(UPDATED) Pssss…don’t tell it to your Canon/Nikon friends: Gianni Galassi shoots with a MicroFourThirds camera! :)


We already knew it! Professional photographer does shoot with Fullframe Canon/Nikon cameras. They make the good photography and we make the bad photography.

Ok! Canon and Nikon users stop reading here ok? Don’t go further, your ego might suffer if you continue reading 😉

Let’s talk about real photography:
I was reading an article at TheOnlinePhotographer about the famous photographer Gianni Galassi. After that I visited Gianni’s blog and found an interesting line: “blablabla….Having recently adopted Micro 4/3…..blablabla”. He has started his career by shooting with MicroFourThirds cameras! Maybe he doesn’t know that MicroFourThirds don’t have a fullframe sensor inside? 😉

P.S: I have nothing against Canon/Nikon users, but I feel sorry for those who think that the camera or brand has a decisive influence on the quality of photography!

UPDATE: here you have the link to one picture taken with the Panasonic G1.
Galassi has been so friendly to visit our website and write a comment to our post:

Unfortunately I’m not starting my photographic career now. I took my first pictures when I was a kid in the Sixties, using a 6X6 Eura Ferrania. My first reflex was a Canon FT, but I soon switched to Nikon (it was the “cool” camera then). After becoming a pro, I shot with 5×4 inch Arca and Linhof view cameras, 6×6 Rollei and Hasselblad and 35 mm Leica MP-4 and CL (an unforgettable little gem). I only made color transparencies and b/w negative. The latter developed, printed and finished by myself in my own lab.
When I stopped commercial assignments I kept my Leicas for personal photography. I entered the digital era scanning my b/w negatives and then editing them in the early versions of Photoshop. I turned towards digital capture only when a reliable sensor was available: the 6 mpixel Sony adopted, among others, by Nikon for its D100 and D70. And by Epson for its R-D1 viewfinder M-bayonet body, which was my choice as a natural Leica digital dub in 2004. Great camera.
Then came Nikon D200 and D300. Good cameras indeed, but definitely too heavy and bulky for my habits. Oh, there has also been a Leica M8, but I sold it after a couple of weeks).
When M4/3 appeared at least, I found it was a promising successor of my film Leicas. I tested a G1, and that confirmed my opinion: a good quality 12 mpixel is enough to get excellent exhibition-range prints. IMHO it can be considered as the 35 mm of the digital age. And the first GF1 in Rome has been mine. It reminds me of my old Leica CL. Definitely my kind of camera. Apart from the GF1, I have a Canon G10, which I like too. And sometimes I enjoy some shooting with a Lumix TZ65. My whole equipment can now be stored in a Micro-Trekker shoulder bag. Three lenses, spare batteries, chargers, filters, cards and a mini tripod included. And my iPod. How refreshing.

Thanks Gianni!


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