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You can now preorder the new Alice MFT camera on Indiegogo


Starting from now you can preorder the new Alice MFT camera on Indiegogo (Click here). WARNING: Just recently the X-TRA Battery campaign was revealed as a scam. While the Alice project has nothing to do with it you still have to keep in mind that supporting a kickstart campaign is no 100% guarantee you will actually get the product!

Alice’s unique selling point is that it harnesses the computational photography that you see in the latest smartphones but applies it to professional quality optics. The Alice Camera also offers:

  • A 4/3 image sensor, eight times bigger than the ones in smartphones. The sensor’s dual native ISO and quad-bayer structure gives users excellent low-light performance, high dynamic range and exceptionally low noise;
  • The ability to attach your favourite Micro Four Thirds lens, the most flexible and compact interchangeable lens system around, with over 50 professional-quality lenses available, or attach an adapter to use lenses with different mounts too;
  • A dedicated AI-chip will run the company’s patent-pending end-to-end deep learning pipeline on-device for innovative computational photography features to automate scene capture and enhance image processing.

Here are the specs:

As usual be aware that there are some risks in supporting kickstarter campaigns!

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