skip that post… Not everything will entice me, neither everything that entices’ me will entice others.

    Regarding Samsung NX I guess it’s understandable so much coverage as it’s the first competitor in this new Evil market. I am very curious. And I like coming here and get news about it to know how it compares.

    Thanks for the hard work of searching for news many times in different languages and compiling it all here and for all the time you guys put into this in your spare time.

    Keep up with the good work guys!

    • admin

      Thanks STV!!!! I love it to wake up and read such a nice comment :)

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