Zeiss CP+ lenses for Micro Four Thirds to start shipping this week


Via Twitter (Click here) Zeiss announced that “We’ll ship our Compact Prime CP.2 lenses w. F and MFT to our customers this week“.  Zeiss AG joined the Micro Four Thirds System group and the first products are the adapted CP.2 lenses. They are very expensive and meant for professional movie work. Check price at .

You can see the first image samples at Flickr. Taken with the Panasonic GH2 and Compact Prime CP.2 85mm/T2.1 Cine Lens.


  • WT21


    Think I’ll go sell my car so I can buy a lens :)

  • Luke

    That is a SERIOUSLY sexy lens.

    • Mr. Reeee

      It’s also seriously HUGE.
      Judging from the Flickr photos, I’d guess it’s almost 4″ diameter! It dwarfs the GH2!

  • GreyOwl

    Just the lens for a bit of candid street photography………..

    Compact Prime. Yes, well er…….

  • These lenses are definitely not for everyone, and I’m not sure that they’re even all that worth it for a video shooter. The issue is the max aperture. I think the fastest one is f/2.1. While that’s a fast aperture for a PL mount, not so much for m4/3. I think I’d rather have the Cosina f/0.95 (one reason why its a sell out). Essentially, you’re paying a lot of money for the focus gear. We’ll see, though. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I see one in operation on an AG-AF100. But I suspect not.

  • RW

    Hah! If that is what they call a “compact prime”, I would hate to see what they call a “large zoom”….

  • canard

    They’re cinema lenses. They’re compact FOR CINEMA LENSES. You don’t want a cinema lenses to be too small, because when you’re working on tightly choreographed shots there are 3 people operating the camera together and one of them is pulling focus to exact, pre-marked points. Believe me, I know, I did that for a living for most of the 1980s.

    They’e also T calculated lenses. A “f” number is an estimate of how much light the lens will transmit based on the optically apparent size of the aperture in the design schematic. A “t” number (t for “transmission”) is measured based on a physical copy of the lens, and at the factory lenses are tested individually to ensure that they’re EXACTLY the t value. This way you can take readings with an external meter, swap lenses, and know that you’re getting the same exposure at a given t-stop and shutter speed.

    Pointless to talk about these from a consumer point of view – it’s like saying a new F1 car won’t really cut it for your daily commute. The fast Cosina might be better for you shooting video on your camera, but hand one to a professional 2nd AC and he’ll look at you like Mario Andretti if you told him he should drive an Accord at Indy. When we get these in to the store in which I work at they’ll go with the Panny video camera to the professional film and video department, not the photography counter. These are professional quality cinema lenses that will enable the Panny video camera to be slotted right in to a crew accustomed to using a compact 35mm rig without them missing a beat. $30k for the AGAF100 and the full set of these lenses = cheap since it brings your negative cost down to $0.

    • frank

      Thanks for the explanation of the way these lenses are used. They are not for your average photographer then!

    • RW

      Point taken on the relative size of cinema lenses versus those used on still cameras – but it is shown on a consumer grade camera body in the Flickr link referenced by the news story, and you have to admit that it looks pretty ridiculous in that context.

      • canard

        It does look stupid, but that’s the users folly. I know a bunch of the fellas at CZ Canada – I guarantee you they’re not marketing these to consumer photographic users and would probably have a good laugh at those pictures.

        Some people gonna buy these things on line and use them ways they weren’t intended, and look stupid in the process? Yeah, of course. Saw a guy the other day shooting at a kids hockey game with a PhaseOne system that we retail for more than the truck I drive…doesn’t make the PhaseOne a bad product. (ps – Talked to the guy, he’d just rented it to do a spread for a magazine and was playing with it, not some fool who really thinks he needs $27k camera to shoot his kid at hockey).

        Obvious CZ thinks people will use the m4/3 video camera as a full film and tv rig, and either buy these lenses or want to buy a mount to use the ones they already have. Repeat, you are NOT the customer for these – rental houses and production companies and maybe a few dps who own their own rig are.

  • Rado Stefano

    Are the CP2 for MFT going to be just a mount modification or new kind of lenses?
    It is cheaper to make lenses for the MFT.
    Zeiss should make them and sale cheaper

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