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Working on exciting Olympus rumors!


Dear readers!

The success of 43rumors is based on the quality and not only on the quantity of rumors. As I always told you when I receive a rumor I try to get multiple confirmations from different sources. It takes some time before I can publish a rumor. When I arrive at home I try to chat with everyone I know and my girlfriend sometimes gets frustrated when I am sitting on the couch with my laptop on the legs until very late at night. You really need to be nice with her because it’s her patience that makes it possible for me to work on 43rumors ;)

Today I will tell you what I am working on. Why? Because it is soooo exciting that I can’t stop myself from writing you!!!

In March-April I tried to understand why Olympus didn’t release the FourThirds camera we expected to be announced. I now know that Olympus has taken some drastic decisions.
And now since weeks we are receiving many many many exciting rumors! I am 99% sure that Olympus is working on a modular camera system. And this opens a whole new world of opportunities. I already received many rumors (or examples) on how such a system will work. But I still need to wait to get some more confirmation. But there will be changes, on every aspect of the camera, new lenses, new sensors, new AF.

So keep following 43rumors. You won’t be disappointed!

P.S.: Of course I am also working on new Panasonic rumors ;)

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