Panasonic releases new GH4 2.5 firmware update: Adds Post Focus, new 4k photo modes and more!


You can finally download the long anticipated GH4 firmware update at

Those are the improvements:

  1. [Post Focus] is added. This function enables users to set the focus point after shooting and save as a separate photo.
  2. Three 4K PHOTO modes: [4K Burst] [4K Burst Start/Stop] [4K Pre-Burst] are added to help users capture the unmissable moments and users can choose a best shot with easy, intuitive touch-control operation after shooting.
  3. External flash can be used in burst shooting.
    * DMW-FL580L, DMW-FL360L only.
  4. Free 100GB storage on Google Drive is offered to LUMIX GH4 users (2 years)*. It can be used for photo/video data saving and accessed through multiple devices such as camera, PC, smartphone/tablet.
    * Users need to register to LUMIX CLUB to get the ID in advance and activate the account service by 30 September 2016.
  5. [AF-ON] function can be uesd during video recording.
  6. The accuracy of digital red eye correction in the RAW development is improved.
  7. The time lag of stop signal transmission through HDMI is adjusted to make the length of the recorded contents same either on the SD Memory Card or on the external recorder via HDMI.

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4K compact camera LX100 does 3:2 anamorphic baby Hypergonar with SLR Magic Rangefinder
from Seb Farges on Vimeo.

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Antosh:I thought you might be interested in a 4K Aurora Borealis time-lapse I made, shot on a Panasonic GH4 near Karigasniemi, Finland. We were very lucky to see 2 spectacular geomagnetic storms in one week. Our guide warned us to keep cameras covered between shots, but shooting time-lapse I didn’t have that option. The GH4 just kept on going for hours at -25C! Condensation formed on it when I brought it indoors, but it’s still working fine :)

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100 Review – 4K Video/20MP Photo

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SLR Magic 2x Anamorphic Zoom
from Jurek Ugarow on Vimeo.

Jurek (video above): “A short video using the SLR Magic 2x Anamorphot adapter on the Panasonic 35-100mm G X Vario f/2.8, half recorded internally with V-Log L, half with the Natural profile. The last clip is out of focus (do not adjust your TV….) The lad and I were goofing around playing at camera men when he suddenly jumped up and looked into the camera, a little to closely. I kept the footage because a) it’s funny, b) wanted to check skin tones, and c) wanted to check the facial geometry post de-squeeze. The lens/adapter/combination isn’t perfect, nor does it have “cine” functionality, but there is still a lot to like about it as a sub $2k, 2x anamorphic optic. I like the modern clean look, and having multiple focal lengths on a single optic is very attractive. The +0.3 diopter was used on the small Buddha clip to focus under 2.5 feet. A couple of zoom where manual, the rest done in post (which is which should be quite obvious).

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