Whitby Goth Weekender (Damian McGillicuddy).


The following article is a guest post by Damian McGillicuddy. Reminder: You can write articles for 43rumors by sending text and images at 43rumors@gmail.com. Thanks!

Whitby Goth Weekender

by Damian McGillicuddy

It was a real privilege for me to “kick off” the new experience days for Olympus and the Olympus user magazine. The first one found me in Yorkshire at the Whitby Goth weekend!
Whitby is a beautiful seaside village that twice a year sheds its pleasant seaside image and becomes a mecca, for goths, steam punks and all-sorts of assorted fantasy wardrobe adventures! In truth though I didn’t know just how popular the event would be and Whitbys beautiful, cobbled, narrow streets seemed at times to be very near bursting at the seams.damian passing on the knowledge at an Olympus O-MD photography training day.
One of the big advantages of my OM-D kit is its compact and logistically friendly form factor, this meant that two small Clik Elite backpacks carried everything Steve (my assistant) and I needed to have a SIX light studio with us.
As is often the case in my world once we’d got to our location and saw the intel on the ground, so to speak, are plans had to change. The challenge with the goth weekend was simply the crowds and lack of space!
So not to infringe on the other visitors to wonderful Whitby this meant we had to abandon our usual approach and par down our kit even further. There was no way we would get my 36” multi modifier through the crowds and I was conscious that I didn’t want to accidentally knock off one of the steam punks top hats, my day would have been cut short quick if that had happened, and I may have even faced the scary thought of looking down the multi barrels of Professor Joshua Caruthers coal powered gattling cannon!!!
Seriously, it meant that my modifier of choice became the “Classic” award winning McGillicuddy 19” collapsable beauty dish. I know lots of people like to use bare speedlights and their is a place for this, I personally prefer to have a smoother transition between shadow and highlight that is easily achievable with the right modifier. The dish marries up to lots of light sources but my illumination for these images came curtesy of Olympus FL50r speedlights, these are may favorites for simplicity of use. The speedlights were triggered by the very stylish and superbly performing flashwave 3 radio triggers.
The camera was obviously my beloved OM-D EM-5 and the lens was chosen dependent on the effect I needed to create for the shot, cropping compression etc.
My main aim for this Olympus “Experience” day was to share some of my techniques with the delegates and show them that minimum kit is capable of oh so much more than most “experts” suggest – most importantly the mission was to bring the fun back into photography.
A good image has many facets to its success beyond camera craft and lighting technique, composition, subject direction and styling are key. Now before you all shout out “Its ok for you with your creative team and huge budgets”, lets get the facts straight. Yes I have an assistant but as an amputee I’d have a “work buddy” whatever my profession and as for big budget my MUA / stylist put our Victorian adventurer look together for the princely sum of £44.99 from a charity shop… my advice always look for the opportunities and no problem becomes insurmountable.
Ok so here we go, the bit you all really want to know…

How was it done:

Victorian adventurer shot by Damian McGillicuddy in association with Olympus O-MD photography training daysThis was from the set just before we broke for lunch… yep the brightest part of the day! On a commercial shoot I’d probably choose not to shoot at this time of day but as I had 10 eager delegates in tow it would have been churlish not to.
I used the location to my advantage and selected the lobster pots as interesting background texture. there was also enough space to stand Mischkah away from the background to help with isolating her as my focal point. This also meant I’d be able to drop the background slightly out of focus If I could use a longish lens. This was shot on the 45mm f1.8 – a 90mm equivalent in full frame terms.
The ambient illumination measured F5.6 and 6 1/10ths so I knew that if I positioned the subject so the sun was the “key” light I only needed about 3/4+ of a stop of artificial flash light to control the direction and shadow on the subjects face.

I had Steve remove the outer diffuser or “sock” from my beauty dish and tape a CTO (colour temperature orange) gel over the flash tube – but more of this later.
As you can see from my behind the scenes image, Steve used one of our Manfrotto baby lightweight stands to boom the dish out and above the subject to create the direction of light needed, removing the sock ups the contrast in the light giving a crisper image and making it a little more “sun” like.
To stand Mischkah off the background further I introduced two additional FL50r’s into the image and used them as accent lights to separate her and “carve” her out from the background. The accent light to camera left ran two stops above the key and the speedlight to camera right just the one.
Ok so what about the CTO ( this stands for Colour Temperature Orange) mentioned earlier. By fitting this in front of the key lights flash tube we turn it into a tungsten balanced light source, ie its a warm orange in colour when shot at a daylight balanced 5600 degrees kelvin. Now here is the interesting bit. If we manipulate the cameras white balance to believe it is shooting a tungsten light source, in other words to neutralise the orange colour, the day light and the daylight balanced flash take on a cooler, bluer, ethereal glow… this is one of my favorite tricks to add impact. The effect can be dialed up and down as the colour of the light, the degrees Kelvin, is altered on the camera. Its a very effective trick!
The image was captured at 200th of a second at f9 with the custom white balance temperature set to 3200 degrees kelvin – I shot in theSteam punk Sass shot by Damian McGillicuddy for Olympus O-MD photography training days square crop mode so I could maximise every pixel within the composition
What about post? Simple really – apart from clearing skin and ridding the image of stray hairs, I tend to do as little as possible. Please don’t get me wrong every image requires a little bit of post but I’m a photographer not a digital artist so I like to get as much done in camera as possible. Most of the work is done for me by gelling the lights and manipulating the cameras white balance. In Aperture I did a little dodge and burn then desaturated the image. I then added a very slight blur vignette and my favorite OnOne filter – edges to black.
Thats it, lots of impact for very little effort.
The second image I’ve chosen to highlight tells exactly the same story again, but from a slightly different perspective. In a strange way this photography is a little like Mexican food – a burrito is essentially the same as a fajita… just wrapped differently. So in this instance I’m using the same kit in essentially the same way… lets highlight the subtle differences for you. The outer sock diffuser is now back on the front of the 19” dish – this will soften the contrast of the light, giving a less crisp line between shadow and highlight. The “Key” light is also back to emitting daylight balanced flash as the CTO has also been removed. Its positioned to camera left and feathered to give a loop pattern to my light.
The CTO is still being used in the image however. Its now on our second FL50r that we are using as an accent light to create further separation – the orange colour just adds a further dimension. You can see from my behind the scenes image we approached this in a real down and dirty style forsaking the usual lighting stand for a more attractive model! This light is set at one stop over the key. Thats generally a good place to start then increase or decrease the power for effect.
I’m finding the OM-D to be a really helpful creative tool. The image was shot in the camera as a 16:9 ratio and to give myself a little creative edge I used the art filter “pin hole” to capture 80% the look straight in camera… every little helps in the creative pro’s day ;0)


behind the scenes with Damian McGillicuddy and Olympus O-MD photography training courses




So what about post?

Usual post applies but this one again had a tiny tweak of desaturation and a touch of “Edges to black” curtesy of OnOnes perfect photo suite 7.
I’ve got to say I had an absolute blast and was delighted with not only the results captured on the day but the fantastic company and enthusiasm of the delegates. There are lots more olympus days planned you can keep up with my news at www.damianmcgillicuddy.com or check out the latest in “Wow” or “Experience” days by going HERE
To me this is both evolution and revolution… I LOVE shooting with the OM-D and I look forward to sharing the details of my next shoot with you in due course.

  • XYZ

    I understand that Olympus is pushing the OMD for professionals and the like. But I wonder, is there a substantial market? Wouldn’t be better to focus on larger market segments first? I am just perplexed.

    I understand the ambition of the management and the prestige of the brand and many more reasons, but the history should have taught them something by now..

    • @XYZ OMD is a line of cameras, not a specific model. The first is the already very successful EM5 aimed towards the enthusiast market. Second will be the EM1 which is intended as the top end PRO model. Third will be a lower price model. The Pen models also represent a variety of entry level to enthusiast markets.

      Also keep in mind that Olympus already has several successful compact models such as the XZ-2 iHS a popular travel camera and the TG-2 iHS (Water, shock, dust proof) a consistently top-rated TOUGH camera. So they already have covered other markets.

  • hsalonen

    Why use an expensive camera at all, if you are going to apply instagrammish filters, with terrible vignetting, kill the contrast, and change the white balance to something a bit more yellow/brown or blue?

    Then again, the model is cute.

    • Anonymous

      Cause he can always use the RAW later on for other purposes.

    • Love to see some of your work hsalonen.

    • Warby1

      I agree, cliche use of instagram type processing and crappy vignetting to poor effect. Stephen, are you suggesting that we are only able to criticise negatively if we can do better ourselves? Surely positive and negative comments should be able to come from all skill levels? Ive seen some of Damian’s work that is very impressive, these examples IMHO are not.

      • Not at all. Are you suggesting that I am implying that the commenter can’t shoot? What made you think of that? Why so negative?
        What is worrying about the “art” of photography to me is this (it includes the majority of persons commenting): As everyone can pick up a camera and capture an image that CAN look like or emulate anthers work, we have a false sense of our own images artistic worth. As technology improves, the effective entrance level of an artist is lowered. This opens the gate to a swath of mediocre art being accepted as “good enough” and we start to ignore the writings / artworks of those before us. We lose the ability to critically breakdown an image and understand why it does / does not works as a piece of art. The original commenter asked “why add Instagram filters … ” Perhaps the photographer wanted to? Perhaps he had a particular image in mind? Perhaps he was not aiming to please the comment writer but himself or a client? What I do see a lot of on here however, is males (yes, its generally the guys) ripping others work to shreds or others opinions to pieces without offering their own work for scrutiny. It is easy to do if you can’t prove you are a worthwhile photographer. Don’t you think?
        Either way, if you went for a job (let’s make out it was a professional position), would you be annoyed if one of the panellists had no idea of what the role entailed yet offered their “opinion”? If you auditioned as a violinist for the Berlin philharmonic, would you be annoyed if the panelist was some twerp like Justin Beiber? Would you like to know the credentials of the person parsing judgement on your worth? I would like to know the credentials of the guys parsing judgement on here to be honest. If you don’t, thats fine. If you don’t care about value, why even ask me a question?

  • true homer

    Anyone notice the two em1s?

    I also cant wait to see the comments saying hes a paid oly slut like they do with Giulio Sciorio… but then again, this is 43rumors…

    • true homer

      The article says em5s but on the first photo the bottom grip is too big and on tbe photo where he is kneeling you can see a mode wheel on the left shoulder of the camera where the em5 has nothing, and also the line behind the shutter button. Thats an em1.

    • BLI

      I didn’t see any em1s. But then em5s with horisontal grip probably look very much like em1s…

    • how can you tell from the photos there are EM-1’s? Or i need a set of new eyeballs…

      • true homer

        check out the mode dial on the left shoulder of the camera, the em5 has nothing there

        • BLI

          My em5 has the mode dial on the left shoulder. The published pics of the em1 has the mode dial on the right shoulder.

        • true homer

          Just had a look at my em5, its not an em1 like I thought

    • Anonymous

      Giulio sico-something sucks! Plain & simple.

    • MAFAv8r

      If you look at the photo of the two looking over his shoulder you will see it is an EM-5 with grip, not the EM-1

    • Krayzie

      Those are E-M5s check out the grip controls.

  • Shenkie

    I dont think he is paid by Oly. But the pictures got to much processing on them and they are blurry. This is normal for em5…..

    • Anti-poseur

      +1. Typical.

    • MAFAv8r

      OK Shenkie, I’ll feed you. Just in case people listen to you. It’s the photographer style and the quality of the photo jpegs, nothing to do with the quality of the camera or lenses. If that is the case then the Nikon that someone said took the photos of him is even poorer resolution, you can’t even distinguish the buttons on the EM-5. But for those who might take Shenkie seriously, please have a look at Steve Huff’s photos on the difference between Olympus and a $11,000 Leica system. It is very difficult, without pixel peeping to tell which is the sharper, no blurs there.
      Photography these day has less and less to do with the quality of the equipment, at least at the level we are talking about. I personally do not like Damien’s style, and won’t even bother going to his blog, but please don’t bleat your uninformed lies as if you are remotely professional.

      • Shenkie

        So now we are comparing omd with leica? I now Steve like to do crazy comparison and this is just one of them. Trust me…..the differents between m43 and (apsc) FF from the same year are huge. No pro is going to use m43 for commercial use especially if he wants some controle of dof and print large. I agree if you gonna use the photos for Facebook or small screen then m43 is good enough. The omd is a good fun camera and the em1 is going to be fun also but calling it pro is just ridicoulus.

    • true homer

      If you think that you havent been to his site. He gets products early by olympus and only olympus and there is NEVER anything wrong with the products. Everything oly is perfect. When he uses a pana lens he doesnt even mention it. He uses other cameras too and NEVER mentions them

    • Yes he is paid by Olympus UK. His title is: Olympus UK’s Principle Photographer and Educator. His style is a bit over the top with creative effects, sometimes for some people, but before judging him take a look at his website. http://www.damianmcgillicuddy.com

      His work is quite diverse. You can love it or hate it, but the man is making a living doing what he loves.

  • Anonymous

    “What about post? Simple really – apart from clearing skin and ridding the image of stray hairs, I tend to do as little as possible.”

    I like the photos but that’s some of the most overdone post-processing i’ve seen.

    I think he would have been much better off with Instagram tbh.

    • BLI

      Post processing? Or just playing with white balance, filter on flashes, etc as he claims?

    • “I like the photos but that’s some of the most overdone post-processing i’ve seen.”

      I think this is the usual greed. In my experience, after some forms of PP, images might get the look when scaled down. And photogs scale images down because they are afraid they would be used w/o compensation. AKA greed.

      But why the whitewash. The two attached photos look real bad. (And the last link does not work.)

    • redcarlsen

      He does as little as possible, but then applies an overly done tacky filter. The images look terrible.

  • sheepthief

    Yeah, it used to be a music festival, but in recent years it’s been ruined by the influx off “dress-up weekenders” and rude and aggressive photographers out for the freak show. (Though I’m not suggesting that Damian is one of the rude ones – they’re not all bad).

  • Anonymous

    Olympus need do find another “main photographer”. Overprocessing images here; Sorry dude, it’s terrible.

  • I see an Oly but also other larger cameras as well. Not too good of a plug for our format.

    • MAFAv8r

      It’s openly an Olympus day, so I see an E5 etc.

  • Pam

    I want to get an EM-1 so been looking into m43. Seems like I will stay with an APS-C. I’m not a good and if this guy can’t make an EM-5 look good then I know this camera is not for me. Looks too blurry and smudgy.

    • The Real Stig

      Search out his blog and take a look at his work posted there. The photos in this article are not remotely indicative of the quality an E-M5 can produce.

      • Pam

        I did go to his blog after reading this article but it seems like the picture IQ is no better than APS-C. Am I missing something about the m43? I actually never heard of a m43 until after I bought an aps-c camera. The popularity of the OMD EM-1 rumor is why I have been looking into a m43 (OMD EM-5). I really want the OMD EM-1 now but I just want to know that it is an upgrade over an APS-C and not a downgrade/sidegrade.

        I also did camera size and compared the NEX with an OMD EM-5 and the OMD is a little bigger.

        Steve Huff prefers a m43 over an APS-C but looking at his pictures I prefer the APS-C IQ. I don’t remember why he likes the m43 more but I am still researching. I still have time before the EM-1 is released. Any help would be appreciated.


        • JustSaying

          If you think a m43 is an upgrade from APS-C and you’re thinking of buying a m43 for that reason, you’ve got the wrong idea. You have a lot to learn.

          • Pam

            There are many posts below about it so that is why I think m43 can be an upgrade.

            OMD has better lenses than APS-C and 5-Axis IBIS. It has a 300mm (600mm) lens but on a NEX it only has a 210mm (315mm). I see a ton of good macro shots from the m43 60mm lens.

            I just don’t have experience with m43 to know what the raw picture IQ looks like. I will try to find some to download to compare to my APS-C raw files. Most m43 pictures I see has a lot of over PP and they only post small sizes like 800x.

            • The Real Stig

              If you want to look at output straight out of the camera, you can download this zip: http://www.solidfiles.com/d/a2f980381d/

              It contains a .orf which is the RAW file and a medium sized jpg output by the camera simultaneously. I had the E-M5 set to make a RAW and a medium sized jpg for each shot. I

              Olympus jpgs straight out of the camera are very good. I usually just adjust RGB levels if required and that’s it.

          • Pam

            Those pictures look really good but can any average person get IQ like that with an OMD and a Leica 25mm without spending hours PP? I ask because I have seen some good one like the link above and some really bad ones too on Flickr when I did a “OMD EM5 Flickr” google search.

            • OMega

              Pam, if you are based in UK take a look at Damians site


              and check out the WOW and Experience links


              you will find out more there from your own experience and with your own equipment or that supplied by Olympus for the use of those attending.

            • The O-MD is very easy to use, images generally don’t require much if any post processing. Composition and subject matter is left down to you :)

            • Pam dont worry, the OMD is in the same class as the best APS-C cameras, only some perform better in high ISO. You only need to realize the the smaller sensor gives wider DOF, so when you need shallow effect, best work with fast prime lenses.

        • BLI

          Cameras and good pictures?
          A: most important — the photographer, her/his command of technique, but more importantly to “see” a picture.
          B: similarly important: a decent camera that you actually use/bring along.
          C: less important (but not unimportant!) — the equipment. Good equipment makes it easier to get the results that you want.

          Camera quality: with the same number of pixels, larger sensors should give better images. But this also depends on the maker of the sensor, sensor generation, etc. And quality of signal processing, etc. The quality of lenses is very important. Things such as quick auto focus gives a higher fraction of success if you take pictures based on quick decisions (snapshots, etc).

          Wrt sensor size, FF > APS-C > m43, so one would perhaps expect that APS-C gives slightly better images than m43, etc. But many parameters come into play. See e.g Pekka Potka’s comparison of Nikon D800 (FF) and Olympus OM-D E-M5, http://www.pekkapotka.com/journal/2013/5/3/nikon-d800e-and-olympus-om-d.html

          For me, I like m43/the E-M5 because:
          * it is so small/light that I can always bring it along. Not so with larger cameras, APS-C
          * the quality of sensor, lenses etc is so good that I am the limiting factor

        • The Real Stig

          The E-M5 is not better than an APS-C in IQ in good light, but it is as good as the best of them. There are two main reasons to consider one. The first is size compared to a full-frame or APS-C camera, which it sounds as if you have already sussed out, though I will say though that the NEX may not be any larger than the E-M5 but the lenses are quite a bit bigger, aren’t as good and there aren’t nearly as many to choose from.

          The second consideration is 5-axis IBIS. It’s almost as much a revolution as auto-focus was when it was introduced. If you ever shoot in low light situations the E-M5 does have an IQ advantage over APS-C in that in a situation where you would need to use a higher ISO speed to allow for a higher shutter speed to prevent blur
          with an APS-C, you can get away with using a far lower ISO with the E-M5 so the image will have less noise. Before someone else says it, you would have to bump the ISO on the E-M5 if you needed a higher shutter speed to freeze motion.

          I travel on aircraft quite a bit and use my legs to carry my gear so the E-M5 is ideal for me. I’m actually more excited about the Zuiko 12-40 f2.8 that is coming with the E-M, but it has enough improvements in a lot of areas that it’s worth getting excited about also.

          If you still think the E-M5 takes blurry photos, I shot this yesterday: http://i1351.photobucket.com/albums/p794/An0nemu5/Forum/Kcanal_zps3c84bdf1.jpeg with the not very sharp 12-50mm.

        • As the other’s have said, m43 will not be better then APSc, but IQ wise they match up well unless you are one of those who has to view everything at 100% and even then, the differences are very small.

          Don’t just look at the camera bodies. You have to look at the entire system. That is what you will be working with and what you will be carrying around. The body is just the intermediary, and what is important there is the feel in your hands, the placement of controls, and what fits you best. What is intuitive for “you” to use. But keep in mind, the best camera body in the world is crap, if you don’t put quality optics on it, and even a basic camera body with quality optics, in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing can take great photos.

    • bazil

      If that’s your method of selecting a camera, can I suggest you get some help from more knowledgeable friends.

      • Pam

        Forgot to add. I thought this guy is like the Olympus Ambassador. His public pictures should be the best no matter where he post them. I thought the pictures in this article would be approved by Olympus because the picture IQ is the best it can be. Even with my untrained eyes I think they are over sharpened and I bet at a bigger size they look really bad.

        Even people who are not official spokesperson like Gustav has shot and posted some nice Sony A3000 jpeg pictures that really shows off what an experienced photographer can do with it.

        I have no brand loyalty but my next purchase is Olympus EM-1, Sony FF-NEX, next Sony NEX-7, or the next Fuji XE-1. I just know I won’t get a big Canon or Nikon camera.

        • bazil

          IMHO you are better off thinking of it as buying into a system, not a camera. You will own multiple camera bodies over the course of your career but your glass will be with you the whole time. Because of that I choose based upon lens selection rather than any one particular camera.

          The lens catalogue of MFT and FT is the best for my needs, you probably have different needs than I do but maybe take the whole into perspective when you make your choice, you are less likely to be disappointed in a few years when you find you cant get the particular characteristics you need in a lens for your camera.

        • Anonymous

          Two weeks ago we got a nice article from Andre Arthur here. You should look for it.

          • stu5

            Here is the direct link to the article Pam on Andre Arthur. You will see there is a link to his Facebook page on there. Once you are on his Facebook page go into his ‘Photos’ and scroll through the thumbnails. You will then see the Olympus photos there again. Make sure your browser is on ‘full screen’ and bring the photos up. The one with the model stood on the roof top with the name of the article on the left hand side is well worth a peek. Remember Facebook is not great of jepg quality though. These photos should give you a better idea of what the format is capable of.


            Here is a direct link to his Facebook page:


    • MAFAv8r

      Do a search for Robin Wong OM-D or Pekka if you want to see a different style of photography. That will give you an idea on how sharp and good theybare

  • I personally don’t like overPP but the idea of altering the WB is one of the simplest and most effective.

    Fashion photogs I understand have a need for a personal signature that can be replicated over and over. DMGC in fact is honest enough to describe how he markets himself.

    BTW Whitby is interesting because it was the set for Nosferatu, where bleak effects were already present.

    Contrary to the film however the clothes are quite ordinary, so the goth effect is not very credible.

    • The Real Stig

      I think the clothes style is steampunk.

    • stu5

      You mean Dracula, Amalric not Nosferatu. The film was called Nosferatu to get around copyright issues at the time it was released.

  • kl

    If this is not your taste there’s always the photogenic weekend from dc.watch.impress where they test cameras and lenses over a long period of time and samples are mostly OOC.

    I don’t mind all these images. It is what he wish to present and don’t need anybody’s approval. Besides I reckon there are many out there who won’t mind or even dig these kind of processing who doesn’t visit forums

    • I am not even sure if you are replying to me. You seem wounded by the fact that taste can and should be discussed. Not anything goes either in fashion or in photography. Learn the wider world: special effects are now a dime a dozen, and so a certain type of clothes.

      That does not mean that one cannot innovate the grammar of the image. Please don’t weep :)

  • Rob

    I like his images, sure, they are not technically the best and lack sharpness that gearheads demand, but there is a certain unique style, and I think that’s one of the most important things in photography. Most people don’t use the white balance function and offset it as much as Damien does.
    Maybe next time he posts on a gear website he should choose sharper photos :-)

  • for those who said his image is not sharp…

    just look at the text below the images.. is it sharp? its not.

    the reason everything is not sharp is probably the image is reduce to small web resolution..

    • James

      I don’t think thats’ the main reason. low-resolution photos can still give the appearance of being sharp.

      It doesn’t appear sharp because of the way it was processed.
      The ‘edges to black’ effect gives it a low global contrast and high local contrast which results in that rounded embossed look.

      You can get the same effect by jacking up the “clarity” slider way up in ACR or lightroom. (up the shadows, drop the highlights, skew the color temperature, add a -100 vignette and you pretty much get an identical effect)

      • MAFAv8r

        Yes I agree, I would much rather pp than try and get this tiny computer inside the camera to do it. I flick mine to Aperture, then my good ones to Nik. It only takes 30-60 secs of my time and I can get a huge improvement compared to what can happen inside camera. You are still messing round with the settings in your camera using time that you could be better off looking for new opportunities. I do agree with using different formats in camera to help with seeing the shot.

      • JustSaying

        Yes, if they were processed for the reduced size. Otherwise, not necessarily so.

  • Nelson

    The session was from May edition of Olympus magazine

  • Anonymous

    He’s selling his work and when i remember some magazine covers i saw in shops this kind of style does make sense. Not for this kind of community though :) But it’s nice that m43 or simply mirrorless cameras appear more and more in hands of pros

  • Uberzone

    This reads like a giant ad. I gave up a quarter of the way through.

    • Uberzone

      …and then I just noticed Nelson’s comment that it was from the May edition of Olympus magazine. Makes sense now…..

  • full frame

    the guy taking photos of him using nikon hahaha ha just cheap advertising

    • MAFAv8r

      Terrible resolution for a Nikon don’t you think.

    • @full frame
      typical poor metering from the nikon hahaha…along with timing and composition.

  • Peter Del

    In March, I went to Focus on Imaging at the NEC. Olympus were not exhibiting but a big chap was using an Olympus camera to photograph a pretty young woman. It looked like a miniature version of the Nikon DSLR I was using. After the shoot he kindly let me play with it and his assistant put various lenses on it. I was so impressed with its size, weight and performance I immediately went to the stand selling cameras and bought one and a couple of lenses. It was the OMD EM5 with 9-18 and 14-150; they threw in the 45 and a spare battery.
    I now realize the big chap was McGilliCuddy, so I won’t knock him and I am sure his pictures are sharp!

  • full frame

    why all ppl here wish pros use m43 when they m43 people = wannabes

    • MAFAv8r

      Come on fess up, how old are you actually?

    • BLI

      @full frame:
      * Damian McGillicuddy *is* a professional photographer, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damian_McGillicuddy

      * are *you* a professional photographer? If so, please include links to your work. Ah. I thought not. You are the wannabe here :-).

      * I am *not* a pro photographer; I take pictures for myself. I enjoy seeing “my equipment” being used by pros to get some inspiration, and to get an idea of what can be done with it. I am definitely not a “wannabe”.

      so… “full frame” … to give your “name calling” some merit, why don’t you show your work with your full frame camera?

      • full frame

        here is my work http://www.meatspin.com

        • @admin
          why is this idiot allowed to post links to porn sites, he’ll undo all your hard work :(

        • true homer

          Coming in at 5 hours of the porn post not being deleted. And btw that was a dead giveaway of the kid’s age.

          • full frame

            pleasegentelmanrespect my work really you peopke are so rude saying im a idiot or insulting mt self im so sad

            • Anonymous

              No one need to say you are an idiot, you make that quite cleare that you are in your posts.

  • I find interesting to get a peek at the work with speedlights and gels. Amateurs usually skip this part believing a high sensitivity camera can do just with the ambient lights, but here we are dealing with a mobile set, where the lights determine composition, well before PP.

    Street Fashion is a growing genre, where a simulated event is enhanced by the lights’ accents. The m4/3 camera is there to demonstrate how easily it can be moved out of the Studio, without preventing performance with lights and modifiers.

    In fact it is the quality and quantity of light which determines the final result much more than a fast lens, which is not strictly needed.

    What is good here is the interaction between different techniques: camera work, lights control, and PP, all this not confined to the Studio anymore, So camera portability is enhanced. Possibly with 5-axis IBIS you don’t even need a tripod anymore, to reach professional results.

    • JustSaying

      He had control of the light. If one has full control of the light, why does one even need a tripod or image stabilization at all?

  • Boris

    To be honest, these are far from his best works. Just a bit too over-processed…
    Many of his works are better:

  • true homer

    everyone might not like the processing and whatnot, but the fact is that this guy know more about light than what all of us put together will ever know

  • JustSaying

    I think he’s largely a fashion photog. Fashion shots sometimes are outrageous. Realistic and natural are not necessarily the goals there.

  • full frame

    this guy is a losser looks like iphone with instagram

    • don’t insult

      Don’t insult people who do this sort of stuff for a living.

  • Michael

    I dont like these two pictures – they look very overprocessed. Granted, this can still look very good, but these two examples dont, in my eyes (the pics from the brazilian fashion photographer from a few weeks ago were so much better!). But he sure seems to know alot about flashes and light.

    Also note that there is a Nikon in the first pic, and a Canon L lens peeking out behind his back on the last (a 70-200/4 ?).

    • BLI

      Nikons and Canons in the pictures? He writes that he is giving a photo class to illustrate photography (and how he works with the OMD). I would assume that he did not restrict course participants to be only OMD users.

      • That is correct. Many of his workshops are sponsored/subsidized by Olympus, but both he and Olympus agree that the workshops will not be restricted to only olympus system users. Anyone, any system is welcome. It is about the photography, and not the gear, but does serve as advertising for Olympus.

        I’m not a fan of his “fashion style”, but I admire his skills and much of his other work.

    • BLI

      Wrt the pictures: they will definitely look better in full resolution/on a glossy fashion cover.

      For me, fashion photography is as far away from my hobby shots as is possible. The photos are not something I’d put on my wall. It’s not my style. Still, I find the technique interesting, and the discussion of how they are made valuable.

  • Anon

    “this guy is a losser”
    People who can’t spell loser probably are, too….

    • BLI

      +1. Or iPhone photographers with a small keyboard…

  • Mark

    Wow; way to diss someone who actually does photography for a living. Right you know better than him. Then go professional like he is and make a darn living out of it. Can’t? There must be a reason you can’t but he can and IS.

    Try getting to use flash and controlling the right amount so your pics don’t come out all washed out. And try doing it with a commercial contract at the end of that. Oh wait! Most of us here can’t.

  • Really not very good images, and a very poor choice by Olympus as there is nothing here that would influence me to by Olympus gear. The framing is ok, but they are otherwise weak – not very sharp, and the processing is awful in a way that could be hiding a multitude of sins

  • OMega

    Interesting post here from Damien,

    Reading it, I wondered if any of you who have added a comment or two have attended one of the WOW or Experience days run by Damien in conjunction with Olympus, I have.

    During it he used a Panny and a Voigt lens along with a couple of the Olympus armoury of glass, all depending on what he was shooting; he would talk you through the process of how ‘he’ sets up his lighting (this occasion was in a studio (Tip Top in Birmingham)). After he had done his set up he would do a test shot using an E-M5 and then fine tune the lighting before taking half a dozen or so shots until he’d get what he was looking for (I feel sure if it was a working shoot he would shoot many more for a final result). Once he’d get that finished shot, he would then let everyone attending take some shot’s (with whatever equipment they had brought along themselves, or with one of the supply of E-M5’s Olympus had provided for the occasion). On this occasion he also roped in a girl who was attending to pose as well as his usual model, she may have been a plant but it was a nice touch.

    I would suggest anyone who might be interested look up these events and sign up for one if able, it was a most enlightening day out, with the opportunity to use an E-M5 (if you so wished) providing you had brought along your own card to take your results home with you.

    In response to Peter Dels comment “Olympus were not exhibiting but a big chap was using an Olympus camera”, I also attended and decided to purchase one at one of the dealer stands there, after a good long chat with Damien and handling his. I would also state that one Olympus representative I spoke to suggested I waited until Autumn (when I said I also had some HG four third glass at home), now I wonder why he said that??? Am I now disappointed with my purchase of my E-M5?, no I am not, will I purchase an E-M1?, I might well do but not immediately, I may well wait and see if someone steps into the shoes of the previous ‘Focus’ presenters and check it out then.

    I will repeat myself, anyone with a chance to attend one of the WOW or Experience days, do so they are a good day out, although I don’t think the Whitby occasion was one of those as such.

    • Peter Del

      OMega, I did not know it was DM until I saw his photo above and my back is grateful for no longer having to haul a heavy DSLR.
      When discussing image quality, the twaddle written on many forums, including this one, is quite amazing. His pictures are very sharp, just look at his work in the Olympus Magazine (or go and buy a fashion mag).
      Focus on Imaging has been resurrected by Future Publishing as The Photography Show at the NEC, 1-4 March. They say that Olympus will be exhibiting. See you there!

      • OMega

        Hi Peter,

        Thanks for the information regarding the resurrection of ‘Focus’ even if under another name. As regards the twaddle, yes, there is a load of garbage written, I sometimes wonder how big some of these contributors print their images.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    I don’t think this post want toshow the performance of the camera.
    It shows that you can have fun taking pictures and having fun in PP.
    I think he chose a “grunge” effect because of the steampunk theme.
    Use Snapseed and you’ll have the same effect (just don’t add the textures)

    • OMega

      Nicely stated Marco, someone has stated it was an advert for Olympus, I see it more as an advert for his days. The one I attended at Tip Top as stated in my post above, he also had an E-M5 with him, I found it a very nice tool but as a ‘back up’ to my E-P5 my E-P2 suffices.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        Hi OMega. Sometimes I feel sorry for those who “dare” post their experience here: they’re usually doomed to critics and attacks.
        As if we’re writing about Israel and Palestine..

        I’d like to have fun in one of those session, but I have never seen anything similar here in Italy (only a Fuji street experience, but that day I was busy).

        We should concentrate more on fun: this argumentations about what camera/sensor/lens/brand is better remind me of game console wars of ’90s: something useless, geekie and teenie.

        • Marco you should visit Indonesia; they will beat you to death with organized street,model or wildlife shootings.

          • Also Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore or Philippines. No end to the opportunities.

            • MarcoSartoriPhoto

              Oh ok Daav, now I get it! I thought I could get beaten to death just because I take pictures in your street! :) it can happen here in Italy though!

              • LOL. I guess I could see that misunderstanding. I think in any of those countries it is important to be respectful, and if someone indicates they don’t want their photo taken (usually by just turning away or indicating in another manner) respect that. But if you are polite about it, it is amazing how many people will happily cooperate.

                My experience was in the Philippines and it amazed me how many times people, especially kids would ask me to take their picture, just walking down the street. And at company functions point a camera at 2 people and in seconds you will have a dozen or more. Again, being respectful will take you a long ways. And being respectful often means just not making a big deal out of it, so candid shots are easily obtained.

          • Anonymous

            Ullii, Daav, what do you mean?!

            • Photography is very popular in these countries and they have all kinds of workshops for people who want to learn different styles of photography, lighting, etc. So many workshops and classes you could kill yourself trying to attend all of them.

            • yeah workshops too, but you can also sign in for friendly gathering to do things you like together, without pretention of any kind, just having fun. I did join a few organized “modelhunts”, an opportunity to shoot a skilled AND beautiful model, without the blabla , yuo can even take just your mobile to join. Be sure they have enough models with them, because i saw a few times one model vs 20 or 30 photographers; hilarious to see, but hard to make good shots. This end of october i organized a private session with just 4 people, model, 2 photographers and makeup artist.

  • Brent Cov

    Brent Cov
    New! 4 seconds ago | Reply

    3) E-M1 with 12-40mm f/2.8 kit lens ¥ 220,000
    Converted: 1670 Euro or $2200 or £1423.51 @ 1.9.2013 prices
    is this correct???????????????????????????????????

    • The Real Stig

      Doesn’t include taxes and duties, probably.

      • +1 Good estimate for base prices before regional taxes and duties.

    • sheepthief

      Instead of using the exchange rates go and look up the E-M5 with 12-50mm on amazon.com, amazon.co.jp, amazon.de, and amazon.co.uk – you’ll see that the US pays 1.4 times over the exchange rate, and europe and the UK pays 1.6 times over the exchange rate – that’s a significant difference.

  • acahaya

    LOl, talking about lighting and other techniques for on location fashion shots on a gear page is a bit like casting pearls before swine, very few people here who actually understood what he was writing about but happy to discuss camera quality based on very small pp’ed jpgs ;-)

  • Erik Tande

    Papyrus. Gross.

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