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What to expect from Panasonic and Olympus: G90, LX100II, new OMD, 12mm f/1.2


This week on August 23 Panasonic will finally announce the new LX100II. But there is much more that will be announced the upcoming 5-6 months:

(FT3) Panasonic is rumore to launch a new G90 with GH5s sensor by end of the year
(FT4) Olympus could announce a new 12mm f/1.2 lens at Photokina or PhotoPlus (October).
(FT5) Olympus will announce a new super high end OMD camera in very early 2019 (January-February)
(FT2) Olympus si develping a new PRO zoom too (maybe 150-400mm)

Still not sure what lens is coming from Panasonic but we saw some patents describing a series of f/1.2 prime lenses…

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