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Cool E-M5 and new Nokton images from CP+ (new E-m5 preorders at Amazon germany)


The image on top shows the new E-M5 with the attached ecternal VF-2 viewfinder! I didn’t know that this would work! Question: If one day Olympus releases a super new high quality external viewfinder you can use it on your OM camera….will it work on your E-M5? But it will certainly not look that good anymore :)

Focus Numerique (Click here) posted an image of the new Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 lens on the new Olympus E-M5 camera. And a size comparison with the 25mm f/0.95 sisther can be seen at (Click here). I didn’t find any preorder option for the new Nokton 17.5mm lens while the Nokton 25mm f/0.95 is easily available on eBay (Click here).

Olympus offers free grip with OM-D in Uk (via Dpnow). And in germany you can now preorder the E-M5 at (Click here).

Full Updated Preorder list (with Amazon Deutschland):
1) Black E-M5 body at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Warehouse UK (Click here), Redcoon Germany (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).
2) Silver E-M5 body at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Warehouse UK (Click here), Redcoon Germany (Click here), and Amazon Japan (Click here).
3) Black E-M5 body with 14-42mm lens at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Redcoon Germany (Click here), and Amazon Japan (Click here).
4) Black E-M5 body with 12-50mm lens at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Jessops (Click here), Amazon Deutschland (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).
5) Silver E-M5 body with 12-50mm lens at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Jessops (Click here), Amazon Deutschland (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).
6) FL-600R wireless flash at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
7) MMF-3 Four Thirds adapter at Amazon (Click here) and Adorama (Click here).
8) HLD-6 power battery holder at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).

  • TheEye

    A DD-sized hump! :D

  • Andi

    Check the price in Germany…1499€…Okay, I might have to order a Panasonic instead:(

    • It is less expensive at Redcoon.

      I don’t know what Amazon is thinking to sell it for 200 € more than the UVP…

      • Fan

        Must be a mistake. They will lower the price I’m sure.

      • Cmos1972

        It’s possible to have BH Photo ship an Olympus to Germany. Adding s&h handling and 19% VAT it’d come to 1235 Euro. Might be something to consider.

        • Good luck with warranty repairs…

    • physica

      Is the price body only or kit lens included? …… if it’s just body only …. It is so expensive…… (Hong Kong’s selling price is just around EUR875… )

  • gzo

    By using the new grip you can rotate the camera by 90 degrees, and use BOTH viewfinders with two eyes :) This is the promised revolutionary viewfinder : binocular EVF :)

    • st3v4nt

      +1 :-)

    • Still at 1149€ at Redcoon France body only, while announced at 999€ in the press… I don’t get all this rate conversion crap, but it pisses me off.

      EDIT: I was answering to jazzcrab

    • PS

      There was some mention of 3D in the release of the E M5. This way you have 3D live view!!!!!

      • Miroslav

        Yes, but only in portrait mode :).


      This is the REAL reason for the HUMP!

  • About the Voigtlander 17mm “Focus Numérique” said that you have a special ring that gives two mode for the aperture ring : normal with clicks and smooth, developed especially for video :)

    • Vlad

      Very nice, but apparently switching isn’t very straightforward. :)

  • The price is a joke.
    And where is our free grip :(

    I don’t wanna be a cheapskate, who wants everything for free. But having offers just for some…is kind of lame!

  • Chap

    One viewfinder each eye ;)

    Still don’t get the German pricing. With the 12-50mm lens it’s 1299$ but in Germany 1499 EUR???

    • admin

      I also don’t get it. Maybe it’s a mistake?

  • K

    Yo Dawg! I heard you like viewfinders, so we put a viewfinder on your viewfinder so you can viewfind while you viewfind!

  • How do you know the accessory port has enough bandwidth to support this speculated future high-res vf?

    • Narretz

      good catch! But I guess admin was speculating anyway.

    • AndersN

      Well, if they had settled for HDMI as the accessory port we would have known it had enough bandwidth. But they didn’t, and neither did Panasonic, so we can safely assume that future accessories can’t be used with today’s cameras (and vice versa). I suppose we should be glad that they don’t change lens mount for every camera generation?

  • Works with the VF2? This camera does not stop to amaze me! Olympus well well done!

  • fh

    Amazon Japan does not have the 14-42 kit, only the 12-50 kit and body-only, each in black or silver options. The 14-42 kit will not be sold in Japan.

  • Germany is financing the rest of Europe, so they think they can extort mord money from us? ;)

    If I buy one, I certainly won’t buy it priced in €.

    • Geoff

      Then why not come over here next month and buy one at Focus on Imaging at the NEC and pay our inflated prices, though you might get the grip thrown in, if Germany allows it. I remember the MF-1 offer when Olympus were supposedly giving them free if you wrote in and asked, I did and was told not in UK.

      • reverse stream swimmer

        One would expect that the Europe is treated like one single sales region. After all, the European sold cameras have all the same warranties, but that’s probably also an EU conformity.

        Remember when the E-3 was launched, there were two fringes attached, one was the HLD-4 power battery holder (was that for existing E-1 customers only?), and if remember correctly a free backpack for the early adopters. I think that the offer was valid in entire Europe.

        So, if the Brit’s get a HLD-6 battery grip with their purchase that’s fine, and I would expect should be valid in entire Europe, but don’t quote me for it. There might be additional conditions, await the text in small fonts…

  • As a funny side note, looks like panasony trolls are there allready :D

    • Maley

      Two consumer reviews for a camera thats not even on the market for months. Very usefull indeed. Love the troll comment. Amazon reviews are of very limited use anyway.

      • Pedro del Río

        Are you surprised? On this site (43rumors) there is a user review for the E-M5.

    • jazzcrab

      Yeah, the comment was written by me.

  • Here’s some of my CP+ m43-related pics from yesterday. Including a split-in-half OM-D.

    • is that a 100mm f/2 zuiko on the black OM-D?
      cool shots

    • konikonaku

      third picture from bottom (A new, good looking 18-200mm zoom.), can you tell us what brand is it ?
      any release date for it ?


      • Tamron, and it’ll be for the Sony and M43 systems.

        (it’s called the B011)

  • Cteve

    I am so getting that Voigtlander 17.5mm

    You will see my Nokton 25mm f0.95 pretty soon on Ebay.

    @admin (or anyone):
    What’s the release date for it? At least in Japan.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Camera Quest is accepting pre-orders for the Nokton 17.5mm. It’s expected to ship in May. I reserved one, just in case I decide to reallly get one. ;-)

      So, why would you sell your 25mm? It’s such a fantastic lens!

      • Jason

        Which of the 17.5 on 25 mm are physically bigger?

      • c.d.embrey

        Here’s the link to Camera Quest Camera Quest is the official US importer, not an Ebay store, and they also do service for Voigtlander products.

        • Jason

          Thank you, so the 17.5 is bigger – makes sense, it quite a bit heavier as well with the extra elements and the extra size… Still, the 17.5 may be the perfect all-around lens for me….as the pros seem to outweigh the cons.

          Smooth manually focused video
          Good 1:4 magnification ratio
          Excellent build quality
          Great 35 mm focal width for everything from buildings, to objects, to people
          f/.95 works in any lighting condition
          bokeh to die for
          looks like Leica M lens
          very good sharpness
          excellent color

          Manual focus only

      • I think 17 en 25 are rather close to each other in FL for justifying keeping both, no matter (without doubt)how great they both are.

        • Vivek

          Too close? No chance!

          The price of the 17.5mm f/0.95 is very very fair. In fact, those into videos would know how incredibly cheap it is, especially if it turns out to be a decent lens.

          • ofcourse, if you have the money to spend, nothing is expensive

            • Vivek

              I am very careful with whatever money I have! :)

      • Cteve

        I want to sell the Voigtlander 25mm first to absorb the damage ;) and second, to use that extra $$$ on a Pana/Leica 25mm instead (if I still want to go with the 25) This way I’ll still
        get a fast prime and will also get the AF as a bonus.

        I’m just really curious to hear reviews about that 17.5. ^^

  • This may be off-topic, but since I’m going for a silver E-M5 I was looking for a
    Pana 45-175mm X lens in silver as well. But it seems to be pretty evasive. Is there any place in Germany where one can buy it at a reasonable price (~400€).
    Buying it online with shipping and tax added it pretty quickly reaches 500€ which is kinda too expensive.

  • Sven

    Amazon Germany – This price is ridiculous.. Its 200 € more than ovp

  • chronocommando
    • chronocommando

      hey please Check this Video. It Shows all New features!!!

      • i really like the IBIS preview thru the EVF…. the advantage for manual fousing in magnified mode plus video shooting is obvious, it’s a very important innovative feature of the OM-D

    • Je t’aime

      Thanks to this feature, after I have her seen this clip, she gave me the permission to buy this camera! LOL

    • inorog

      god damn inpressive, end of this video looks awesome

  • Thomas

    In finland you can preorder the body for 1099 eur and kit for 1299. I have an order for a black body in. The german price must be a mistake.

  • Farrukh

    Personally I dislike it with the viewfinder on top, seems an extra height.

  • Robert from Oz

    I hope they have good prices and/or deals for us also poor suffering aussie’s :(. Oh dollar is soo awesome against like EVERYONE. Our dollar been dollar for dollar with $US for almost a year, and it total BS saying shipping when we are like the closest to Japan and China out of the US and Europe. Hmmmm its a bit shitty

  • olynuts

    olympus, the price in europe for the new camera, especially in germany, sounds like a joke to us. in us you can get the kit with the 12-50mm for just under 1000 euro. certainly we wont pay 1500, let alone 1300,
    without a battery grip pre-order.

  • Vivek

    I will wait for prices to cool down. As exciting as the EM-5 is, still there are questions about image quality, camera buffer and the black out during the continuous captures and the PRICE.

    I have to be convinced if it is really worth all the hype.

    800 Euros for the body and 950 tops with all of the grip is a fair price.

    • Four by Six

      There shouldn’t be anymore question on camera buffer or blackout, as one of the hands on videos shows a very long continuous capture string with no blackout. The video’s camera was pointed at the back of the EM-5.

      • Vivek

        Link, please.

        The one I saw (can’t find the link) in Chinese showed black out and buffer filling up quickly. Possibly, their settings configuration was not appropriate. Naturally, with cameras like the EM-5 that pack a lot of features, it will take a while to figure out the optimal settings.

        • Four by Six

          I stand corrected. I found the link (, watched again, and at the end of the burst the screen said “no card”, so test was pointless. Also, subject matter was stationary, so again, pointless. Who tests a 9fps continuous burst with a stationary subject?

    • 800 for the body? If i remember right the EP-x bodies were also around 1000 when introduced

      • Vivek

        I am saying that 800 Euros is the price I would pay for the camera that does not have a swivel LCD or OLED (does not matter to me) display. :)

        None of the half blind cameras (ie., the ones without an integrated EVF and a free flash connection) never been even a consideration for me. So, they never bothered me and I never bothered to look at their prices either. :)

        It is good see the EM-5 and Olympus being sensible for once. But the EU prices do not make ANY sense to me at all.

  • Cteve

    Its nice but I will wait to see what Panasonic will ahve to offer with the upcoming GH3.
    I do like the design of the OM though, but I’m not a woman therefore I’m not putting the color or design as a priority with my purchase.

    • Narretz

      For those who can wait this is a sensible thing. Panasonic might have something up their sleeves, and if they bring weatherproofing + x new features to the GH3, Oly might have to lower the price sooner than later. However, since Panasonic is sloooow to actually make their products available, I think anyone waiting for these induced price drops may need some patience. Also, it might happen that the GH3 is only an incremental upgrade like the GH2 (especially for still photography).

      • Mr. Reeee

        Panasonic has progressively improved their shipping times with every camera and lens since the GH2 debacle. They took such a beating over that, they’d be crazy not to be better prepared for the GH3. Certainly some improvement could be made, but it’s been MUCH better over all.

        The GH2 is pretty nice as it is (I have few complaints), but hopefully the GH3 will improve the things that count: wider DR sensor, higher/faster system throughput, hi-res EVF and display, LCD to OLED, add focus peaking and clean up the interface a bit. Some of the stuff Oly put into the EM5 are worth a look, like the live long exposure thing.

        • Bob B.

          It’t true…the GX1 became available exactly when Panasonic projected that it would.

  • Nick

    Mainline Photographics in Aus are taking pre-orders for the Nokton –

  • Ru Elpser

    Overpriced amator camera, fullframe here i come

    • Je t’aime

      Yeah, add just about 2000$ to get D800.

      • Ru Elpser

        I might finally get a d700 the camera of my dreams, i waited too long for oly to deliver

        • I don’t understand, a D700 is a completely different type of camera…is this a choice pure out of frustration or you dont care if a system camera is small or big?

          • Ru Elpser

            Frustration and eye opening, after i actually used one

            • it must be a great camera this d700, but for me, dslrs are a closed book.

  • ulli

    Still unclear to me how to proceed for the free Grip when ordering from UK

  • The last image on the Focus Numérique page illustrates good camera holding technique. This is what Olympus is thinking about when they put out cameras with minimal right hand “grips.”

  • alexander

    this position of the interface makes reason but it is a mistake to place the viewfinder there- even I can understand why. so there alwasy wll be a hump there. but this is not nessesary- watch the NEX 7… sorry guys.

    • reverse stream swimmer

      Sorry guy, but you’re missing an important point. The NEX 7 doesn’t have a 5-axis image stabilization built into the camera body, neither has it a three-axis IBIS like in the PEN!

      Olympus made this very important prioritization, which makes the OM-D E-M5 so unique. (Possibly we’ll see Ricoh/Pentax add IBIS into their bodies as well, and Samsung would become an APS-C killer, if IBIS will become included!)

      Shouldn’t you want an integrated EVF, trade it with a flash within the PEN portfolio.

  • All mirrorless cameras are way overprized, compared to DSLRs which cost the manufactures much more to produce. And yes, that Amazon price for Germany is nothing but ridiculous.

    Concerning that external viewfinder on top: sure the camera has the accessory port, so why shouldn’t it work? And btw, people who still remember John Foster (see have had the answer to the question why Oly didn’t produce internal viewfinders since very long: the reasoning was that you simply cannot replace internal ones with newer and better technique (so they saw their external viewfinders as part of a “modular system”, obviously). Makes sense.

    • Steve

      Amazon Japan has a GF2 with two lenses for ~$400. If that is overpriced, I don’t know what to say.


    I was on the fence about the OMD until I found you can have TWO VIEWFINDERS!!!111 This is now a must purchase camera! Thank you OLY!

    • Mauro

      I am curious. Why you are so excited about having two viewfinders? Because you can reuse the one you already have for those situations where you need a tilting viewfinder? Wouldn’t the tilting screen be enough then?

      • mooboy

        I assume Panasony is being sarcastic. Still, I was just about to sell my E-PM1 and VF-2 to two seperate buyers in anticipation of the OM-D.. but this is giving me pause to sell the VF2. What if they were doing something clever like one VF can be set to magnification for manual focus, while the other shows your full composition. But again, no reason why they couldn’t do that in conjunction with the screen. Need more information…

    • Beautemps

      This is Oly’s strike for easy manual focus with Nokton and other primes:
      – one EVF in black and white for easier manual focussing
      – second EFV in color for camera control

    • Jason

      Are you serious, what will you use if for that will need two viewfinders? Or do you just like the extra flexibility?

    • Vivek

      For the first time, ever, Olympus make a camera that has an EVF while one can use flash. Screw that up with an additional EVF?!

  • Steve

    Admin, the new Nokton is available for preorder at Yodobashi Camera and Map Camera in Japan. Yodobashi is always overpriced – it seems the street price will be somewhere around 100,000 yen, which is 30-40% higher than the street price of the 25/0.95.

    • admin


  • MD

    This is the set-up right here:

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Pete_McKen

    In which scenatios do we need two EVFs? I just cannot imagine. The LCS is also able to tilt.

    • TomR

      Well I don’t think you ever need 2 EVFs, but the point is that it is just a nice little option of having a tilt EVF. Probably only those who already have the VF2 will do it. If you like a viewfinder instead of a screen, it is just a nice bonus.
      I like it because I am quite tall and shooting up to my eye can give a funny angle. bending forward a little and looking down into the camera helps.

      • Pete_McKen

        Oh…thanks TomR. That might work well for two EVFs.

        • mooboy

          I was all set to sell my VF-2 today. Now I am so torn… ha ha. Tomorrow’s the day I sell my E-PM1, just consider now if I will sell my VF-2 or not. I am a bit like TomR, I often found myself using it tilted up when shooting… but not sure it’s enough advantage I would bother attaching it to OM-D to use like that just for the sake of tilting…

    • Pete_McKen

      Oops! sorry guys

      scenatios -> scenarios
      LCS –> LCD

  • Jimbob

    C’mon guys, EU prices are always higher than US prices in tech. Plus there’s always a hefty VAT/sales tax included, in Germany it’s 19 percent, I Think the UK even has 20. Deduct that from the prices in the US. The pre-order prices on are also usually higher than the prices are when any given product actually goes on sale. Also there’s obviously a huge hype around this camera, so I guess there will be some people tempted to buy it as soon as possible and for whatever price.
    I am quite interested in this little gem. If picture quality and noise levels aren’t any worse than that of entry level canon DSLRs, then expect another 550d w/battery grip, 2.8 17-50 tamron, tele zoom, kit lens, nifty fifty and EX430 to be on ebay in a couple of months. The one thing I might really miss is the 2.8 17-50 lens.

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