Contact form fixed. Waiting to get more GH3-PEN-Lens and “more”(?) rumors!


If you know 43rumors you know that sometimes server does crash and after that I spend a lot of time on fixing things. I am working on a new long term solution by redesigning the website and updating the server power. But this is costly and I can’t do this right now (I am saving my money for it).

For sources:
Anyway, what matters is that my sources can read this post to know that the anonymous contact form on the right sidebar is working again. You know it doesn’t store any info like IP address and you don’t have to share me your real name (just pickup a fake one). You can also create a fake gmail account and send me messages at

For sources and readers:
I am working on new rumors about the GH3, E-PM2, EPL5 cameras plus the new lenses (like the telephoto lens from Panasonic). It’s only one month to go until the announcement and new rumors and even leaks could arrive any time soon. It’s going to be a busy time!


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