Amarcord: Olympus 35 SP



We now know that Olympus will release a new Micro Four Thirds camera within the next 1-2 months. As they always took inspiration from the past let’s check back some of the Olympus historical cameras. Today I make a short intro to the is the Olympus 35 SP.

Like so many Olympus cameras also that one marked a point in the camera history. Launched in 1969 it had a unique feature: It was the first Rangefinder camera with a dual metering system (spot or centerweighted readings). It has a high quality 42/1.7 fixed G.Zuiko lens. Yep, there is a “G” letter before the “Zuiko” because it refers to the seventh letter of the alphabet to signify the seven elements of the lens construction. And according to Andrew from UTexas: “It truly matches or surpasses many prime lens available today.“.

But there are many unique features on that camera. a controls (including exposure modes and timer) are on the lens!
Really, you have to read the wonderful written article at Utexas (Click here) to understand all the greatness on this jewel. One more interetsing article is also available at Cameraquest.

The camera itself is of course available on plenty of acutions on eBay (Click ehre to see them). Great camera that (unlike all digital cameras) will likely work fine for all the rest of our long life :)


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