(FT3) Panasonic LX5 successor with larger sensor?


This is not a Micro Four Thirds related news but I think it’s worth the rumor to be posted here.

Techradar (Click here) interviewed Yoshiyuki Inoue (Panasonic Senior Engineering Planner): “he said that although the LX3 had been very successful, its replacement the LX5 had not sold as well as Panasonic had hoped.” And to appeal enthusiast photographers “one aspect that is being given serious consideration for the camera that replaces the LX5 is increasing the size of the sensor, Panasonic’s Mr Uematsu even joked that it could have a 1in sensor like the new Nikon V1.

The real question should be if there will be ever a sort of Fuji X100 camera with Micro Four Thirds sensor. That would be something interesting!

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