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You didn’t see that coming: WSJ praises Olympus and blames Nikon strategy.


Today Nikon announced one of the most unexciting new cameras to date. A little updated D810 DSLR. But why should we care about that? Well read that:

WSJ is blaming Nikon’s strategy and praising Olympus! Here is what they write:

The market shows growth in just one category: “mirrorless” cameras. Nikon was among the last of major Japanese makers to release a mirrorless camera, and still offers only a handful of models. The company likely fears cannibalization of its high-end DSLRs, but its strategy seems not to be working. Nikon’s camera division, more than two-thirds of the company, posted a 9% revenue decline for the year through March.
Incoming chief executive Kazuo Ushida said the company plans to dive into medical equipment, in which it has no expertise…while rival Olympus is already a global leader in medical imaging, as well as in mirrorless cameras.

As we told you before Olympus “hopes” to reach a break even for the current fiscal year. The recent mirrorless worldwide market growth could help them to realize their goal.


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