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Word on the street says there is a possible 2-3 months delay on Panasonic-Olympus cameras with Sony sensor…


Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-26 um 16.38.54

The Komamoto earthquake forced Sony to stop the sensor production for about 6 weeks (expected to resume end of May). Word on the street has it that while both Olympus and Panasonic will not delay any camera announcement the shipment date may be affected. We can expect up to 2-3 months delay.

The E-M1II for example is rumored to use the Sony 20MP MFT sensor. The camera is supposed to be announced in September at Photokina with shipment in October. This could now change with shipment start being more close to Christmas time.

But so far there is nothing 100% concrete yet as the situation is still “fluid”.

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