(FT2) UPDATED->Panasonic compact (MicroFourThirds?) camera to be announced in August?


I had a talk with all sources and that’s what I can say for now:
(FT4) Panasonic will announce “something” early August.
(FT2) On Q4 you can buy the compact Panasonic MicroFourThirds camera

But is the MFT camera going to be announced in August or something else? We are checking it.

What we know about the Panasonic MFT camera:
(FT4) The Panasonic compact camera is as tiny as the and very similar in his function. A second source reports that it is thinner (may because of the lack of inbody IS). And it will come with the 20mm f/1.7 lens!
(FT3) Look at the image below. This is an image of the Panasonic LC1. There is something you miss in the E-P1 and the Panasonic G(?) will have. The EVF on the right!

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