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Working on exciting Olympus rumors!


Dear readers!

The success of 43rumors is based on the quality and not only on the quantity of rumors. As I always told you when I receive a rumor I try to get multiple confirmations from different sources. It takes some time before I can publish a rumor. When I arrive at home I try to chat with everyone I know and my girlfriend sometimes gets frustrated when I am sitting on the couch with my laptop on the legs until very late at night. You really need to be nice with her because it’s her patience that makes it possible for me to work on 43rumors ;)

Today I will tell you what I am working on. Why? Because it is soooo exciting that I can’t stop myself from writing you!!!

In March-April I tried to understand why Olympus didn’t release the FourThirds camera we expected to be announced. I now know that Olympus has taken some drastic decisions.
And now since weeks we are receiving many many many exciting rumors! I am 99% sure that Olympus is working on a modular camera system. And this opens a whole new world of opportunities. I already received many rumors (or examples) on how such a system will work. But I still need to wait to get some more confirmation. But there will be changes, on every aspect of the camera, new lenses, new sensors, new AF.

So keep following 43rumors. You won’t be disappointed!

P.S.: Of course I am also working on new Panasonic rumors ;)

  • divide

    It’s been a while since we get GH2 rumors !

  • Redkite

    Yes, we need more Panasonic Rumours. I’m a GH1 user waiting for the GH2. I seem to be waiting so long for anything from Panasonic that I’m constantly looking at Canon and thinking maybe I should switch . . .

  • “new lenses, new sensors, new AF”
    New lens mount? I bet not just making sure.
    new sensors as in layered!?!
    ok I know what a new AF will do…
    I have been having this vision of a sensor box that fits with a m43 grip and a 43rds body or just a m43 camera fitting into a 43rds camera. would love to see the pics you have on how this will/might work.

  • Din

    APS-C sensor…??

    • admin

      Din…. :)

  • Stop toying with us and UPDATE ALREADY!!!!

    • admin

      I am not toying with you. I need to know what rumor is based on true facts and which not!

  • samo

    please tell me our current babies (lenses) will be compatible with this glorious modular system!? If not i better sell now

    • admin

      Hi Samo!
      Yes current lenses will be compatible.

  • Din

    Admin, could be a new sensor size?

  • YeahYeah

    “new lenses, new sensors, new AF”
    that was the only great news of the day but… it was THE news!
    So happy we’ll finally see a new sensor! I’m getting bored of the 12mpx we have today!
    (any chance to be multi-layered or with an extended dynamic range?)

  • Daywalker

    Maybe it will be a high end camera with a fullframe sensor.


    what happens if you put two half-size senson beside or behind one another? 2 small Sensor = 1 big Sensor.
    Perhaps olympus found a possibility to do this with mirrors and translucent sensors.

  • YeahYeah

    Oh and by the way thanks to your girlfriend to support you while making this website. It’s definitively part of those I check everyday!

  • Catastrophile

    will the neo-camera take canon & nikon lenses like RED’s video cameras, (the mount itself is modular)?

  • Laz

    Any rumors on some more prime lenses for 4/3 mount, and not micro 4/3?

  • spanky

    @Daywalker: “what happens if you put two half-size senson beside or behind one another?”

    The answer is you get a half-FF sensor. The 4/3 sensors are only 1/4 the size of the FF sensor, not 1/2! Don’t confuse 1/2 crop to be equivalent with the sensor area. The crop is an angle measurement, which means you take halve the angle on each side of the sensor. Area-wise it’s different.

  • Santiago

    LVF2 for the GF1?!?

  • marcram

    I think a full-frame sensor with the ability to use full-frame lenses (without a crop) or m4/3 lenses (with a crop) would be cool. Large lenses with adapter for when size doesn’t matter and the m43 lenses for when small size and portability do matter. This would make for a very versatile system.

  • napalm

    thanks man, you’re doing a good job. and thanks to your girl to, i know what it’s like when she nags you to stop with your computer :D

  • spam

    Another rumour about a rumor, that’s the new high quality approach?

    • admin

      We were the first to talk about the G2 and G1o, the very first to tell you that Olympus is working on a modular system, the first to talk about the imminient Panasonic 8mm release, the first to post the new Olympus Hybrid AF news. Be patient ;)

  • Miroslav

    Please hurry, there’s a discount on E-PL1 round here :). I need to know whether I need to save money for something else :).

  • Ryo81

    @ Santiago:
    according to a site from HK, there won’t be any new EVF for GF-1

    @ admin:
    Your work is very much appreciated. And I’d like to know if Panasonic would update its lens roadmap for 2011 like Olympus has done so?

  • Thank you for being patient, admin’s girlfriend. :-D

    Exciting news! I’d love to inject our admin with truth serum to find out exactly how much he knows, but I guess I’ll have to be patient…

  • Nathan

    Keep working on it! People will understandably be more tight-lipped the more unique the product is. Nobody is going to fight to stop leaks about an increase from 12 to 14 MP, but a revolutionary change in form or function is going to be best kept secret, and it’s certain that Olympus wants to control the surprise.

  • alienchow

    I could swear I saw a prototype Olympus modular at the Decatur Arts Festival near Atlanta this weekend. An Asian gentleman was walking around, a good distance from the edge of the crowd, shooting photos with what looked like an E1 with a battery grip. I went up to talk 4/3, but when I got closer, I saw what looked like a removable square module for the lens mount that would slide in and out from the top. There was a definite groove around the bottom and sides of the lens mount. The only markings were OLYMPUS above the lens mount. When I came up and said “Is that the new Olympus?”, he looked shocked, covered the camera with his arm, and literally ran away. ????? Maybe I just startled him, but it was a very bizarre camera. Maybe we will see at Photokina.

    • admin

      Hi Alienchow!
      That’s very interesting. Have you seen him removing teh module?

  • Seth

    Excellent! I’m really excited. Rumors like this, even without specifics generally means something is in the wings.

    I’m very upbeat about a modular system. I think the versatility if designed and priced right could be amazing. I envision going to the store and saying “I’ll take an E-5 body unit ($700), 4/3rds mount with optical viewfinder unit ($700), and a 14mp Fujifilm unit please ($600). I’ll also add to my order a mirrorless micro 4/3rds mount unit with electronic shutter that can do 10fps and is primed for HD movies ($500). I’ll happily use my 4/3rds lenses natively and will share my micro4/3rds lenses between my new E-5 and my E-P3. Later I may add the projector unit ($600) so I can run slide shows right out of my camera bag.”

    Well, that’s a perfect world.

    Cheers, Seth

  • Tim

    Somebody please explain to me why this is a good thing? I just want a camera that’s like a Canon 7D so I can take pictures with it. Not some thing you have to piece together like Legos.

    If the modular part of this jacks the price up where I have to pay more to get the same functionality as a Canon 7D, why not just buy the Canon?

    I’m really going to have to be sold on this one. I may not just be smart enough to understand what it means.

  • achiinto

    Tim, Perhaps you can just buy a Canon 7D, nothing is gonna stop you from doing that.

  • Torstein

    I would like a module each possible lens mouth! You could have one for 4/3, one m4/3, a Nikon, a Pentax, a Leica and a Canon module. That would allow me to use every lens on the planet.
    Then just add a sensor module for whatever sensor etc…
    The future so bright i got to where shades!!

  • Miroslav

    A Pellix mirror module would be nice, for DSLR quality video with phase detect auto focus. Let’s wait and see what we get …

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