Yes! The firmware hack works also for the GF1: read the How-to!


Hi again! I asked tester13 (the major contributor of the GH1 patch) if the firmware really works (well) for the GF1 also. And he said of course! Dear Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1 owners, now it is your turn to hack your camera!

You don’t know hot to do it?

1) First follow the How-To written by tester13:

2) I suggest you to read the posts of tester13 to follow the daily discussions and improvements.

3) Hack the camera and send us some image/video samples! We will post it on 43rumors!

4) If you don’t own the GH1 or GF1 use following links to buy the cameras:
– Click here to buy the Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1Panasonic GF1

– and here to Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1

  • aaa

    A PHP code leaked into your post.

    • admin

      Thanks AAA :(

  • After what I have learnt over the last few days I suggest we don’t give any more publicity to Tester13 or DVXUSER and move onto other subjects.

  • Greg


    Just wondering what you mean by that?

  • Tony

    The link in number 2) doesn’t work

  • MeuBy

    I confirmed I had successfully hacked the language menu of my Japanese GF1 (into another language) since a week without any problem !

    • admin

      Thanks MeuBy! That’s good news!

  • gf1user

    do i need to patch the gh-1 roms or the gf1-roms provided by panasonic for the gf-1 body . if i load the gf1 ones the options with ptool 3.36 seem fairly limited …
    thanks for you help !

  • matteo

    only a question is possible to hack the Olympus EP2 or anOlympus E30 ?

  • Daywalker

    Cool, nice to hear.

    Will it work on a G1, too?

  • Michael

    Amazing news. What’s next? Would personally love a way to do tethered shooting with Aperture or Lightroom. Could this be the beginnings of spoofing apps to allow this? Just makes me wonder…thinking out loud.

  • DonTom

    @Andrew Reid
    I read your editorial, and many of your points are valid. I also doubt the conspiracy theory per se. But, Panasonic has dropped the ball on this issue, and it will be tricky for them to resolve, given the Japanese focus on still photography over video, and probably the internal politics between the still and video sections of the company. They will have to adjust their coming releases and firmware updates, for sure.
    I also understand some of your concerns. Will the public win or lose? My feeling is that the public will win, because this year at least, Panasonic will be forced to push their releases to the max to satisfy the newly created “demand” for higher bitrates.

    Ultimately, it’s pushing us faster towards the ultimate goal: video frames that are as high quality as still images from a given sensor. And that takes speed, in every way. As well as hard drive space!

  • Jules

    My day dream is that Panasonic and Olympus provides the development community with a tool kit and that they allocate some resources in validating, testing and centralizing the patches and adds/on .
    Some sort of appstore for m43

  • mpgxsvcd

    I really would like to know what Andrew Reid meant by his statement as well. What is wrong with tester13?

  • spanky

    @Andrew Reid: “After what I have learnt over the last few days I suggest we don’t give any more publicity to Tester13 or DVXUSER and move onto other subjects.”

    Andrew, I’ve read what you wrote about tester13 on EOSHD, and I feel like you’re blowing things out of proportion a bit. Here are some points to consider:

    1. Does it matter that tester13 is cranky? No, not really – most hackers and software programmers are that by nature (not very social in the first place).

    2. Does it matter that tester13 is trying to start making a profit off his work on this hack? Of course not! In fact, I think most people would feel better paying for the hack if it comes with some guarantees, a more detailed manual, and assurances of continued support and future improvements. He deserves to profit from his work. Does him having a profit motive make him unethical? No more than you running your business for profit makes you unethical.

    3. Is it an issue that the hack tool will start having embedded ads? No – see 2. I’d rather he have an option to either pay for it than have it ad-supported for the reasons I mentioned above. Most people would pay some nominal fee to support this kind of work.

    4. Is it relevant that he wants some nicer lenses now? No, not really. He’s put a LOT of work into making this hack happen, so I imagine he feels like he deserves to reap some rewards from his work. I’m sure people are more than willing to accommodate. Why does it bother you that he wants some luxuries?

    5. Should he have an issue with you trying to ‘market’ his hack in spite of his insistence that you not do so? Obviously, especially if he’s trying to profit from his work. I’d be upset as well if someone tried to profit from my work without my permission. He has a valid point. If he wants you as a distribution channel provider, I’m sure he’ll let you know. Looks like he’s chosen DXVUSER as his distribution channel for now.

    So while I can certainly see why you’d be put off by his attitude, it would help if you saw it from his perspective as well. The hack tool and the work he’s put into making this happen are the results of HIS work, and constitute HIS IP, not yours or anyone else’s. I think if he requests that you don’t promote his work (even though you ‘give him credit’), you should respect his wishes. You’re trying to profit off his work against his permission, and that’s not cool. Obviously it’s your call if you choose to no longer promote the work he’s doing, but it sounds like that’s exactly what he wants, so it’s a good thing for everyone involved.

    My $ 0.02. I’ll leave it at that.

    P.S. I have no association with either DVXUSER (other than being a forum member) or with tester13.

  • Pierpaolo

    Which firmware do I need to have to run the GF1 hack?
    Will I be able to have AVCHD 1080p 25fps video files?
    In case panasonic releases new firmware will I be able to load them up?

  • Sox

    Hi, really not sure how it works but I modified the latest GF1 firmware and my camera will not recognize it! This could be a good thing! I there anyone out there who has successfully hacked a GF1 with this tool?

  • let’s hope the next improvement will be LX3 able to to 1080i? lol….

  • Sox

    Ok, I feel stupid. The bin file has two underscores in the name and I was only putting on in it. Hence my camera not recognizing the firmware file. Boy does it work. 1080p and it looks great!

  • jt

    Andrew Reid, it’s ridiculous that you make a statement like that and don’t explain yourself. What exactly is your beef with dvxuser and tester13?

  • gfan1

    Any chance to get 50 or 60fps from the GF1?

  • Vinicius

    How I can pay you?

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