Yahoo Taiwan lists the new Olympus 17mm f/1.8 lens. Priced at $550 and coming in November.


Our reader Francis (Thanks!) found an the price and availability info of the new Olympus 17mm f/1.8 lens on Yahoo Taiwan. I don’t know yet if the info listed there is correct, But it says that the price will be $16,900 NTD,which is about $565 USD or 435 Euro. And it will be available from mid November.

If the info is correct than this is definitely good news! The lens is supposed to have the same superb build and optical quality of the Olympus 12mm f/2.0 which costs most more! Check out the 12mm price at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

At that price I am certainly going to buy it and you?

  • BearT

    I would buy it immediately!

    • i’d prefer the 20\1.7, abit more DOF, almost safe viewing angle, smaller, cheaper

      • peevee

        … also slower and noisier…

        But the price of the 17/1.8, if it is indeed $550, is way too high.

        • MJr

          No it isn’t.

        • $550 is quite reasonable for a fast 35mm eqv prime of this build quality.

          • ph

            Canon EF 35mm f/2 = € 250
            Nikon AF-D 35mm f/2 = € 300

            • Mark

              Looks like a ugly and cheap lens. Probably also feels the same way as the old 14-42mm kitlens I have which is cheap. Why do Canon and Nikon lenses have to be so ugly? And does it manually focus just as nice as a M.Zuiko 12mm? It doesn’t. I prefer Zuiko quality lenses over any Canikon lens.

            • peevee

              And both cover 4x the surface area, with appropriate production costs.

              Some people just exhibit Stockholm syndrome when faced with sky-high prices for decent m43 lenses. Well, where competition actually exists, prices come down to earth.

            • Both the Canon and Nikon lenses you listed are as old as the hills, have average build quality (at best), and neither is sharp wide open. The Nikon doesn’t even have a built in focus motor, and the Canon has a noisy and slow micro motor.

              The most comparable lens to the Olympus 17mm is the Sony/Zeiss 24mm 1.8, and it is presently $1100. I also paid $600 for both my Fuji 35mm/1.4 and my Fuji 18mm/2. If you want well-built, metal lenses you have to pay for them. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t want to spend that kind of money then m4/3’s has cheaper options. Feel free to buy the Panasonic 20mm/1.7 for $350 if you consider $550 to be too much.

              • musicalbox11

                haters gonna hate

                35mm is the most important lens on any system – that’s why 20mm F1.7 is present on 90% m43 cameras (37-38mm eq). And I would buy one even if it would cost zillion – as I need all-around-walking lens.

                But Panasonic 20mm has:
                – a problem with banding and high ISO on my OM-D (which isn’t fixed in firmware 1.5) which is the only good camera in m43 apart from GH2 (don’t get me started on GH3)
                – is noisy
                – is horribly slow in auto-focus (by OM-D standards)
                – at night it does have problem of even acquiring a focus at all (unlike stellar 14mm) despite being ‘fast’ lens
                – is unusable for video, unless manual focusing
                – has a blueish tint on otherwise warmish Olympus colors

                and so on and so forth – the thing is, Olympus can deliver better lens and I really wonder why Pana hasn’t already made mkII – as its still more compact to begin with. And I like cca 40mm FOV better than 35 one.

                on the other hand, M43 has become a milking cow lately – so that was the good point. I’m looking at you NEX6!

                • E-1

                  The most used lens before kit-zooms obviously was the 50mm.

      • Mark

        But it’s much slower to auto focus and makes a noise on Olympus body’s. It also lacks the brilliant focus ring I really love in my 12mm. Amazing piece of build quality. If this is the price I would definitely buy it because it’s actually cheap if the optical quality is also good.

      • kesztio

        A bit LESS DOF, not more.

      • As if the world revolves on the DOF difference between f1.8 and 1.7.
        Bet if a 1.8 lens was used and then stopped to 1.7 nobody on this page would know the difference on a PC or a print made for 1 meter viewing distance.

    • shutter up

      If the build & lens quality (closely) matches the 75mm 1.8, this will replace my Panny 14mm 2.5, 25mm 1.4, & 20mm 1.7. Panny lenses on Oly bodies are always slower to focus.

  • WSG123

    Wow, this is great news! Is Yahoo Taiwan a reliable source?

    • Jesper

      I should add that this is not Yahoo Taiwan, but Yahoo Taiwan Auction page, similiar to ebay auction. So the information is not entirely reliable. But since so many auctions there stated the more or less same price it could be some truth behind that as well.

      Stores in Taiwan often refer to Japanese prices, since there are many gray-imports from Japan to Taiwan.

    • Mick Jogger

      I don’t think this lens will be a replacement for the Panasonic Leica Summilux 25mm f/1.4. The field of view is very different. It might be a good replacement for the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 though. With it’s slow autofocus, high amount of distortion and external moving parts, I never found this a very interesting lens. Anyway, if it costs between 400 and 440 euro, I might just pick one up. However, I suspect the price will be more like 600 euro and that makes it too expensive.

  • Yun

    No , thanks .
    Already got summilux 25mm & the 14mm F2.5 , that is enough .
    Such focal length now quite appeal to shooting habit .
    Better save for the 42.5 F1.2 , that is the lens I want .

    • Ulli

      I think its a good price, if i hadn’t the 14mm, i might go back to 17mm, but I am very curious about the 42.5 too.

    • I am in no hurry right now, eventually, I’ll get a 45mm. When the f1.2 is out, I’ll be happy to have the choice. The Olympus is far from being ruled out.

    • jevfp

      Anyway,.the 42.5 with F1.2,.will not be label as SUMMILUX ,.but ,.NOCTILUX,,..according to Leica Dictionary,.

      • Ulli

        is it confirmed that the 42.5 will be a leica design?

  • solar

    This sounds a little too good to be true; price and the timing of the release. Having said that, I hope it is 100% correct.

  • AC

    The continuing stream of great Oly lenses is making things really tough for Panny camera bodies. I know some think IBIS doesn’t matter a great deal but let’s be honest it’s not like Panasonic has something to offer on their side to compensate for the lack of IBIS. So unless you are a video shooter (which I guess most M4/3 users are NOT), there really is little reason to go for Panny camera bodies.

    I am an Oly user but think the above comment is more than objective and fair.

    • peevee

      Actually, video with IS is also much nicer than, you know, without.

    • QBNY

      You’re wrong, or simply that’s just your opinion.

      Lumix bodies have better ergonomics than Olympus ones. Interfaces are better and not everything is silver or metallic in color. Not cool for street shooting.

      • Tim

        may i quote you?
        “You’re wrong, or simply that’s just your opinion” ;-)
        I like the ergonomics of the G Series(exept G3), GH and the GX-Series-but the GF series dosnt fit me.
        From the Controls, IBIS, haptics and design i clearly prefer the Olympus Cameras

  • If the lens costs 565 USD, it will cost (in Germany) 565 €, go figure.
    As everybody knows from previous experience.

    So, enthusuiasm for attractive pricing seems premature.

    For those owning a 20mm Pana, what is the justification for spending this amount of money for a lens of very similar, although not equal, focal length and max. aperture?

    • AC

      AF speed. the 20mm is noticibly slower than even the 14mm f2.5 and much slower than 45mm f1.8. I do get your point though: if IQ is the same, than you are paing double for AF speed… not everyone would think that’s worth paying for.

      • Miroslav

        Silver finish ;).

        Seriously, I don’t have a problem with 20mm AF speed, but I’d like something a bit wider than 20mm.

    • QBNY

      Okay, “most” Panasonic cameras have better ergonomics. I had a OMD in my hands. I was going to buy it, but its way too small, buttons are too tiny and when you press in, they don’t go straight in. I was going to buy the GH2, but I wanted to wait for the GH3. Now, I may just go for the Canon 6D.
      In “My” opinion, the G3 felt better in my hands than the OMD. A pity, really, because I know from reviews that it takes good pics. But again, size and retro styling doesn’t cut it for me. I need something I can shoot with comfortably with, not just something that looks cool around my neck.

  • Leo

    @Alfred: autofocus speed

    • alvarelias

      And depth of focus scale, durable metal finish, internal focusing (my little 20 is getting noisier as the dust get into the mechanism) and not as much distorsion as the pana does at close distances (I hope…)

      • JF

        And a smooth bokeh !

        • MJr

          Color, Contrast, and Clarity as well if it’s true Zuiko goodness.

          And you’re forgetting about the true Manual Focus where the DoF scale actually comes to use.

  • alvarelias

    Yeah! But in black please…

  • Agent00soul

    Hmm.. how much do the 20/2.0 and the 45/1.8 cost at Yahoo Taiwan?

    • Leo C

      I bought both 45/1.8 and 12/2.0 this summer (in taiwan), the cost around USD 350 and USD 825.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    As I still haven’t switched from FT to Micro FT (though I’m playing around with a NEX for some time now because it makes more of my legacy Minolta glass), I am, of course, not buying that lens, but if I had a Micro FT camera, I probably would. 35mm (equiv.) is definitely one of my favourite focal lenghts, and at f/1.8 it’s something I’d definitely would have a closer look at.

    I would prefer something like the Voigtländer 17mm f/0.95 with AF, though. I’m not sure whether f/1.8 at 17mm would give me shallow enough DOF.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Why on earth would you want to spoil a Voigtländer with AF?

      Wanting an auto-focus Voigtländer is like wanting IBIS in a Panasonic body. In other words, ain’t-a-gonna happen.

      I’d like to see a Voigtländer 17.5mm f1.4, which would be smaller and lighter than the 0.95. But, as a user of the Nokton 25mm f0.95, there’s really something special (and fun!) about shooting wide open, in the dark and not having to to crank the ISO into the stratosphere.

      Back on topic… It’s about time Oly released a quality 17mm. If it’s image quality approaches the 12mm, 45mm and 75mm, it’ll be a great addition to the M4/3 lens arsenal.

      • BLI

        +100 And all in matching silver :-)

      • Hubertus Bigend

        I don’t want to “spoil” anything, and I don’t want to abolish the existing Voigtländer 17mm – although it isn’t quite as sharp as the 25mm, making its price point slightly more questionable. If I had a Micro FT camera, I would consider buying the Voigtländer 17mm even without AF, but only if it was better than it is.

        But I would simply like to buy a 17mm f/0.95 (probably I’d find something along 1.0~1.2 to be sufficient, too) with AF, if there was one, and I wouldn’t really care who’d be manufacturing it. 35mm equiv. is what I’d want for street photography and low-light snapshots, where I’d really like to have AF, since manual focus by EVF can either be exact enough or quick enough. Not both at the same time, because MF it isn’t reliable enough without zoom-in.

      • Mymaco

        MrReese, I agree with you: I find it really special and “complete” to use a full manual lens like Voigty 17.5mm, be it under day light or at night. I think an f0.95 can’t have an AF motor, period. If someone can teach me how it would be, I’d be grateful to read it, since I love f0.95 lenses and I’m not a technician.

  • Miroslav

    “At that price I am certainly going to buy it and you?”

    Certainly, when the black version comes out in late 2013.

    • MJr

      Looks fine on the Silver E-M5 or E-PL5.

      Unless you notice the wine-colored difference in tint :P

  • i’d prefer the 20\1.7, abit more DOF, almost safe viewing angle, smaller, cheaper

    • Bet if a 1.8 lens was used and then stopped to 1.7 nobody on this page would know the difference on a PC or a print made for 1 meter viewing distance.
      Any way its less DOF.

  • Frankly, I thought this lens would not be released before March 2013 and that the price would be 750-800$. These news demonstrate that the pricing of glass reflects expected sales more than manufacturing costs, market positioning and quality.
    Admin, thank you for this. I’m going to sell my Pana 20 ASAP, before its value hits the ground.

  • Mar

    “The lens is supposed to have the same superb build and optical quality of the Olympus 12mm f/2.0 which costs most more!”

    Is it just me, or does 12mm not impress much?
    I have this lens (bought it along with 45, 12-50 and 7.5mm Samyang) and the best lens of those IMO is Samyang.

    It delivers excellent IQ, very resistant to flare (unlike m. Zuikos), it’s got better edge performance than m.ZDs too.

    Ok, 45mm is quite nice, can be very sharp stopped down to f4 or so (for landscapes, 1.8 is plenty sharp for portraits), but 12mm is really nothing special.

    It’s got very nice build though, but you can’t really get shallow dof with it, it’s edge and side performance is average. On the plus side, it’s very sharp in the center and focuses very quickly.

    It’s just that 12mm is lacking that “3D look” I got from SHG ZD lenses (7-14&14-35), photos with 12mm look too flat. Luckily I haven’t paid that much for it, but it’s real value is about half of what they’re asking for it.

    • peevee


      • michael

        If the 12mm was released in a plastic build for $300-400, I’d buy it in an instant.

        • _gl

          Big +1. But in black please – the only thing worse than silver metal is silver plastic. And I wouldn’t need the fancy manual focusing either, I just need a good quality fast prime wider than my 14mn.

    • not impress by the 12mm? well i am. and i use the 12-60mm on E-5 too.
      sharpness are close. ok you have distorsion, but it is easy to correct it.


  • You know what they say, if it’s too good to be true…

  • Anonymous

    It should be a litter cheper then Leica-Pana 25/1.4, in my opinion. But if it will be in shops before Christmas, there is chance for high sales.

    There will be nic set of high quality of primes soon:
    12/2, 17/1.8, 25/1.4, 45/1.9, 75/1.8 plus
    60/2.8 macro and 45/2.8 macro

    Also 45/1.2 and 150/2.8 from Panas.
    And maybe any UWA from Oly – 20/2 or 7/2.8?
    And new version of 14-54/2.8 is necessery.
    Some nice primes but only 12-50 and 60 are waterproof from Oly.

    • ph

      All very nice, but where is the 9 or 10 mm UWA prime?

      • Ron Preedy

        +1. 8mm would be OK, too :-)

  • JP

    November could be true, but the price conversion is probably incorrect. It’ll be $599 or more in US.

    • _gl


  • “At that price I am certainly going to buy it and you?”

    I’m not for sale.

    I’d rather have larger, heavier, more expensive lenses that are optically corrected compared to smaller and lighter software-corrected lenses that are overpriced.

    • “I’d rather have larger, heavier, more expensive lenses that are optically corrected compared to smaller and lighter software-corrected lenses that are overpriced.”

      Then I guess you’re toting the wrong system.

      • You are guessing wrong on several accounts.

        1. I am toting 4/3 gear.

        2. “Larger and heavier” does neither mean heavy nor large.

        3. Terada said 4/3 users of E-xxx cameras should move to m4/3. There was no indication that all Pens would be tiny, all lenses software-corrected etc.

        I have been waiting for the promised “one beautiful system” for years. At this point I’m not expecting it to materialize before I see myself forced to move on and leave Olympus behind. I’m not into miniaturization. The current Pens and lenses would be okay as a compact system me, but that’s about it. The E-M5 is not worth its price TO ME, since there’s neither an m4/3 12-60 available or decent* focus possible with the 4/3 12-60.

        *depending on my needs and wants

        • Ulli

          can you tell us to which system you move then? I am curious, because of the reason you mentioned.

  • Leaving aside the fact that the auction listings are only a stab in the dark (and ignoring the inevitable deluge of carping from Macro 4/3 fans that accompanies any bit of Micro 4/3 news) the question we’re left to consider is:

    Do we, the Micro 4/3 community, really need a new, rather expensive lens in the wide-aperture, semi-wide-angle niche?

    In terms of real-world picture-taking, the Panasonic 20/1.7 does everything this lens will do (don’t kid yourself there’s any practical difference between 17 and 20) at about half the price.

    The only people for whom that argument won’t play are those who just have to have a depth-of-field scale and an all-metal barrel, and don’t care how much they pay for it… and those people probably already have the 17.5mm Voigtlander f/0.95.

    So who’s left to buy the 17 Olympus? Well-heeled gear-fondlers, basically…

    • Duchemin

      Bokeh is the reason I will gladly part with my 20 1.7 in order to buy the new 17 1.8. The relatively slow autofocus does not bother and weathersealing is not an issue for me. But I expect the new lens to have an every better IQ and very nice bokeh – the 20 1.7 is harsh. And don’t tell me the 17 1.8 will be too big!

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, Ranger. But the 20mm is worthless for me as a street shooter. No DoF scales, no real ability to zone focus or set to hyperfocal like the 12 and this new 17 will be able to do. The AF is too slow on the 20mm for street and can’t focus at all at night (the 12 does superb at low-light AF.) And low light scenarios are exactly when I want AF to work, because aperture is set too big at this point to make zone or hyperfocal work, since the D0F gets too small.

        Lacking a good manual focusing set-up, slow AF speeds and an inability to focus in low light, the only thing the 20mm excels at is taking photos of stationary objects in broad daylight.

        The 20’s focal length and compact size begs for it to be used as a street shooter, but in practice,it’s a dog. It’s not impossible,but there was a lot of room for improvement. I suspect the new 17 will make up those shortcomings, at which point, I’ll gladly sell my 20 to help offset the cost of the new lens. =)

        • QBNY

          Wow, really? My 20mm stays on my camera 90% of the time, Street Shooting. The compactness of it as well as my GF2 makes me near invisible to the streets. People like to nitpick the 20mm, but its not on most M4/3 street shooters for show.

        • I see your point, but for zone focus, you can actually AF on a wall at the desired distance, switch to MF and then lower the aperture. It’s a bit of wet fingered zone focusing but well, kinda works… :P

    • Ulli

      “Do we, the Micro 4/3 community, really need a new, rather expensive lens in the wide-aperture, semi-wide-angle niche?”

      I think the “we” community is much more diverse then you might think, though I can understand your opinion. Imho its still better to have more choices within a similar FL range, then too few. I will welcome any new addition but, unless Olympus comes soon with a solution to really integrate the FT lenses into the MFT world, some fast 50-200,14-54 or 12-60 mft versions deserve priority.

  • if this lens is NOT weather-sealed , the oly argument of a weather sealed body EM5 becomes harder and harder to compute


    • Ulli

      This is indeed where i dont understand Olympus logic; it is like most of the recent higher end mft lenses weren’t meant for the OM-D in the first place, unlike Panasonic where all recent hi-grade lenses are weathersealed to match the weatherproof concept of the GH-3.

      • In an interview, in order to justify the silver colour of lenses, some high Olympus guy mentionned that they’re indeed primarily designed to be mounted on Pens. I guess there will be a new range of lenses for the OM-D…

  • At introduction n the West we always pay the so called ‘foreign currency risk’. When the market is mature, the price goes down, as much as 20%.
    With metal construction, and a distance scale this could be very convenient.

    35mm eq. is my most used lens, I don’t need it soon since I have the 17/2.8, but to me, in terms of use, it makes much more sense than the 12/2.

    V. good news then. Only thing I need now is a RF body to go with it. Give it a year, and perhaps we’ll see a dream kit.

  • timo

    I will consider buying one. It should be less than 500€ though. Let’s wait and see.

  • gx
    in the q&a the seller confirms that it will ship in early november for the first batch and the stocks will be limited. the seller has confirmed with olympus and is certain about this.

    • Of course, supply will be limited. It’s how how you make consumers jump the gun and preorder. “Must have my preccciousss!” There are even those who say the price is too low. I hope they’ll end up paying the price they deserve! :-P

  • Chad

    I’m Taiwanese.

    Yahoo Taiwan prices are accurate.

  • Tim

    If this is true, they sell it earlier and cheaper then I expected :-D
    If it is 499€ in Germany i would by it the day it hit the shops! If it will be more expensive, i probably wait till the price drop a bit (maybe after christmas…)

    The 17/2.8 is my most use lens at the moment-and i really love the haptic of my 12/2 so this is my dream lens.

    Is it to early to start dreaming about a similar build and sized 25/1.8? ;-)

    • Anonymous

      How ’bout a 25 1.4 to compete with panny?

      • Tim

        actually i would prefer a 1.8 version so they can make it smaller then the panny ;-)

        but maybe it would be best to make it in the quality,size and price of the 45mm – i think the market has lots of room for a “cheap” M.Zuiko 25mm/1.8

        • Anonymous

          Definitely. I just wonder if Oly could make a 1.4 smaller than Panny’s. That thing is pretty large for m43 prime.

  • I will buy. I am not happy with the sluggish AF speed of Pana 20\1.7.

  • BB

    We can owe this lens to the success of the 12mm 2.0 with the same high build quality and depth of focus scale.

    At $800 the Olympus 12mm is the highest ranked, most expensive lens for m4/3.

    This is clear bifurcation of the m4/3 landscape. Olympus is taking a successful position at the high quality end while Panasonic fills in at the bottom. The lower quality Panasonic 20mm with slow and noisy focusing and other quality issues just won’t be able to compete with the Olympus 17mm.

    We have all seen the quality issues that Panasonic has had with their recent internal focusing lenses.

    Olympus sees more profits at this price point. They will fill in at the bottom with the cheaper older models like the E-PL1.

    The most popular m4/3 camera on Amazon is the Olympus E-M5, with 5 bodies in the top 40 at the link above.

    • WSG123

      This reads like a hit piece on Panasonic.

      I like Olympus too, but jeez. Panny makes some good products too. As far as Panasonic filling in the low end, the Panny Leica 25 and the two weather sealed zooms beg to differ with you.

      • Fish

        I agree, I think it would be more accurate to say that this lens is positioned at the high quality end while the Olympus 17mm f2.8 fills in at the bottom (well below the Panasonic 20mm and 14mm, IMO after owning all three of them). I would be considered an Olympus “fanboy” (at least by those who would like to pretend that they don’t have their own preferences) but the majority of my lenses are Panasonic.

        Olympus has had a run of good lenses lately, but it wasn’t that long ago when Panasonic was the only choice for top-quality m4/3 lenses. With Panasonic’s new releases and newly-announced lenses, Olympus has its work cut out for them.

    • QBNY

      Um, the Panasonic 20mm is at the TOP of M43 lenses, followed by another Lumix lens, so what’s your point?

  • Leo

    For this lens and its colour, I will buy a silver E-PL5

  • The Master

    Oh great, another silver lens. I love silver lenses, oh wait, that wasn’t me, that was some other guy. That’s right everyone else hates silver lenses. Well, Oly will sell one to that one guy. Seems like a lot of R and D expense, to sell one lens though, but Oly is smarter than everyone else, I guess. It will be a great tax write off.

    Jeeze, don’t share holders have anything to say about this sort of thing. I would want to make a profit now and then.

    • peevee

      You’ll have your black. In a year. Bundled with a hood. For $300 more. ;)

      “Color-conscious tax”.

  • Anonymous

    I read a great many comment here about the Lumix 20mm being slow to focus, bearing this in mind I would be grateful of any comment regarding 14mm Lumix, which I am considering as a walk about. My set-up at present is E-P2 with 17mm 2.8, 14-42 (Original) pluse 40-15 (original) all M Zuiko, as I say I am considering the purchaseof the Lumix 14mm so any comments would be appreciated.

    Aplogies to Admin for leaving the thread, but it is done considering the number of comments regarding the 20mm performence.

    • Tim

      the 14mm is a Bargain (if you buy on ebay) but its quite close to the 17mm so i dont know if i would buy it in your position. Probably you could sell your 17mm and go for the 14mm and the 20mm Lens (as there is a good chance that the used price will drop as soon as the new 17mm hits the market) which is a great small set.

      BTW: the 20mm is a great lens-and i ll bet that its the second most sold Mft Lens-so these coment are on a really high level. A year ago it was the most loved lens of all, now its slow and noisy ;-)

      • Anonymous

        Hi Tim, thanks for info regarding 14mm, I imaging there are some now who will call 2.5 slow today. Not to concerned about the 20mm still looks rather expensive and I’m concerned about the reports of banding with it, when I get to upgrade my body. As regards my 17mm I’d not sell it off ans there’d be no real point in that.

        • Fish

          I sold my 17mm f2.8 to pay for the 14mm Panasonic – and considered it a big upgrade. The 14mm is sharper, has better contrast, and also has fast and silent autofocus. People have been talking about 20mm AF being slow and noisy, but the 17mm isn’t a whole lot better in that regard.

          (despite all of that, the 20mm is my most used lens)

  • Ron Preedy

    I checked the Yahoo Taiwan prices for the 12mm (23300) and the 45mm (10500). The 17mm is exactly halfway. The Taiwan prices for the 12 and 45 are approximately equal to the current street prices in Euros here in Germany. That probably means the 17mm will be somewhere about 440-450 Euros, including tax. Other currencies should also find the lens halfway between the 12 and the 45.

    I prefer 17mm to 20mm, so my Panasonic is going to go, I think.

  • run&gun

    I might sell my 25 for this. 25 is great, but no ois.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget this 17mm is an Oly which will not ave OIs either

  • Mike

    Great. I was excepting this lens to be around the 600 mark.

  • lazybeans

    I might buy it. The price is pretty good for a metal lens with markings. I have the pany 14mm 2.5 that I’d probably sell to help fund it. The 35mm POV is perfect for street shooting.

  • Patboyslim

    I own the Panasonic 20mm and have a 14 month daughter. The 20mm simply cannot focus fast enough while she is walking / running around.

    The 14mm is too wide and not bright enough, indoor shots (which most of her pictures are taken) need ISO 800-1600.

    I hope this the 17mm will be the perfect job for this.

  • This will be very tempting as an upgrade to both my 14 and 20mm lenses.

    I love my 20mm but don’t use it often because it’s such a slow dog, falling back to the incoveniently dimmer and wider 14/2.5, or the 9-18mm zoom in good light, both of which seem to lack a little bit of optical juice compared to the 20. This bright and presumably top-quality 17mm should be perfect then.

  • Scott

    What the eff is with Olympus’ obsession with silver lenses?? If they were actually silver metal, maybe – but this cheap silver finish is so amateur looking. Black, please please please.

  • Fish

    I wonder if one of our photoshop wizards could put together a comparison to see how big this lens is next to the 20mm Panasonic.

    • Tim

      I m no photoshop wizard-but you can guess the size really good on this picture by pekka potka

      its a little shorter then the 12mm-so its around a centimeter longer then the 20mm

      • Nawaf

        It looks perfect! I love the 12 but I would love the 17 for the streets. I just wish it was weather sealed, I really need to keep shooting when traveling instead of looking for cover.
        Let’s see how much distortion this beauty has.

  • Ruhayat

    Yay! I might just buy a Pen Mini to go with this lens… I had tonnes of fun with the 17mm/2.8 with the first Pen Digital. This should be even better.

  • Fabian

    Another super-overpriced Olympus lens. Do we have to pay $50 more for the hood this time, too? So total $615 for a 35mm lens? About twice the price of what a 35mm costs from other manufacturers. Who does Olympus think they are? Leica?

    • sickasaids

      Do others manufacturers have an all metal build with sweet pump focus?

      Never go full retard pal

      • maybe not or certainly not… whatever… but I wish they would

        1. release one in black as well
        2. create the same optics in cheaper plastic body for half the price

        What will probably sell more? hmm :)

        • ph

          Right on!

  • Mr Olympus and his representatives in each country are looking at this web page. If you think the price is acceptable, they will put the price up higher. If you all think it is way overpriced these Oly bods may, may consider selling at the lower end of the price range they have anticipated.
    Just as the manufacturers use blogs to seek possibilities for product, so they do for price. Product takes time, price can be immediate.
    While you cannot nominate your price you can have a little influence on initial price. Though most often prices will start high and stay high if it sells, reductions made if it does not.
    But it is guaranteed that the US will have their product subsidised by the rest of the world. Strange there are more people in Europe than the US, so the EU market as a whole should be the primary, as it is with many asian electronic companies.

  • Amadeo

    Throw my hat in with the lot calling bullshit on this. People, lets calm down and take a breather. It’s an auction listing for a product that hasn’t even come out yet. Don’t invest all your stock in such a fleeting piece of evidence. I can create an eBay listing for an iPad Mini. Doesn’t mean I have insider information (or that I actually have one in the first place). I grossly doubt the lens is coming next month (especially since Olympus explicitly said 2013), let alone at such a low price point. Hold your horses, or you’ll regret you didn’t.

  • Chuen

    One of the comment on Mu-43 said that

    “As far as price is concerned, I was chatting with an Olympus representative at the Exposure Show today, who mentioned that the Olympus 17/1.8 will be priced in the ballpark of the 12mm and the 75mm.”

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