(FT 4) UPDATED-> Leica to join the MicroFourThirds world with his lenses!


Two different sources confirmed us that Leica won’t make any MicroFourThirds camera…for now! But “it seems” 😉 they made an agreement with Panasonic to develop special MicroFourThirds lenses. Both sources told us this lenses will be very expensive….surprise surprise :)
Do we have some timeline? Yes Q4 2009 or Q1 2010 you will see the first Leica MFT lens
Do we know wich kind of lens Leica will offer us at first? No! But you know we are working on it…

UPDATE: One more (and new) source confirms that Leica will make few (expensive) MFT lenses. (FT3) Timeline: between November 2009 and March 2010 Leica should release the first prime lens.

P.S.: This last update cost me a very good deal in ebay. I received the email from the new source 5 minutes before the end of the ebay bid. I have been so excited that I answered him but not quick enough to go back to ebay and place my offer :(


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