Zacuto GH3 test. And LL says: “may be the best hybrid camera yet.”


Zacuto’s First Look at the Panasonic Lumix GH3 from Steve Weiss on Vimeo.

Zacuto posted this first GH3 hands-on video. And Luminous Landscape are now testing the GH3 too. Review will be up soon but in the meantime they wrote that: “so far I am extremely impressed with the build, handling, and especially image quality, both stills and video. This may be the best hybrid camera yet.

GH3 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here)Panasonic US and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK, Photogalerie FR and Technikdirekt.

  • Albert

    What is a hybrid camera?

    • Jesper

      Still photography camera plus video camera = hybrid camera

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Just doesn’t really make much sense to keep calling camera as hybrid because with digital camera there’s very little difference in taking stills or video.
        It’s legacy design limited (d)SLRs which have problems in integrating video seamlessly.

    • Camaman

      Whats a hybrid was my question also…
      Acording to this there are almost no cameras left in the world. They almost all do photos and video. Hahahha!

  • uberzone

    I always laugh when I see people complain about the size of the GH3. This video demonstrates perfectly why the slightly larger size from the GH2 is a non issue for anyone into videography. With all of the add-ons, follow focus, rails, and monitors even the smallest camera will become a beast in no time.

    • It’s not “slightly” larger, comparatively it’s just huge and weighs a quarter more.,166

      • Gabriel
        • I was just comparing two generations of the very same camera to illustrate the case that the latest one is COMPARATIVELY HUGE.

          But if you insist on more funny meaningless comparisons like the one you suggested why not try this:



      • Tron

        This is a camera for men, not little boys. Perhaps one day when you grow up, you’ll be able to handle the extra 100gms.

        • CuriousBenjamin

          Surely, if you are such a “man”, why dont you stick with the bigger DSLR’s? Why lurk here?

          • alexander

            yes you are right!!

            MICRO 4/3 has something to do with smal (!) size!!!

            by the way- why is there no smal Ply lens (eg: panasonic 14-42 or the new sony lens)

          • Esa Tuunanen

            Flapping mirror and it preventing seamless live view and video doesn’t belong to digital age.

            You better be equally picky in amount of food you eat to avoid gaining useless blubber if you’re that concerned about avoiding need to to carry too much.
            Though statistics basically says that half of you “Entry-level DSLR’s weight is too much for weather sealed high end body”-whiners have failed in that…

            • Wow, so much hate online. “You whiners”, “us vs them”, etc.

              Can we just accept that people have different priorities and leave it at that? I happen to prioritize (light)weight in my gear since for me it adds up when carrying a laptop, camera and at least two of my favorite lenses, plus cords, a notepad and some other stuff.

              Does this mean I’m weak and/or likely fat because you happen to think differently? Does it mean that I think you’re wrong about prioritizing other things such as handling, stability or features?

              No, and No.

              So enough with the hate, please.


              • Ulli


        • Please enlighten me how you use your male specific features to carry photographic equipment before I can handle this peculiar conversation :)

  • Jedd

    It is the latest and most expensive m43 camera. How else it should behave.

    • WSG123

      EOS 1D-X User here. Just came by to flash my biceps to Tron and his girly GH3.

      • MAFAv8r

        Nice comeback, just as I was thinking how to reply to him.

  • napalm

    It’s a Pro model so I expect the size. I thinks it is still smaller than the X Pro and mist entry level DSLRs. But m4/3 still has smaller lenses so the system will still be smaller. I’d say these are exciting times for m4/3!

  • Gabriel

    For me, the size and weight of Gh2 is okay for photo shooting; but for video shooting it is too light for hand held shot.

  • dreamer

    Another GH3 ‘test’ which is good for nothing. Please, please give us a side by side comparison with the GH2, downloadable on vimeo. Bright day light, landscape, low light a.s.o.

    • The GH3 firmware, and possibly the hardware, isn’t finished yet. After the final production version of the camera is available, then we can decide if it’s any good or not. The GH3 might be a winner, but Panasonic is also capable of producing a dud. It’s far too early yet to know which it is.

  • Doesn’t the GH3 come with a EVF?

    I’m sure the rigging is solid, but 90% of what Zacuto has been strapping to DSLRs isn’t needed with a GH1, 2, or 3.

    Long ago I had to choose between a GH1 and T2i. I really thought the T2i felt better in my hand. If the GH3 has the ergonomic improvements I think it does it’s the bomb.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Video shooters probably want to be able to use viewfinder without nose poking the camera which happens with too much SLR like design of body extending left from lens mount/viewfinder.

      You got it right about ergonomics.
      I always considered Canon’s entry level DSLRs to have lousy small grip, untill mirrorless proved you can always have even worser one.
      GH3 has finally good size grip, top view shows it well.,219

  • Not surprising from LL, they have always been pro-Panasonic, looking forward to GH3 though, hopefully Olympus can bring sth similar.

  • Reader

    all your “embed” video is too wide.

    • Or comment display field is too narrow.

      The site is apparently designed by the “modern” web designers who keep the browser constantly maximized. The embedded video width is OK when browser is maximized on a wide screen.

  • Heat Legend

    I really cannot stand Zacuto. Will not ever be buying their terribly overpriced products. Some of the rigs they try to sell cost 100% more than even RedRockMicro equivalent rigs.

    Lol, No thanks.

  • I’m not a funboy at all…I just want to give my experience…. I’m an OM-D owner and I really have to say I’m impressed with this little “toy” as someone calls it. I’m impressed by this new GH3 and seems to do it very well in every aspect. But I must say that as someone says…size matters. My mom own a canon 400 D and as she’s becoming “old” would like to change system to another more lightweight…and so she really would like to go for m43. Now as I consider her as a semi-pro the only two choices for me at the moment are OM-D and GH3 as for build, quality etc. So I showed her the two models and, off course, she said “ooooh well I’ll buy the OM-D because the GH3 is too big for me and if I have to buy a camera more or less the same size and weight of the Canon I would stick with Canon!”. Now my part is that even for me size matters if at the time I bought OM.D the GH3 was out I would stick with OM.D for size and weight as for me video is not important and both cameras seems really similar in quality. Just my two cents :D

    • BassRock

      You don’t have to buy a camera the same size as a Canon to get pro m43. There are plenty of other alternatives, like the GX2 that is coming.

    • Duarte Bruno

      Even if your mom is a semi-pro but she’s a pro videographer she can’t go wrong with the OM-D. In fact it’s the perfect camera for her.
      Happy shooting! :)

  • Kristo Ketis

    These people are AMATEUR. These are just a model and a seller…nothing more…
    Classic American style video…with nothing to say…

  • k13

    After repairing some ZACUTO-GEAR for the
    dls-kids, and the funny all american marketing
    they make ( shootoout… for the audience = gh2)
    ( to selle more..)next “GREATE THING”

    Fine to see what gh3 will bring lookin on my gh2.
    and why give away something, that is praised sooo
    much last 24 months? okidoki

  • Looks like my new camera for video work

  • tbunny

    Honest question: all these people talking about IBIS. If you have an OIS lens on your EM5, do you get double the stabilization? Or do the stabilizing systems work against each other? I’ve never seen this addressed.

    • Heat Legend

      IBIS and OIS work against each other

  • Kuba

    This is a pure Zacuto commercial, not GH3 preview- only idiot cannot spot it…

  • chris

    Where’s the “review” part of the video, they’re just pimping overpriced Zacuto stuff.

    Worst. Review. Ever.

  • Dugo

    Zacuto had NEVER TESTED the Panasonic Lumix GH3. They merely made a short promotion video clip to show us what types of Zacuto accessories can be affixed to the GH3. (HINT: pretty much the same as for all other digital cameras.)

  • marc ipswitch

    maybee the blindest light….
    maybee the ugliest car…
    maybee the next worthless energylost for no nonsens…
    maybee the toiltepaper that sing a song
    maybee the camera taht makes photos
    maybee the camera taht can film without anything
    maybee 2300000000000000000 galons of heineken are
    better than 22.99999999999 galons of oil….

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