(FT3) UPDATED-> FAKE!!! Leica surprise! R10 spotted?



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leicar10This one is an old image leak. We don’t know if the image is real!

FAKE: “Only the X1 and the Leica M9 have been announced :(

So finally we know(?) what’s the secret surprise from leica, is it the R10?

The sources says “The R10 beta tester says that the finder is so bright that Leica delivers sun glasses for free with the camera!

Source: l-camera-forum.com

(FT3) R10 specs??? Source: http://www.overgaard.dk/leica_R10_dSLR.html

Full frame 24x36mm.
Maestro processor (as in the Leica S2).
24MP or more (based on the size of the sensor compared to the 30×45 mm 37.5 MP sensor in the S2)
Kodak sensor.
ISO 1600 and above (with 1600 ISO in acceptable quality; better than existing Hasselblad it has been stated)
Same or better image quality than DMR (which is already better than Canon 1ds Mark III and Nikon D3)
Autofocus (with a new range of AF R-lenses implied, or internal AF as described further down the page!)
Backwards compatible with existing non-AF R-lenses,a dn with focus-confirmation.
Based on the S2 developments and technology
Big bright viewfinder, great for focusing, information and prople wearing glasses
Fast AF, fast buffer, fast everything
Smaller size than Leica R9, Leica S2 and Canon 1ds Mark III
Focus on simplicity, manual control, image quality, Leica philosophy about the image in focus
Dual memory card support for Flash and SD-cards (as the S2)?

UPDATE: We still don’t know if the R10 is real or fake. We are continuely checking the news…


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