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Your (lens-) message in a bottle for Schneider Kreuznach!



As you know Schneider is considering to develop a new 30mm f/1.4 and 60mm f/2.4 macro lens. These lenses should be unveiled in 2013. But is that what 43rumor readers do want? What would you want from Schneider?

Consider that:
1) Schneider will make prime lenses (not zooms) for now
2) The lenses will be expensive (1.000-1.5000 Euro)
3) They will high super high quality, autotofcus but no in body stabilization

Take into account the three points and let me know what lens the Germans should make to convince you to spend your money! Comment this post!


Some nice lenses you can take inspiration of:

Xenon 16mm f/1.2 (Click here to see on eBay).
Xenon 25mm f/0.95 (Click here to see on eBay).
Curtagon 35mm f/2.8 (Click here to see on eBay).
Componon 50mm f/1.4 (Click here to see on eBay).
Xenon 50mm f/1.9 (Click here to see on eBay).
Xenar 50mm f/2.8 (Click here to see on eBay).
Xenar 75mm f/3.5 (Click here to see on eBay).
Xenotar 80mm f/2.8 (Click here to see on eBay).
Xenar 180mm f/2.8 (Click here to see on eBay).

  • GS1

    100-150mm f/2.8 macro 1:1

    • mpgxsvcd

      Wide fast prime. Nuff said.

      • Farrukh

        +1 A fast wide prime, 7, 8 or 9mm. Built it and I’ll buy it.

    • hannes

      +1, but 200mm f4 would even be better

      • Eric

        I recently bough an OM 200 mm f/4.0. It is not a such big lens (length 127 mm) but slightly heavy (500 g). It is a nice complement to slow telezoom. So, +1 for something similar in sizes with AF.

  • anteportas


    – 9mm/2,8
    – 17mm/1,4
    – 100mm/1,8 sealed
    – 150mm/2.0 sealed with bracket
    – 90mm/2.8 macro, sealed, with bracket

    I know, zooms are not in focus of Schneider, but i would really like to see Schneider Professional Af-Zooms for m43. My wishes:

    – 12-60/2.0-2,8 sealed
    – 35-200/2.0 sealed with bracket
    – 100-200/2.8 sealed with bracket

    • Alan

      For me personally, m43 is not about longer lenses, although I acknowledge the “reach” argument. The big gap in my m43 outfit is 10/2.8, but your suggestion of a 9/2.8 would also be very acceptable. 17/1.4 would also be useful. Schneider have a good reputation for ultra wides in larger formats, and neither of the major players in m43 seem to want to go particularly wide, so surely this would be a viable niche for Schneider to develop.

  • Nothing! It will be tooooooooooo expensive:)

    • Pavlo


      • Tim

        I agree, but at that price they should certainly be sealed for me to even consider it.

      • Dannecus

        Too expensive for me too, but I like that there are top end lenses available for this system so pro (or just rich :) ) photographers are attracted to the system as well as peasants like me. The more range there is available the better.

        The only lens that may tempt me would be a 17mm f1.4, but I think (hope) Oly will fill that gap eventually.

  • Brod1er

    ………….so that’s cleared that one up for Schneider. Good to see the usual level of consensus over lens requirements and all 100% realistic. :-p

  • Tulio

    a 10.5mm ( 21mm equivalent) f2.8

  • zz

    Really, there is no need for such expensive lenses for a mirrorless system. I can justify expensive lenses for a proper FF system, but not for mirrorless.

    • If it sells, thats the only justification needed by the manufacturer.

    • jim


    • Franz

      Why not?

    • Franz

      A fast lens between 90 and 105mm, means 180 – 210 mm equivalent, f 2.8 or faster, I would buy immediately, if available. This is missing for m43, also 150 and/or 200mm, f 4.0, or faster as well. All zoom lenses between 45/75 – 175/200/300mm are only mediocre until now.

  • beautemps

    Which lenses would I pay for so much money? The daily standard and the wide open Portrait.

    25mm f1.0
    50 o. 60mm f1.0

    • RAW

      Doesnt Voightlander already make the excellent 25mm f0.95? Although not AF :-(

      • Mr. Reeee

        Of course, it’s a fantastic lens, but it’s so,so difficult the rotate the focus ring.

  • Snabelabe

    A 7-7.5-8mm prime lens, preferably not too slow.

  • Bonica

    My wishes:

    Super Angulon f5,6 6mm (no fish Eye, 120°)
    Super Angulon f2 10mm
    Super Angulon Shift f4 12mm
    Super Angulon f1,2 or f1,4 17mm
    Xenotar f1,2 25mm
    Xenotar f2 100mm
    Apo Tele Xenar f2,8 180mm (I like my Leica – but it is without AF)
    Tele Xenar ED f4,5 300mm
    Tele Xenar ED f5,6 400mm

    Wheatersealing would be fine.

    Unspectacular lenses which are affordable are also very welcome. Please think about producing them by a partner in Asia.

    Please: no 60mm macro, the version of Olympus will be good enough and cheaper.

    And: a Variogon would also be fine. That used to be a strength of Schneider Kreuznach.

    • +1

      • Anna_T

        Plus one for the 12mm F4 shift lens. This sounds like very reasonnable specifications. This would be my top priority. For the rest I’m already more than covered and what is still available suits me well.

        • Olaf

          Why not a 12mm with both Tilt and Shift?

          • rrr_hhh

            Tilt is used mainly in order to increase DOF on full frame or view cameras. Given the large DOF of mft sensors on wide lenses, it is not really usefull on a wide mft lens.
            Also, it would add bulk and weight. The result would be a uselessly bigger and heavier lens, which is contrary to the philosophy of the mft format.

            Some encouraged by the popularity of the lensbabies may want to use tilt in order to blurr part of the picture, but it can be done afterward in photoshop, since there is no fear of loosing data : this is the goal.

  • reverse stream swimmer

    10mm (20mm AOV)
    12mm Olympus
    14mm (28mm AOV) announced
    17mm (34mm AOV)
    20mm (40mm AOV)
    25mm Panasonic
    30mm Sigma
    45mm Olympus
    45mm (90mm AOV) super high grade
    60mm Olympus
    75mm Olympus
    85mm (170mm AOV) Let Samyang have it
    90mm (180mm AOV)
    100mm (200mm AOV)

    • Tim

      And you will buy all these if they make them? At a total price of 15000-20000 euro?

  • Michael1849

    I would respectfully disagree that micro 4/3 is not about long lenses; with the advent of the EM-5, it should become possible to envision a broad range of functions as part of a long term ability to replace larger systems. From the standpoint of an outdoors (nature) photographer, obvious candidates would include 180/200 mm f/2.8 (see Canon and Nikon examples for compact lenses) and 300 F/4 (see everybody’s; my old OM-series 300 4.5 is quite compact). Even a 400/5/6 (a la Canon) would be very welcome and useful. All of these are full-frame lenses, so shrinking them somewhat should not be impossible. WIldlife photographers have always been willing to pay more for (relatively) long, fast lenses. This range is clearly the principal void in the micro-4/3 system.

    While I love my Olympus 150 f/2 dearly, I don’t think that is would be possible to shrink it significantly for micro-4/3. It’s cost would also be a bit daunting as well.


  • Leiya

    8mm (about eqv 15-16mm) f/4.5 or faster (rectilinear)
    10-11mm (about eqv 21mm) f/3.5 or faster
    17-18mm (about eqv 35mm) f/1.8 or faster
    30mm (eqv 60mm) f/3.5 or faster MACRO

    Didn’t state over-ambitious lens apertures in the hope of getting more compact (and slightly cheaper) lenses with (possibly better) image quality

    • Anonymous

      Yes I know there are differences but… The Nikon 135mm f2.0 DC is much much smaller than the oly 150 and it projects a much much larger image circle so… come on oly show me the lens and I’ll show you the money!

  • Paul

    I’d like to see:
    – 10mm f2.8 Pancake, not to expensive
    – 10mm f1.0–2.0, as good as can be

    – 17mm f2.8 Pancake, not to expensive
    – 17mm f1.0–2.0, as good as can be

    – 25mm f2.0

    – 50mm f2.0–2.8 Pankcake, not to expensive
    – 50mm f1.0, as good as can be

    – 90mm f2.0 Macro, as good as can be

    All weathersealed, all with metal finish, and all with fast AF, just like the new Olympus lenses. The Pancakes as small/compact alternatives to carry around (almost) every day, the faster and bigger ones as top-notch tools.

    Maybe there’s a bit of gap between 25mm and 50mm, and between 50mm and 90mm.

    I’d really like to see that. And I’d like to have the money to buy that.

  • Cristian

    I would wish some wideangle primes – a 7mm which is not to expensive with filter thread.

  • Bob B.

    I am very happy with the lenses that I have. (10 of them, all AF from Oly and Panny, fisheye to 175mm (350mm equiv.)..8 are really good primes one slower zoom at the short end and one slower zoom at the long end). I would like to say a 10.5mm f/2 but I really, most likely would not spend the money. I do have the Panasonic 7-14mm zoom and for this system I would not spend that kind of money on a prime I don’t believe. Like someone said above..I would reserve that kind of expenditure for my full-frame camera. I still need both systems. MFT is GREAT…but it does not have it all.
    I would like to say a 150mm or 200mm prime (300-400mm equiv.)…but I do not think I would want an expensive prime lens at a long focal length without IS. I think once you get into that realm you need dedicated IS for the lens. Don’t know if the IBIS in the OM-D would cut it. Not sure.

    • I second. Right now, if you want something premium in the tele range, you need to look at 43 HG/SHG lenses with adapter.

      Also, it kills me when I read all this inferiority complex, where high grade lenses supposedly are not for m43. I don’t need, therefore you don’t…

    • peter

      +1 for a 10mm

  • BLI

    Schneider should:
    — study how many *real* potential customers there are. I mean pro customers who can pay for their lenses. They should not listen to impulsive wishes from people like myself for whom sufficient good, but reasonable lenses are sought. (Ok: I may buy the 75/1.8, but I won’t pay much more for a lens…)
    — if they make one with a (close to) existing focal range, it needs to be *significantly* better than other offerings at lower prizes. Of course, if it will double as a NEX lens, they have more freedom…
    — they should find wholes in the lens catalog. Lenses that no-one else produces. Like a tilt/shift lens. A macro lens with focal length > 100 mm, a tele lens > 300 mm, etc. (Re: macro, tele: are Schneider known for solid/weather sealed lenses??)

  • rüdiger

    please no 60mm macro => oly has one soon
    please no 30mm => pl 25mm 1,4 is very very good

    please make somethin special like a wa tilt/shift, uwa prime

    • Rob

      This was my thoughts too, but then, there is not much else missing from the general lens options now.

      A fast 17mm AF is about the only thing that would probably interest me from them realistically. I’d rather get a 60mm macro from Olympus due to budget reasons.

  • x_holger

    2.0/10mm (or a 2.0/9mm) would be nice :-)

    A really sharp 1.0/45mm or 1.0/50mm, too

  • jim

    10mm F2.8
    17mm F1.4
    90mm F2.8 Macro
    150mm F2.8
    300mm F3.5

    Basicly all the lenses missing from the m43 line up!

  • There are lots of lenses: wide, normal and short telephoto. Bud I still miss some real tele-lens: 200/2.8, 300/4 or 400/5.6. Pana 100-300 is OK but 300mm@5.6 isn’t enough.
    I home sigma will make some telephoto – prime or zoom (100-300/4 or 120-300/2.8)

  • wayne wong

    need a 17.5 f/1.4 pancake
    and 75 f/1.8 black lens…..

  • Steve

    Telephoto, please! 150-200mm and pretty fast. I’d pay a bunch for that!

  • Ad

    No-brainer: Please Schneider, make us a wide-angle shift lens.

    Max. aperture f/4 is enough, focal length 14mm (my personal preference, but I’ll take anything between 10mm and 18mm), AF not mandatory, auto-diaphragm not mandatory, very nice if lens would transmit EXIF data.

    • Anna_T

      Plus one ! Yes, we need a wide angle shift lens. F4 is OK for me too. But focal length between 10 and 12mm or at maximum 14mm, but not longer. A 36mm equivalent is useless for architecture or almost useless. A 28mm equivalent is already a little long, especially if the shift is available.

      • The reason I may want a TS wide lens is for ludicrous deep DoF landscaping.

        • rrr_hhh

          With a wide angle (12mm and shorter) you get already so much DOF that tilt won’t add much : you will be limited by atmospheric haze rather than by the lack of DOF. A 12mm at F5.6 will be in focus from 0.75m up to infinite ! You may need it with longer lens, but not with a wide angle

  • Andrew

    I’m addicted to apertures f/2.4ish and bigger. Most of these can be found in legacy glass, cheaper than their contemporary counterpart. For a long time I really wanted the 14-54mm or 12-60mm from olympus for m43, but for event work, there’s never enough light. I’d begrudingly choose a 50/1.4 over a short fast zoom.

    For my B camera though, there’s one contemporary lens I love for its flex, and there exists no legacy counterpart. It’s the workhorse B camera lens.

    14-140mm f/2.8-4

    I’d really want it constant at f/2.8, lol. Would be huge, expensive, and incredibly unlikely considering the 12-35 and 35-100. A guy can dream…

  • Tom

    200MM F2.8 please

  • Ram

    I would like to see a good 500mm lens for bird photography.
    Currently there is no good quality lens in that focal range for the fours-thirds or micro four-thirds.


  • longlensesareok

    Something like Canon lenes is necessary:

    400mm f/5.6L (equiv. 800mm)
    100-400mm f/4-5.6L (equiv. 200-800mm)
    70-200mm f/4L (eqiv. 140-400mm)
    300mm f/4L (equv. 600mm)

    but much smaller, lighter and cheaper (it will be m43 not FF)

  • Kana T.

    10mm f2.0 and 12mm f1.4…please!

    • Anna_T

      You don’t really need that fast on an wide angle lens, because you can shoot at lower speed without any motion blurr. Then you have IBIS and better ISO if you get the E-M5.

      If you want to play on shallow DOF, a wide angle is not what you need. Plus fast aperture makes wide angle lenses very big. This is not what we need for MFT.

      • Using my OM-D and the SLR Magic 12mm F1.6 (stopped down to ~F1.8 to avoid flares) I can shoot dancing people in not so well lit clubs at 1/30-1/50 in the ISO 1000-8000 range.

        Above 1/30 people are starting to blur even at 12mm if they are moving fast enough, so this is not an option.

        So it’s really dangerous to assume nobody needs something because you do need it. At least one person will always need it for some reason. ;-)

        Of course, the obvious question is: Are there enough people who need a type of lens and are willing to pay?

        As for 12mm F1.4, i don’t think so, since there are already 2 bright 12mm lenses out there.

        Personally i’d love a 10mm/F2.0 (or wider and brighter), but i assume that would be expensive and not too many people would buy it.

      • Bronica

        You can buy a tilt-shiftadapter for MFT and a old Sigma 3,5 14mm (e.g. for Nikon). Wouldn’t that be a Solution?

        • rrr_hhh

          Those Sigma lenses are huge, add the adapter and I prefer to use my Canon TSE on the 5D. Also they are not so easy to find and at such focal you can get plenty of IQ problems. No, we need a dedicated shift lens, adapted to the philosophy of mft, aka not too big.

      • lensy

        You might not need it, others do. Please don’t tell others what they should want based on your limited requirements.
        There’s more than slow wideangle and fast portrait lenses in photography.

        Ever done night photography, e.g. landscapes at night with stars in the sky, with one of those slow wideangle lenses? Not much fun…
        The mZuiko 12/2.0, Nokton 17/0.95, Nokton 25/0.95, Pana 25/1.4 are all well suited for such a task. Something in the ultrawide range, like a 9mm, would be a great addition.

  • wildbild

    15mm 2.0 shift and 10mm 2.8 shift
    shift should be 8mm

    I would spend 2000 eur on these lenses right away.

  • compositor20

    Not that I would buy any of those but since they are expensive… some video buyers would buy them and they are needed for the credibility.

    9mm f2.8

    12mm f3.5 tilt shift (people would say it would be big but would still be much smaller than canon 24mm f3.5 TS)

    24mm f0.95 AF

    60mm f1.2

    100mm f2

    150mm f2.8

    200mm f2.8

    300mm f4

  • Anna_T

    The only thing I want badly is a 10mm or 12mm shift lens.

    A lens showing good uniformity, not one where the sharpness sink dramatically in the corners, I prefer uniformity from center to corner, to extremely sharp center with soft corners. That shift lens doesn’t need to be very fast : F2.8 or F3.5 or even F4 would be OK for me.

    We don’t need tilt on a wide angle mft lens. Only shift for architecture shooting. This hopefully will allow Schneider K to keep the lens lighter and more compact, to stay more in line with the philosophy of the mft format. I’m ready to buy such a lens even if it cost 1000-1500$

    • Anna_T

      Concerning a 12mm F3.5 Tilt Shift : the tilt is not really needed on an mft wide angle lens : it has a huge DOF already. Implementing only shift would allow the manufacturing of a smaller lens, more compatible with the mft philosophy.

      • Olaf

        I see you explained your reasoning in this post. I have to disagree, the ability to adjust focus plane with Tilt is in my opinion a lot more important than size!

        • Chez Wimpy

          especially since we are near diffraction territory already with a 12mm f3.5… if you want to get all the resolution possible out of a future 30MP+ m43 camera landscape, it will require tilts at wide-open apertures.

          • rrr_hhh

            You are kidding, right ? Or are you seriously considering 30mega for an mft sensor ? Also, my 12mm is pretty goog at smaller aperture, I was surprised to see the good performance at F8

          • Olaf

            I can not see that difraction has anything to do with this.

        • +1

          Make it a real TS. It will be used on a tripod anyways.

  • hannes

    Xenar 180mm f/2.8

  • None

    None, it is a waste of money with these tiny sensors; unless the lenses are cheap and tiny, so we can talk about portability. And close focus please.

    • kesztio

      Agree. Such expensive lenses should’t be designed even for medium format; the large format is the only domain where the existence of any quality lenses is justified.


  • kesztio

    The 45mm (or up to 50..55mm) is excellent for portraits and we already have the stunning 45/1.8 at a really low price.

    This could be beaten by an extremely bright 45mm lens, say F1.2 or better. Otherwise I cannot see justified such a high price of 1000..1500 euro.

  • Lindsch

    I made this Graphic, showing the current M43 Primes, and the anounced (or at least rumoured) Schneider Kreuznach lenses:
    The x-axis is the focal lenght, the y-axis is the maximum aperture. The lenses are grouped by manufacturer.
    It is pretty obvious, that the largest gap in the M43 lens line-up is in the lower left corner. That means a fast lens in the wide to ultra-wide area. So I think a focal length of less than 12mm and an aperture faster than 2 would be quite usefull.
    On the other side, there is no lens in the 45mm+ range with a aperture of 1.4 or lower. The only classical portrait lens that is currently available would be the 45mm F1.8 from Olympus. But with larger depth of field of the M43 system, a larger aperture would be quite nice.
    Instead, what we get is a tight grouping around 25mm. And if Olyympus also releases a 60mm macro, one of those two would be quite redundant.

    • Eric

      Nice graph. There is also a big lack in the longer focal ranges. I would appreciate lenses in the 100-200 mm range if not to big in size. So may be not so large apertures (but still 1 or 2 stops faster than telezooms). For instance, (100 mm f/2.0), 150 mm f/2.8 or 200 mm f/3.5~4.0.

  • st3v4nt

    Any lens as long as within my budget with great performance, the last thing m4/3 need is more expensive lens….

  • Jedd

    Good quality ultra-wide and tele primes are missing from the current line-up.
    Considering everything else I’d vote for 7mm f/2.8

  • just an opiniom

    i’d like to see a 17.5 mm f/1.4

  • DRP

    Another vote for a wide lens…10mm f/2.

    Otherwise I’d be happy with the potential 30mm (preferably lower than f2.8).

  • m43user

    I would like to see a simple, compact and affordable yet fast (1.8 at least) 25mm (equivalent to our beloved 50mm of the good old times). Can Schneider sell such a thing ?

  • ras

    10.5mm f/2.8
    14mm f/2.8 shift
    17.5mm f/2
    25mm f/2.8 tilt/shift
    45mm f/2.8 tilt/shift
    50mm f/2.8 macro
    100mm f/4 macro

  • +1 for fast wide prime. 7-8mm f2.8

  • +1 fast wide prime 7-8mm f2.8

  • MK

    1) Schneider will make prime lenses (not zooms) for now

    micro four thirds needs more prime lenses? i guess i could use a 14mm f3.5 at some point

    2) The lenses will be expensive (1.000-1.5000 Euro)

    micro four thirds is a professional format, with corresponding professional level prices for lenses?

    3) They will high super high quality, autotofcus but no in body stabilization

    i use panasonic bodies because the gangsters love to use attachable flashes, even on the high end models. why would the em-5 have a detachable flash? its not like you are fitting that thing in your pocket with the evf hump and no flash.

    keep your overpriced german lenses

  • Mike

    12mm f2.8 or f3.5 T/S
    17mm or 17.5mm f1.4 or f2.0
    125mm f4 Macro 1:1

  • Wish List:

    17mm (1.4)
    100mm Macro (2 or 2.8)

  • Anand

    I woudn’t buy any of my suggestions because of the price but a 7mm f/4, 12mm f/3,5 tilt/shift, and 150 f/2.8 (don’t care if the 150 is bulky and heavy) with otherworldly image quality would stay high on my m43 dream lenses list.

    A friend of mine owns some top notch oly glass such as the 150 2.0 and 7-14 4.o and it is such a pleasure to shoot with that kind of glass and achive stunning results with the dated 12 megapixel sensor of the e5. So maybe in the future we can enjoy m43 lenses with similar quality at an “affordable” price (compared to oly 43 or canon for example)

  • emp

    I would buy a compact internal focus 300mm f2.8/f4, or 400mm f4/f5.6 for nature photography if the combination of quality, size/weight, and price made it an attractive lens. The primary reason why I own an Olympus E-M5 is the size factor and that is paramount in any lens decision that I seriously consider.

  • MP Burke

    I think a 12mm tilt shift lens would be a really useful addition. Schneider Cine Xenar lenses and the Horseman TS pro are already available for m43 thus a specialist tilt/shift lens would be a logical next step.
    Such a lens would be expected to be €1500+, but justifiably so, considering the combination of short focal length and large image circle that would be required.

  • c.d.embrey

    The only lenses I use on Full Frame are 28mm, 135mm, 200mm and a 90mm T&S.

    Therefore I’d like, in this order:
    1. 14mm f/2.0 – Already announced.
    2. 67.5 f/2.0 that can close focus, but doesn’t need to be Macro.
    3. 45mm f/2.8 Tilt & Shift.
    4. 100mm f/2.8 Macro.
    5. 9mm f/2.8 – Something I’d rarely use, but it would be useful for some things.

  • What I like about them is their focus on fast primes. What would get me to part with lots of money is a fast portrait prime around 35mm (70mm equiv) of F/1.2

  • Juan Caliente

    W E A T H E R
    S E A L E D!!!!!!!!!
    8mm F3.2 Rectilinear
    12mm F2.0
    25 mm F1.8 or faster.
    Build and optical quality over compactness but not too big. Girth over length. That’s what she said. Beat you too it.

  • a

    (super) wide angle fast prime.

  • Pasukun

    Knowing that we have (and will have)..
    8mm f/3.5
    12mm f/2.0
    12.5mm f/12 3D
    14mm f/2.5
    17mm f/0.95
    19mm f/2.8
    20mm f/1.7
    25mm f/0.95
    25mm f/1.4
    30mm f/2.8
    45mm f/1.8
    45mm f/2.8 macro
    75mm f/1.8

    and possibly..
    30mm f/1.4
    60mm f/2.4 macro

    I would want 150mm f/2.0, like they did with Four Third.
    Even 200mm f/2.0 or f/1.8.

    I know they will be expensive, but then again we are talking about minimum 1000 Euro anyway.

    If I am spending that much money, I want it to be extra ordinary lens.

  • Nikku

    All the people on here clamoring for an ultra WA prime need to just shut up and buy the Pana 7-14mm. It is a spectacular lens (though I can see the utility of a pancake 10mm). It’s simply stunning-it’s the first lens I’ve ever owned that was so good it made itself useful, even when I didn’t think it would be useful.
    S-K should make a fast 17mm, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some longer fast primes (150mm+).

  • luckyrooky

    No zoom
    Really High quality
    No Stabilization => so short focal and no macro

    Then 35mm f/1.4 or 40mm f/1.4 for portrait

    and High price

    well 25mm f/0.95
    or 17mm f/0.95 for street photography

  • In descending order of interest for me:

    150 f/2.8 macro
    7 f/4 that takes filters
    17 f/1.4

    The Panasonic 25 f/1.4 and Olympus 12 f/2, 45 f/1.8, and 75 f/1.8 already look like great lenses. No need for Schneider to duplicate them for starters.

  • simon

    +1 for the shift for me I think something between 14 and 17 would be optimal 1 think. and what I would like very much too would be a reasonably fast 17 or 17.5 with a compact size (maybe a little bigger than the 20/1.7 similar qualitiy or better not too expensive and weahter sealed)

    so to sum it up:

    14-17 shift f/4 would be ok. with a bracket so that the camera could be shifted for perfect stitching (like the hartbleis).

    17/1.7 weathersealed

  • william Castañeda

    25mm 1.2
    40mm 1.2

  • Niels

    400mm f5.6

  • Anonymous

    14 f2, and 30 f1.4 is good, but, I want in these lenses was a manual iris !

  • 14 f 2, and 30 f 1.4 is good, but, I want in these lenses was a manual iris !

  • tonyp

    thank you Schneider.. anything truly sharp fast and deff AF.. if it’s wide corrected distortion, if it’s long f2 or faster.. 100 f1.4 would be cool.. if price is an issue get a sigma.. please schneider just make it AF..
    PS: did I mention AF

  • I would be interested in a 10 2.8 or 4.0 and a 100-150 mm 2.8. But the lenses really need to be super extra special if they are going to cost more than 1000 euro.

  • aster

    A compact fast tele. Please!

  • Peter

    To go with the upcoming 60mm f/2.4 macro lens:

    – a set of extension tubes in different lenghts, e.g. 4, 8 and 12 mm.
    – macro-bellows
    – a reverse mount kit, enabling AF and AE with lens mounted in the reverse position.

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