December 26, 2009
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E-P1 Fashion gallery!

[nggallery id=7]


December 26, 2009
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SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 adds support for the Olympus E-P2

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 has beenn released and can handle the Olympus E-P2 RAW files.

December 25, 2009
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The Christmas day deals…

Good Morning! We have not many news today but we found some really interesting deal. The Panasonic GF1m the GH1 and some E-P1 combos do have the lowest price we have ever seen:

Amazon US: Panasonic GF1 Camera with 14-45mm Lens for $850!!!
Amazon US: Panasonic GH1 Camera for $1,299.00
Amazon US: Olympus E-P1 Camera with 14-42mm Lens (Silver Body/Black Lens) for $679.00.
Amazon US: Panasonic 45-200mm Lens for $282.00.
Amazon US: Olympus E-P1 Camera with 17mm f/2.8 Lens and Viewfinder (Silver) for $729.00

P.S.: Both Olympus E-P2 combos are also in Stock!

December 25, 2009
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December 24, 2009
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Merry Christmas!

Jumping in the desert during my China-Mongolia trip in September 2009

I have such a lot to say and I don’t know how to say it.
It has been amazing for me to see how well 43rumors works. I made so many friends trough it, I learned a lot about things I didn’t know before, I didn’t sleep many nights, I went desperated few times, but loved to work and write for you.

You don’t know me and I don’t know most of you. But I really wish you all the best. I wish you a relaxing time with your family and well-deserved rest from your work and daily stress. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


A special thanks goes to:

- Daniel B. (he is the first guy who joined the 43rumors team)

- Thom Hogan and Iker Moran

- Massimo T. , Leonard D. and Voyager

- The Nikonrumors guy

- Sjoerd and Doug (The Server guys who saved my a.. so many times)

- And Finally all the rumors and news sender. Really Thank you!

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