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Yamane-san confirms Phase detection AF is coming on future MFT cameras


CineD interviewed Yamane-san from Panasonic. He confirmed what was kind of obvious:

As for future cameras, we will adopt the optimal autofocus method each time, while assessing the target users and customer benefits. We will consider installing PDAF depending on the characteristics of the model, not only for full size but also for MFTs, so please look forward to it.

About future 2023 products:

We will continue to support creators and develop products that creators want. And we will also consider the need for higher-end products to meet the future needs of creators. I can’t give you details about future products, but Johnnie’s high-end model for video production professionals may take a little more time. Anyway, please look forward to that day.

This is just my speculation, but I believe there is a fair chance Panasonic might announce a GH6II with PDAF…what do you think?

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