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Zone-10: Two PEN prototypes in the field. Will Olympus fail or win?


Zone-10 (Click here) wrote down his mix of speculations/predictions about the upcoming Olympus cameras:
No less than two distinctly different prototypes have been seen in the wild. One has a built-in EVF, the other not. M43 line-up will be expanded to three cameras with presence in the low, mid and high price ranges
But Olympus future success doesn’t only depend from the quality of their products:
In fact, as Olympus market share and overall sales has continued to drop, even a successful product launch will most certainly still end up a failure because Olympus Sales and Marketing–especially Olympus America, is unable to get product out to where the buyers are.
And to scare our Four Thirds readers the article ends with that sentence:
It is very obvious that Four-Thirds is dead, dead, dead.

Now let’s hope Olympus will not disappoint us on June 30. That would be a good start to get back some of the share they have lost during the last years!

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