GH3 videos roundup (First Quadcopter flight and astronomy shots).


Panasonic GH3 aboard the Cinestar 6 multirotor. from on Vimeo.

More and more GH3 videos and user test are being posted. Here is the next roundup that may help you to get an imrpesion about the potential of that nice camera:

GH3 skateboarding documentary by EosHD.
Panasonic GH3 Field Notes: Monterey Pier Video (Outbackphoto).
Panasonic GH3 – Review and User Experience – Part 1 – This IS different (Soundimagesplus).
Silkypix now supports the GH3.

Twills:Here are some sample Astro Photographs I took with the GH3. I was able to capture 15 objects in a single night. All of these images were out of the camera jpgs. Most were single exposure shots with no post processing at all.
However, some were in camera HDR shots. That mode works extremely well if you select the +-2 stop option and then shoot a 15 second ISO 3200 base image. The camera then will combine that image with a 60 second and a 4second image to give you an image that compresses the scenes dynamic range by 4 stops.
This works very well on Orion’s Nebula. However, I would like to find a way to use the bulb function with HDR so that we could use longer shutter durations. Also it would be nice to be able to do RAW HDR shots. The camera already can do unlimited in camera RAW stacking. However, it can’t align those shots like the HDR mode does.
Looks like the GH3 needs to be hacked after all. However, this time it is more for stills than video. The video is essentially perfect for what the sensor is capable of in my opinion.

Where can you find the GH3 in Stock right now? Some bodies are available in Canada on eBay (via Slidoo) and in UK (via eBay again), Wex UK and Wex DE.


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