“The Death of Photography” by Ken Rockwell

Ken Rockwell wrote a very provocative critique against the modern way to think about photography. I found that part really interesting:
It’s obvious looking back at old magazines that the only thing that mattered was getting to the right place at the right time to take a picture of the right thing, and the choice of developer and wash treatments, 90% of what the magazines went off about, was irrelevant.

Today, its the same thing. Magazines go off about how to “fix” your pictures in your computer, but let’s face it: the only way to fix them is, as always, get to the right place at the right time and see the right picture before you press the shutter.

If you waste your time making 3,600 exposures from the same place to stitch in four dimensions, it doesn’t matter how much spatial (gigapan and pan-focus) or luminous (HDR) range or resolution you have, if it’s a picture of something boring.

If it sucks, who cares if it’s GPS geotagged? If it’s great, it’s because of the lighting and timing, which has nothing to do with the location.

Read the article at http://kenrockwell.com/tech/death-of-photography.htm and let me know what you think.

Samsung NX roundup (very interesting)!

We have some news about the Samsung NX-10 that is also interesting for MicroFourThirds users.

Amateur Photographer had a small talk with vice president of Samsung Techwin Byung Woo Lee and he said “that Samsung has moved into this new category as it realises that there is no chance of successfully competing against the developed DSLR ranges held by Nikon and Canon. Kim told us ‘We will create a new category that we can dominate’. Interestingly SS Park, BJ Kim’s replacement, told AP today that Samsung does not see the NX series as a competitor to the Micro Four Thirds products of Panasonic and Olympus, but that Samsung’s models will broaden the mirror-less micro camera choice. When asked how the NX range would develop Park said that the company obviously intends to produce more bodies in different forms and of different sensor resolutions, and that some models would appeal to professional users. With this in mind it is obvious that Samsung will have no need of GX DSLRs. Alongside the technology products that Samsung Electric has on show here the idea of an optical viewfinder seems rather old fashioned and inflexible.

In summary. Samsung will stop producing “traditional” DSLR. They want to be number one in the new mirrorless camera segment created first by Panasonic and Olympus.

Finally we know the US price of the NX-10. BHphoto listed the Samsung NX-10 with a price of $699,

Samsung NX wants to convince you that MicroFourThirds sensor are not as good as the Samsung sensor. And to do that they made this “nice” graphic:

You can find it here: http://www.samsung.com/us/consumer/photography/digital-cameras/nx-series/ES-NX10ZZSEB/index.idx?pagetype=prd_detail

Samsung has a plan to release a super zoom lens for NX10 like Panasonic 14-140 zoom lens.
It will be available some time this year.

First websites are showing Samsung NX-10 image samples. here the list:

and finally a hands-on at dc.watch.impress
UPDATE: Fotoactualidad postes some videos with Samsung NX10, 30fps, 3fps + Autofocus

Panasonic introduces a “cheap” 3D videocamera

YOu pay $21,000 for the new Panasonic 3D camera

Panasonic launched the new 3D videocamera which will be available in autumn. It costs you “only” $21.000. This is a lot cheaper than Sony cameras. I also expect Panasonic to announce 3D Photocameras at Photokina.

More details at engadget.com.