(FT4) UPDATED-> No Olympus MFT camera on October 31?


I constantly find people refering to the 31st of October as a possible launch date for the E-P2. Photorumors posted a teaser with the date. I do not know if Olympus will announce new products on 31st of October but our sources told us that the next Olympus MFT camera will be announced later this year (November/December) and not this Saturday. They also told us that the camera will be available in the first months of 2010.

So what will happen on October 31? No idea. Maybe new FourThirds stuff is coming? Or maybe nothing.


(FT2) Few unknown sources do say the E-30 successor could be announced soon.

(FT2) The Administrator of clubsnap.com says there will be an important Olympus event on November 5 in Singapore.


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